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  Wednesday, July 30, 2003

I've moved! Please re-subscribe. (No more Radio, das Blog it is!)

I have moved to my own server (still playing w/ templates, etc) running Clemens' das Blog:


10:13:58 AM    

  Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Some Damn Islands…


Today Microsoft unveiled to the world demos of the Alpha of Whidbey or the next version of Visual Studio .NET at VS Live in New York today. They say that “this release of Visual Studio and the .NET Framework will offer innovations and enhancements to the class libraries, Common Language Runtime (CLR), programming languages and the integrated development environment (IDE).  In addition, Whidbey will provide deep support for SQL Server Yukon by enabling developers to write stored procedures using Visual Basic and C#.”


Visual Studio Orcas (another Island in the Pacific Northwest) was also talked about. You can find the roadmap here.  


My drinking partner in Dallas and Barcelona, Ari Bixhorn (oh yea he is also the Lead PM on VS .NET) demoed some neat stuff in an alpha version of Visual Studio Whidbey along with “Edit and Continue” and cool productive VS UI enhancements like improved docking. The most compelling feature is the exception dialog, while also nice and pretty, has suggestions to fix the code and hot links to help, etc. VB .NET sported a smart-tag based right click syntax checker.


I just installed the alpha on my machine last week (as well as the latest Yukon bits), so if you don’t see any blogs for a while, you know why! J

11:07:54 AM    

  Monday, July 28, 2003

A Meeting with a Mentor..


Having a two hour lunch with your friend and mentor is one thing, having a two hour lunch with your mentor and two of your closest friends and business companions is just pure bliss. That was pretty much the state of affairs today at lunch with my friend and mentor, Peter Bloom and friends: Richard Campbell and Tom Howe. We talked about everything from the future of Linux (which we all agreed needs an economic incentive to progress, see below), visual pinball, the state of on-line poker and lots of other business.


Peter, who was always was a Microsoft skeptic, but not a Microsoft hater, said that his faith in Microsoft technology has grown very substantially over the last few years, especially since .NET has greatly improved. He has seen more and more portfolio companies in his fund make a mission critical business bet on Microsoft and have great success. He thinks the since .NET Microsoft has just gotten it right. That is good news and I have seen much better quality from Microsoft in the last 3 years with .NET, XP and other stuff.


Lastly we all agreed that without an economic incentive and a corporate leader, Linux can never succeed. The reason why is that since it is all volunteer based only the COOL features get built. Richard was talking about how in the open source database he is using, awesome features exist, but boring things like incremental backup don’t. (Which is a deal breaker for any RDBMS for me!) This is why you need  a corporate sponsorship of the whole open source universe. (sorry all my utopian society OSS friends, capitalism works, just ask our friends in the USSR…) Why doesn’t evil Larry say 10 million for the first person to come up with the needed boring feature? This will be fun to watch….

6:45:16 PM    

  Sunday, July 27, 2003

Five in a Row


So today Lance Armstrong won his 5th straight Tour de France. Only four other men have won 5 times. Lance (if you don’t know), returned from near-fatal cancer in 1999 to win his first Tour and today emulated France's Jacques Anquetil and Bernard Hinault, Belgian Eddy Merckx and Spain's Miguel Indurain. Besides Lance, only Indurain has won 5 in a row. Only one other American, Greg LeMond has won the tour before. Up and coming American Tyler Hamilton took 4th, despite suffering a broken collarbone on the second day of the tour. So basically Tyler rode 3,000 km with a collarbone broken in two places. This year’s tour was one of the most exciting and Lance only won by 61 seconds over his arch rival Jan Ullrich.


9:45:20 PM    

  Saturday, July 26, 2003

We could be heros...

We all know how I made fun of the RDs that are also Software Legend's. (Why, well, because it is just so damn easy.) So, Eric Sink made a spoof site of the legends here Eric you are my new hero. (Just for one day. )

9:36:58 AM    

  Friday, July 25, 2003

Whidbey and Yukon and Orcas, Oh My…


From Information Week:


“Bill Gates and other executives kicked off Microsoft's meeting with financial analysts on Thursday with an overview of the company's development projects, which will be fueled in the current fiscal year by $6.8 billion in spending on research and development, an 8% increase over last year. "There's a strong product pipeline," said Gates, Microsoft's chairman and chief software architect….

Microsoft execs outlined key products to be delivered over the next 12 months. They include:


  • The Office 2003 suite, with the new OneNote and InfoPath for XML forms;
  • An upgrade to the Tablet PC operating system;
  • The first beta release of Longhorn;
  • Service pack 2 for Windows XP;
  • Versions of Windows Server 2003 and Office 2003 for small businesses;
  • An upgrade to Microsoft's customer-relationship management application;
  • Services For Unix, version 3.5; and
  • Upgrades to Project Server, BizTalk Server, Speech Server, and ISA Server.”



Well who the heck cares? We are developers! We care about the development tools. Good news is that I will speaking at VSLive in New York where Microsoft lays out plans for its upcoming 'Whidbey' and 'Orcas' versions of Visual Studio. Everyone can get  a sneak preview of the next release of Visual Studio at the free keynote given by Senior VP Eric Rudder. If you can’t make the keynote, there will be a new Development Tools Roadmap documents posted to MSDN on Tuesday.

5:25:28 AM    

  Thursday, July 24, 2003


My new 20.2 km Central Park time trial time.

6:59:49 PM    

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