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Bad Money

  Wednesday, March 31, 2004



If I know what love is, it is because of you.

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Possibly, but I think this would have to at least run a close second.
[safe for work]

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Which is why I almost laughed myself into a seizure following Goldie of Drama Queen's link to "The Big Book of Sign Language":

For decades, mankind has longed to be deaf. Jet engines, auto horns, the dullification of modern popular music - any one of these things alone might be worth the price of admission to a wholly silent world. So how does one sign up?   Reproduced for the first time since its initial printing in 1972, we are proud to present its revised, expanded, fully up-to-date illustrated manual of contemporary American sign language, sometimes referred to as "finger spelling".

If you don't laugh at the illustrations & captions, then there's something wrong with you.

Like maybe you're a decent, sensitive, caring, upstanding member of your community.

In which case, what the hell are you doing here anyway? GOD how I hate you normal people...

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... is up at Eric Berlin. Nice April Fool theme, and I didn't spot any of the gotchas before they got me.

My favorite would be the entry from Israellycool where we find a list of songs to celebrate the fiery decapitation of that miserable terrorist piece of shit Yassin:

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Killing Me Softly

Don't Stand So Close to Me

Take on Me

Ashes to Ashes

Great Balls of Fire

Tell Me Why I Don't Like Mondays

Be sure to check his comments for more suggestions.

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Post #2000, right here.

I don't have a blogging addiction problem. I can quit anytime I want. Watch...


[sweating, shaking]

I... I just don't want to right now, that's all.

posted by Harvey at 9:19:22 PM  permalink    Crappy Broken Radio Comments (do not use) [] trackback []  HOME


... as the Bonfire of the Vanities returns to Wizbang in a move which is the blogspheric equivalent of grabbing the flag before it hits the ground, i.e. Kevin subbing for the technologically wounded scheduled host.

Really crappy this week, although I did learn one thing from Sean of The American Mind: Buddists have people lining up to kick them in the crotch.

Huh. And to think that all this time, I've been paying for it.

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hM of homicidal Maniak is trying to find out the name of a movie, and she describes it as follows:

It is [an animated] sci-fi movie that has something to do with the human race being enslaved and forced to work in mines. One of the slaves somehow escapes, ends up with a sword, there's a big fight with the head honcho of the enslaving race near a river of lava (maybe even on an island surrounded by lava), and the guy, of course, gets the girl. I'm thinking it was made in the 80s by an American company, though I could be wrong.

I was too busy getting drunk or being in the Navy (or both) during the 80's to recognize this movie. But if you have an idea, leave a comment either here or there.

posted by Harvey at 9:03:53 PM  permalink    Crappy Broken Radio Comments (do not use) [] trackback []  HOME


You're wasting your time in Iraq! There's no way the seeds of democracy can take root and grow! It's impossible! It's... uh... Nevermind.

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Precision Guided Humor round-up (and apology for being a crappy assignment) is up. Whatever you do, don't read GEBIV's entry because it makes me look unfunny by comparison. Bastard.

Linky stuff - past, present, future

Filthy Lie assignment reminder: Evil Glenn's April Fool's Day

New PGH - Add to the list of Fun Facts About Terrorists

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  Tuesday, March 30, 2004



Had I no eyes but ears, my ears would love
That inward beauty and invisible;
Or were I deaf, thy outward parts would move
Each part in me that were but sensible:
Though neither eyes nor ears, to hear nor see,
And nothing but the very smell were left me,

Yet should I be in love by touching thee.
Say, that the sense of feeling were bereft me,
And that I could not see, nor hear, nor touch,
Yet would my love to thee be still as much;

posted by Harvey at 7:25:16 PM  permalink    Crappy Broken Radio Comments (do not use) [] trackback []  HOME


[12/18/00 Wisconsin   Shawna [heart] Jason 4 eva yo]

The best part about living in Wisconsin is that marriage licenses are easy to fill out and incredibly cheap.

posted by Harvey at 7:16:31 PM  permalink    Crappy Broken Radio Comments (do not use) [] trackback []  HOME


When I first heard that our former allies, the Spanish, had chosen to bend over and take the Vaseline-free loving of Muslim terrorists, I was very surprised. But after thinking it over, I decided that there might be some benefits for us if we followed them down Appeasement Street. If we give up, roll over and pretend it's September 10th again, then...

