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Friday, July 04, 2003

I volunteer at a small public library not far from where I live and have been doing so since last October. It's my hope that I'll be able to continue to do so despite starting grad school and a new job next month :)

I was interested to see what the director of this library had to say regarding CIPA and its impact on the library. I was pleased to learn that other than one possible exception, none of the public libraries in my county have been using the federal funds that would require them to implement Internet filters. So that's cool.

In other cool news,, Oregon's new statewide online reference program, has recently solicited for volunteers from local area library students (those attending various distance programs). Of course I raised my hand and now it looks as though I'll be attending a short training course next week and on my way to volunteering. Yay!

The project itself is still in pilot mode with approximately 21 libraries statewide participating. I'm interested in seeing how it goes and if I can become involved in other ways over time.


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The Economist: Mobile snaps. But now a new threat has appeared: camera-equipped mobile phones. These could change the nature of photography entirely, because they make sharing digital snaps far easier--and they will soon outstrip both film and digital cameras. [Tomalak's Realm]

An interesting article. I've toyed with 35mm photography off and on most of my life. I was also an early adopter of digital camera technology having bought one over five years ago. And finally just this past week we bought two Ericsson T300 phones that came with the CommuniCamô MCA-25 digital camera. Additionally, my other half just bought Sony TDSCV1 and he's not even an avid photographer.

The only time we use film cameras are when we buy use-once cameras for convenience. Everything else is digital just so we can easily share pictures with relatives around the world.


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Tim Bray posts about his thoughts On Nations, leaving me with something to ponder.


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