Women will no longer have to worry whether their outfits clash with the terror threat level color code of the day, since everything goes with red.

Environmentalists will be happier, since we'll no longer be bombing precious endangered species of sand.

Employees at Jiffy Lube will no longer have to waste time asking you whether you want 10W-30 or blood for oil.

Since filthy hippies won't have to spend their days at protest marches, normal Americans will once again be free to go outside without nose plugs.

I'll finally be able to get my nail clippers through airport security.

And I won't have to take off my pretty pink high-heeled shoes.


The millions of innocent Muslims currently being tortured in Bushiter's concentration camps will finally be freed.

Gucci will be able to make a fortune selling designer bomb belts.

John Kerry can stop worrying about terrorism and focus on winning the war in Vietnam.

Our troops will be safe from attacks, as long as they don't become civilians and get jobs in tall office buildings.

Dan Rather will get more of the attention he craves since he'll no longer have to share the media spotlight with nattering warbloggers.

Once the kooks have been properly appeased they may, as Frank J muses, start using less explosive techniques on us. Like shaving naughty words on the backs of our heads.

We can be friends with the French again. At least for the five seconds it will take them to find another reason to hate us, like the fact that we don't speak their stupid, gibbery, monkey-language.

Friends with the French?... On second thought, let's just kill the terrorists and be done with it..


posted by Harvey at 7:10:29 PM  permalink    Crappy Broken Radio Comments (do not use) [] trackback []  HOME


"Mr. Kerry, your Presidential aspirations have arrived"  

posted by Harvey at 6:31:19 PM  permalink    Crappy Broken Radio Comments (do not use) [] trackback []  HOME


Tiffany of Blown Fuse has a post on the evils of panty hose.

Maybe it's the testosterone, but I just can't figure out the purpose of panty hose. 95% of the time, I can't even tell you're wearing it anyway, and the other 5% it makes your legs look shiny, which, in my mind, is a weird thing to shoot for.

Or is this just another silly fashion hand-me-down from the dark ages like the necktie?

Oh, and I have never once in my life noticed a run in a stocking that wasn't first pointed out to me.

posted by Harvey at 6:17:57 PM  permalink    Crappy Broken Radio Comments (do not use) [] trackback []  HOME



To fall in love is easy, even to remain in it is not difficult; our human loneliness is cause enough. But it is a hard quest worth making to find a comrade through whose steady presence one becomes steadily the person one desires to be.

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una oferta que él no podría rechazar

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  Monday, March 29, 2004


Dave of Dave's Not Here recently accomplished the following:

Came back from his job in Iraq as a civilian contractor.

Had his 33rd birthday. Hey, 4 more months & he'll be an LP.

Took a picture of a building that probably makes Ralph Nader hiss like a vampire seeing a cross, since it's huge, visually striking, architecturally impressive, and stunningly corporate-looking.

posted by Harvey at 11:07:15 PM  permalink    Crappy Broken Radio Comments (do not use) [] trackback []  HOME


Remember this question? "Why the hell am I spending an hour tweaking this stupid five-sentence throw-away entry?"
Dave of Just Procrastinating has a beautiful answer:

If anything, at least the process of developing an idea into something somewhat cohesive, writing it out and editing it has some use in the business world. The iterative process of blogging has sped up my business writing, leaving me more time for, well...more blogging, I guess.

Amen, Brother.

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So I was poking around at Straight White Guy's place, and in the comments to this post was something about what "jolly rogering" meant. Unfortunately, the actual definition wasn't given, so I tried Googling.

I didn't find what I was looking for, but I DID find some pirate pick-up lines, instead, so until Eric explains, I'll have to be content with this:
  1. "I must be huntin' treasure, 'cause I'm diggin' yer chest."
  2. "You're just the tasty wench I've been keeping me eye out for!"
  3. "Hey, sexy -- how about a Jolly Rogering?"
  4. "Ya certainly put the shiver in me timber."
  5. "See this hook? Variable speed with five alternate attachments, Baby."
  6. "WOW! I bet we could fit SIXteen men on that chest!"
  7. "Me skull and crossbones arn't the only thing I plan on raisin' tonight."
  8. "Do ya mind if the parrot watches?"
  9. "Nice poop deck on ya, lassie. Care fer a swabbin'?"
  10. "Avast, me pretty! Strike your panties and prepare to be boarded."
  11. "So you're the new cabin boy, eh?"
  12. "Do you have the latest copy of Windows XP with cracked product activation?" (software pirates only)
  13. "Yo, ho! Bottle of rum?"
  14. "Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre you free on Saturday?"

    and the Number 1 Pirate Pick-Up Line...

  15. "Is there an 'X' on the seat of your pants? Because it appears that there's wond'rous booty buried underneath!"
Most of which make me think of Susie, for some reason. Except for #4, which has Blogless Brother Tom written all over it.

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BEST OF ME SYMPHONY up at Rocket Jones. Nothing fancy, just quality intros, but that's good enough.

My favorite would be Bunsen's post on idiots who open attachments from people they don't know. The best part of which is the list of spam titles that made me snicker, including (but not limited to):

Paris Hilton Gets You College Degrees Cheap!

You can get 5% more chlamydia in just one month xhsdfhdg**

Metamucil #$%g Crackerjacks &&^$##) Pampers $!@$

Spycams catch sweaty fat jailbait with Montezuma's revenge!

Man, that last one just makes me flinch.

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Graumagus of Frizzen Sparks has another installment of "I feel lucky", where he plugs semi-random words into Google to see what floats to the top.

This week's selections are:

Gypsum Vine Smelly
Granite Dust Mite Tangy
Argon Locust Shredded

Which returned results on the order of:

Ok, I can see that.
hmmm... that might be useful


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GEBIV has a drink alerted follow-up to last Friday's filthy lie. Exploding paper, flying rocks, giant blenders, and blogless brothers in bondage. Yeah, it's all there.

As is Pierre of Pink Flamingo Bar & Grill's first foray into untruth.

A list of round-ups that are up, and a list of round-ups that you should hurry up and submit to.

Also, a tip on completing this week's nearly impossible Precision Guided Humor Assignment.

posted by Harvey at 8:45:28 PM  permalink    Crappy Broken Radio Comments (do not use) [] trackback []  HOME


...have been posted at the KotB page:

WalloWorld 37.25
Irritable Blog Syndrome 32.1
Blog Supplement 27.975

Good King Bill appears to turning into "Undethronable Despot Bill". Someone really needs to step up & take the long wind out of this tyrant's sails.

Be sure to read the reviews and witness such shocking things as:

Susie using the word "suck".

Ian using stuffy words like "erudite"

Pietro confessing his undying lust for Sigourney Weaver.

Trey Givens trying his best to throw a monkey wrench in the whole works. Silly Objectivist, tricks are for kids.

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Jeff of BigStick.US is in need of some... assistance.

in France, it's really hard to get a decent porno magazine, that doesn't cost 20 bucks and doesn't have horses and shit in it (French people are perverts!!)

This is what I humbly ask, and whether you agree with it or not, please just try to pass the word around:

I'd really like it if somebody would mail me a Playboy. A hustler even, or one of those mini-magazines that don't cost as much to mail.
Much as I'd love to help directly, I dumped all my dead tree porn after marrying a beautiful woman with healthy appetites. However, if you've got a couple of left over magazines and want to prevent the tragedy of masturbation to horse porn, then please send what you can to:

Jeff Harr
Chambre A45
2, avenue des Jeux Olympiques

And please, no midgets, horses, firemen, or hairy French broads.

Trey, don't even ask.

Crap. I just realized that having the phrase "horse porn" in this entry is gonna rope in some bad Google searches.


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Or so I assume, since he's started reminiscing about Ye Olde Tyme TV over at Madfish Willie's. See if you remember any of the shows this old coot is talking about, some of which are:

Flashback... Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel... The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle... I hated Sesame Street... Never watched Mr Rogers... Popeye - now that guy was always kicking some ass... Bugs Bunny - did anyone ever [f***] him up, EVER?...

There's more at the bar.

And just for the record, I always thought Mr. Rogers was a little creepy...

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  Sunday, March 28, 2004



Whenever we're apart it feels like part of me is missing... and then I remember, you have my heart.

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[Call Kellie Fenters for a good time 1-224-627-1198]

"Thank you for calling Dial-a-Hummer. Kellie's mouth is full right now. Please hold until she swallows."

*cue muzak version of AC/DC's "Giving the Dog a Bone"*

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Eric of Straight White Guy is complaining about Marge Simpson being next month's hot, slutty cover girl for Maxim magazine. I'm indifferent.

But he did mention the name of Jessica Rabbit. Now that's some prime ink. And the best part about Jessica is...

She's not wearing any underwear, as proved by Snopes.

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Just breezing around the Emperor's palace, when I came across this post where he comes out & says what everyone knows about Socialism, but is too afraid to say in polite company:

You're talking about an ideology that has never led to anything but misery since the first sick psychopath thought about implementing it, an ideology that has killed 170 million people over the last century, and you're all bewitched, baffled and bewildered at their actions TODAY?

Maybe it's because I have personal experience where socialism is concerned (and an exceedingly mild version of it at that, if you REALLY want to hear horror stories, try talking to somebody who were lucky enough to escape from the REAL hellholes), but I just can't fathom why anybody in a country populated by free people with access to all the information that they want can STILL be pretending that socialism is "just another ideology" and that it's really "shocking" how they behave.

They're animals, murderers, thieves, rapists and the lowest scum that ever lived.

I was a Cold War sailor who spent 4 years on the Enterprise. I worked in the Reactor Engineering department. Think of me as one of those red shirted guys that kept falling off the ladders while Scotty grabbed the chicken wire in front of the warp nacelles whenever the ship took a pounding.

My job was to float around the Indian Ocean so that the Godless Commies in Russia would know that we watching them, because we knew that they were an Evil Empire that needed to be watched. I was young, and politically naive, but smart enough to know that I was doing the right thing for the right reason.

Imagine my surprise when I went to college and had a Philosphy teacher that had us read the Communist Manifesto like it was just another book.

Further imagine my surprise when I discovered that commies had already scored on points 2, 5, and 10 in this country, with an eye toward the other seven.

Now John Kerry wants to repeal the 13th Amendment for high school students:

John Kerry will ensure that every high school student in America performs community service as a requirement for graduation.  This service will be a rite of passage for our nation’s youth and will help foster a lifetime of service.

Ah, yes, that would be #8, wouldn't it? Jeez, these bastards just never stop do they? And what pisses me off is that no one is calling him on it. Kerry's got all this sick, twisted, slave-to-the-state crap slathered all over his website, and all the conservatives can blather about is 30-year-old lies. What about the man's current plan for heavy-handed socialism? Is no one opposed to this? Is NO ONE morally offended by this?

I, for one, am. Kerry makes me sick. Why? Because, like Misha, I know enough about history - about Germany, and Russia, and China, and North Korea, to know where this leads if unchecked:

170 million innocents murdered aren't enough for you to realize that socialism needs to be eradicated completely and utterly, never to be heard of again?

Then, pray tell, just how many more millions need to die before you stop acting surprised and finally acknowledge evil when you see it?


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Lucky Susie already got ANOTHER troll to play with:

I can't wait for your lying fascist bogus potus to go down in November... just counting the days, you conformist, willfully ignorant clowns.

P.S. You forgot to put your mutual half-brain back into the jar of salty brine...

She puts him down in fine form.

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If every word I said could make you smile, I'd talk forever.

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In 1789, the other delegates teased Washington mercilessly for showing up to the Constitutional Convention with a huge hickey.

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  Saturday, March 27, 2004


Jen of Jen's History & Stuff has posted an excerpt from an Australian on-line newspaper describing the events of September 11th, which was posted on that very afternoon. She also posted a quote from September 12th on the reactions of... certain world leaders...

Even though Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat said he was "horrified" by the attack, The Associated Press reports indicted that thousands of Palestinians celebrated in the streets, chanting "God is great," and even passing out candy to passersby.

Iraqi television played a patriotic song that begins with the words "Down with America!" as images of the World Trade Center's towers falling played across the screen.

Her post ends with the statement:

Don't be so quick to forget.

Go ahead, ask me. Have I forgotten?

Never have, never will.

Although I try not to think about it too often, because every time I actually go back to the day and fully engage, something black and cruel rises up inside me. A blooming mushroom cloud of rage and hatred. I need to scream. I need to kill. I want to wade through a sea of blood, and I'm not too particular about whose it is, as long as they used to breathe the air of the Middle East.

At times like this, the idea of actually nuking Mecca and Medina becomes not only thinkable, but pleasurable. And I'd laugh while it happened and spit on the weeping mothers of the dead.

So, no, I don't think about it often. Because I don't like what I become when I do.

But I haven't forgotten.

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THE COMMENT PARTY RAGES ON Madfish Willie's Cyber Saloon. I got some more pictures back. Judging by the hair color, I do believe that's Goldie testing out the exotic dancer pole that Graumagus just installed. I think that's Trey in the suit, who seems to be REALLY enjoying the show... I guess his inner lesbian got the best of him again.

In the background, Graumagus and... judging by that high & tight haircut, it must be Mike the Marine... seem to be quite pleased about something. Trey's kinda blocking the view below waist level, and, since Tiffany & LeeAnn aren't visible, one can only speculate.

So stop by the comment party at Madfish Willie's, where the beer is cold, the grill is always fired up, the meat is hot, and the sauce gets slathered over everything.

Also, it's the only place in town smart enough to know that the only proper use for Zima (which I've heard described as a mixture of cherry juice, mouthwash, and beer) is for impromptu wet t-shirt contests... which Susie and her large fonts seem to win with alarming frequency.

(tip in the g-string of Pam for posting this pic for me to find & grab)

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Debbye of Being American in T.O. never saw 9/11 coming:

I can't summon up outrage against the Clinton administration. I can't summon up outrage against the Bush administration. The somebody should have known mindset is all very well and good if you actually believe the technology in The X-Files is online and available to our government.

Maybe if one of the terrorist attacks thwarted during the Millennium celebrations been successful we'd have a different scenario today. Maybe. Maybe. That's the stuff of fiction, though, not policy.

We're not omnipotent. Is that so hard to get?

In the comments to her post, I told her I never saw it coming either:

Personally, as much as I despise Clinton, I don't blame him for not foreseeing 9/11. Neither do I blame Bush. Before 9/11, I never could have conceived hijacking commercial passenger aircraft for suicide missions. Even now it still sounds vaguely tinfoil hat. But it happened, and everything changed because of it.

9/11 probably couldn't have been prevented. But now that we understand the depth and breadth of the enemy's insanity, perhaps the next one can.

So I really don't know what the 9/11 committee is trying to accomplish. From what I can tell, it's a finger-pointing circus. Vanderleun of American Digest agrees, and takes it one step further by illustrating the clown version of the hearings, and he makes an excellent point in the process:

Committee Clown: "So tell us again why, with all the zillions of chucky-bucks, we were throwing at this problem over the years, we were subjected to September 11. Somebody's gotta get shot out of a cannon for this, you know.”

Witness Clown: “Well, I hate to break character here and give you a straight answer instead of just flapping my slapstick against the table, Senator, but if you can spare a moment from pondering that email promising penis enlargement, here's the scoop.

“Nobody, but nobody, outside of about 50 Islam-addled whackjobs high on burning donkey dung, would have been able to believe on September 10, that a cadre of crazed fanatics were going to hijack four airliners and drive them into three buildings and a field.

“Nobody stopped it because nobody could imagine it other than those that did it, and those that ordered it done. It was, and is, an act of sheer evil so large and so outside the ability of a rational and civilized mind to entertain that we just couldn't see it coming. I resent that both of us have to sit here strapped into these drool cups and pretend somebody should have.

“They got us because the were not only more evil than we imagined, they were more evil than we can imagine.

Yes they are.

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The Challenge Question:

The blogosphere has just been invaded by space aliens from the planet Zebnon. As King of the Blogs it is your duty to meet the threat. In doing this you must make a delegation of bloggers to rise up and meet the aliens. You are excluded from including members of the judging panel on this delegation (no butt-kissing!) For each member you must include a reason why.

GOOD POINTS: As the reigning King of the Blogs, he did what all bloodthirsty tryants do: ignored all the rules of civilzed behavior that apply to lesser beings. Despite the "no butt-kissing" rule, he managed to work in gratuitous links to 2 of the judges. Since one of them was me and the other was Susies delectable gluteous, this counts in his favor. Also, it was a well-written and entertaining post with a nice swipes at several "oddball teams with a mission" movies.
BAD POINTS: Channelling the spirit of a coked-up Johnny Cochrane, he went on and on, answering a simple question so many times that for the next seven months, America's Presidential campaign discussion will revolve around how to best handle the nationwide pixel shortage caused by Bill's bloviating windbaggery. Also, a tragic dearth of self-linkage.

Irritable Blog Syndrome:
GOOD POINTS: With the unswerving arrogance befitting royalty, The Bull pointedly assumed the title of Queen in her essay. This kind of naked power-lust is something I could kneel before. Also, she puts some serious firepower into the mix by choosing Misha, who does rage better than anyone alive. Well constructed, with a carefully crafted "breaking news story" theme.
BAD POINTS: Didn't link to Helen's "blogging nekkid" picture when mentioning her name.

Blog Supplement:
GOOD POINTS: Demonstrating two-faced deceptive diplomacy worthy of Colonel Green, Hbee avoids the "direct show of strength" tactic chosen by the other two contenders and showcases blogs so bad that it took me an hour to read his post because I kept running away from my computer, screaming from the crippling horror of it all. Bonus points for demonstrating that, not matter what pathetic inanity I may post, my blog could suck a LOT worse. Anyone afflicted with "blogger's doubt" must read this post.
BAD POINTS: No matter how much Clorox I drink, I can't get the taste of that "Poor Lemur Poem" out of my mouth.

The Whole Blog: Technical Merit & Personality

Here are some technical things I like to see on a blog:

Comments enabled
Permalinks working
E-mail contact info available
Blogger's name/pseudonym prominently displayed
Site search feature enabled
Link to an "About Me" post on the sidebar
Blogger's gender is easily discernable
Readable font style & size
Readable color scheme (for example, NOT bright red type on bright green background)
Divisions between posts clearly marked
Paragraphing in entries (NOT just writing one fat block of text)

Aside from the tech stuff, I also like to see a blogger's personality shining through, to remind us of the person behind the words.

GOOD POINTS: All his technical points are still in fine working order. Personality-wise, I gotta love the way he put up the short descriptions by the judges' links. I also enjoy the "recent entries by category" feature.
BAD POINTS: Ummm... [searching desperately for something mean to say]... uh, he's still a lawyer... uh... oh! He needs to capitalize his category names.... Rats! Who am I kidding?

Irritable Blog Syndrome:
GOOD POINTS: Technical points - all good. I also love the way she fixed that "no, really, I'm a girl" problem, as well as finally figuring out where to put that horrid & disturbing logo image (which actually starts to grow on you after a while). Speaking of which, although I dinged King Bill for using the "extended entries" feature too much, it's actually a blessing with Bull's entries, because it obscures Mr. Flashy Guts.
BAD POINTS: I specifically asked for bikini pictures! Where are my bikini pictures? Oh well. A couple minor nits, probably leftover untidynesses from the last re-design & not worth deducting for: You might want to shrink the left column just a touch, because occasionally a letter or two will spill over the edge of the background onto Mr. FG. Also, you should put either more space or a line or something between the bottom of one post and the top of the next, just for esthetics. I'm not deducting because the tiny print followed by bolded titles is a satisfactory visual divider. I'm just saying it looks a little crowded.

Blog Supplement:
GOOD POINTS: What a nice young man. And such a tidy sidebar! Not crowded with dirty pictures & blog affiliations like most bloggers. Although I suppose it will get filled up in time. I like the way he works that puppy theme for all it's worth, both as a header and a post divider. Brings a sense of unity to the page.
BAD POINTS: Piddled on my rug. BAD DOG! Anyway, there are some important technical items missing. First, no 'search' feature. This could cost you linkage down the road. Let's say I vaguely remembered something you once said about some stand-up comedian, and I wanted to quote and link you. If you have search, I can find the entry in question easily & I'll probably take the time. Without it, I'm too lazy to try to force it through Google. Second, there's no "about me" post. Which is an even bigger problem since with a name like Hbee, your gender is indeterminate (although I did find something indicating maleness in one of the entries, so...). Besides, I'd like to know a little bit more about the author. A third, but non-deductable item is that I couldn't find a link to your main blog page. As a courtesy to your readers, you might consider putting such a link in your entry template somewhere near the permalink. Anyway, although I've mentioned several items, I'm only dinging lightly in view of your recent de-blogspotification.

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Love is born with the pleasure of looking at each other, it is fed with the necessity of seeing each other, it is concluded with the impossibility of separation.

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  Friday, March 26, 2004


When I was a kid growing up in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, my dad subscribed to the Milwaukee Journal (now the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel). Like most big papers, it was a leftist piece of horseshit, but it was the biggest, newsiest rag around, and the internet hadn't been invented yet, so you had to get your news from somewhere.

There was ONE cool thing about the Journal, though - the comics section. It was one full sheet of newsprint, i.e. four pages, and the paper was tinted green. Which is why they called it "The Green Sheet". I really appreciated the fact that it was so easy to find each day, because that's the only part of paper I read anyway.

So I grew up on 3 panel newspaper comic strips. I really loved Bloom County (I was too young to notice the occasional liberal screed) and was sad to see Berke retire.

Now that I'm a curmudgeonly old coot, I don't read newspapers or their comics anymore. Most of them are unfunny crap anyway (don't even get me started on Doonesbury and Boondocks). I get all my comics off the web these days. The first one I read every morning is Chris Muir's Day By Day. It's political, like Doonesbury, except right-wing instead of left, as funny as Doonesbury is un-, and as insightful as Boondocks is idiotarian.

Take, for example, last Wednesday's effort. Chris just spot-on, dead-bang nails it to the wall. You can't make a point any better than that.

Now, Chris is in the midst of a desperate battle to get his comic picked up by the syndicates & dead tree folks. I don't actually subscribe to any papers, so I pull no weight there. But I can shout from my tiny blogospheric rooftop & try to spread the word for him. Onto the blogroll he goes, in pole position. Plus the "Free Damon" logo on the left side, which I pulled from Little Tiny Lies.

Final word: Chris' work rocks more than anything currently published in any "old media" comics page (word up, Mallard Fillmore), but it's still only available in pixels. This is a crime. Please fight for vigilante justice any way you can.

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Filthy Lie Round-up: Evil Glenn's Days Off. I think GEBIV kicked my ass in the funny department again. Not only that, but Chris Muir of Day By Day fame actually left him a comment. I'm such a loser.

As proof of my divine loserhood, I managed to miss Taron of ISDL's PGH entry a second time. I make pathetic amends.

All kinds of linkage opportunities upcoming.

New Filthy Lie assignment: Evil Glenn's April Fool's Day.

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Instapundit (Evil Glenn), oppressor of small blogs
Sat upon his icy throne, blending puppy dogs.
Blogging like a man possessed, dead hobos by his toes.
"Hmmm. Heh. Indeed." he typed, hit post, and then he stretched and rose.

"This doesn't satisfy," he thought, "I need a little break."
"Some time away from blogging - a vacation I will take."
"But where to go and what to do? Some fun place I would think"
"A place with lonely women, where I can score and drink"

He went out to the disco, to prance around the floors
His Robot Dancing better for the spiders in his drawers.
With socks and sandals on his feet, he cut a mighty rug.
His venom-swollen johnson making BVD's fit snug.

He met a pretty girl there by the name of Fatty Sue.
A fine, sweet piece of woman (though she weighed a ton or two).
They both went back to her place, he kissed her at the door.
She took his hand and dragged him in, they smooched a little more.

Kitchen counter, heavy petting, things got really hot.
He reached between her chunky thighs, she said "YES! That's the spot!"
She dragged him to her boudoir and she threw him on the bed.
He lost control and threw a fist that landed on her head.

She stopped, she glared, "Glenn! What the f***? Why did you hit me so?"
"It's true I like it really rough, but that shit's gotta go!"
I punch ALL bloggers violently," said Reynolds with a grin.
"It's what I do, it's who I am, don't tell me it's a sin."

"Well I don't blog," said Fatty Sue, "and wouldn't if I could."
"Control yourself, you naughty boy, and fill me with your wood."
Glenn shrugged and sighed and gave his all in 15 seconds flat.
Then rolled right off and fell asleep. Said Fatty, "What was THAT?"

"That's all I've got," Glenn Reynolds moaned, "there isn't any more."
He closed his eyes, fell fast asleep, and then began to snore.
"I'll fix him up," thought Fatty Sue, "'cuz I know just the trick."
She grabbed her poodle, Fluffy, and she blended him up quick.

She poured the goo down Reynolds's throat, and much to her delight
His eyes flew open quickly and his manhood stood upright.
She climbed aboard his now-firm pole, and rode that pony hard
Her massive rolls a-bouncing 'round her ass of solid lard.

But in her eagerness to quell her raw compelling lust
She didn't hear his bones go "CRACK!" and crumble into dust.
Yet still she humped his broken form, did not let up at all
Until the "big O" took her and she gushed a waterfall.

She climbed off Glenn and said "Hot DAMN! You're really great in bed!"
Glenn just laid unmoving. "Oh my God! I think he's dead!"
"Not dead," said Glenn, "just slightly crushed, and if you'll help me up"
"I'll go another round or two, if you've another pup."

They went on through the night that way, bang - drink puppy - bang.
Her flabby body crushing his 'til dawn, when she said, "Dang!"
"You're really very virile for a geeky blogger guy."
"I'm sorry 'bout those broken bones... you up for one more try?"

But by this time sobriety had Reynolds in its grasp.
He got a look at what he'd laid, and sucked a frightened gasp.
Evil Glenn stared stunned and shocked, now seeing Fatty's trick.
For Fatty Sue was Fatty STAN, complete with Fatty Dick.

Glenn ran screaming out the door, and even left his pants.
"I'll never drink again," he vowed, "or even Robot Dance!"
And that's the tale of Glenn's days off, by now you've guessed the rest.
I'd set him up (I'm such a prick).


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  Thursday, March 25, 2004


...because I can. My Filthy Lie assignment is about 95% finished, and just needs a little tuning, polishing, & linking. Expect it Friday evening.

Think epic poem.

Maybe I'll even be funnier than GEBIV this week.

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CARNIVAL OF THE VANITIES #79 up & running at Encyclopeteia. Some good commentary by the host leads me to believe he actually read all the entries.

My pick this week is actually the host's entry, wherein he posts the most delightful captions on some poor saps who sent their pics in to "Hot or Not". For the record, my favorite was #3a.

My comment on #7: Say, weren't you the 4 of Diamonds in the Iraqi Bastard deck of cards?

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Tom of BigStick.US posted the conclusion to his tale of battling idiot hippy protesters. I always knew leftist lapdogs were a bit dim, but geez:

Whenever we would gather with our counter-protest signs to be photographed by some member of the media, the same woman would invariably stand behind us and hold up her "bring the troops home" (or something) sign. It never occured to her that she was holding it so high over our heads as to keep its message completely out of the frame of the picture. Oh, well.

But the best part is the "Attack of the Killer Circle". Don't miss it.

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Apple sells music for $.99 per song.

Wal-Mart's doing it for $.88.

Where's this going? Where will it end? Vanderleun of American Digest thinks it'll bottom out around $.25, and I think he's probably right.

I'm bookmarking that one for future reference, just so I can be smug later. 

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We turned on one another with deep, drowned gazes, and exchanged a kiss that reduced my bones to rubber and my brain to gruel.

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[Angie P. Angie P.]

Angie hated it when people made fun of her bladder control problem.

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  Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Tom of BigStick.US has the low down on the local protesters:

As the protesters passsed us, they reacted more or less as we had expected - random jeers and curses, et cetera. It did seem to distract them pretty well from the canned slogans they had previously been shouting (all that hard work gone to waste, I mean, it probably took most of them weeks to figure out those six- to ten-word rhyming couplets through the massive haze of illegal drugs). A few protested that they also supported our troops, and for that reason wanted to pull them out of Iraq (obviously a proposition none of them ever ran past any of our military personnel). A few screamed things to the effect of, "Why don't you go fight?" Our response: "Okay!" (I should point out the majority of our group was composed of ROTC cadets, and would have been much larger had the Army ROTC folk not been off doing training exercises that weekend. As for myself, I'd like to mention that this is my first-choice med school if I can get past the physical requirements.) This shut them up for a few seconds, at which point they just started screaming random insults such as "fascist" and "imperialist", as well as the standard "no blood for oil" BS.

More at the link.

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Every once in a while, I come across a post while surfing that's actually USEFUL.

Like this one at We Swear, where _Jon posts a very thorough list of things to consider when buying your next computer. It's especially helpful if you're one of those people, like me, who tends to build up a system part by part. I really liked his observation on processor speed vs. price:

I find that going with a system just under the newest release (by a notch or two) tends to get nearly the same performance for less money. I call it the Sweet Spot (which is slightly different than the G-Spot).

The place to start is the CPU. Go to and find the Sweet Spot for the CPU. I see no value in going with a 64 bit CPU yet. For example, right now in the AMD CPU's, the prices are:

$404 - Athlon 64 3400
$265 - Athlon 64 3200
$211 - Athlon 64 3000
$192 - Athlon XP 3200
$181 - Athlon XP 3200 400
$139 - Athlon XP 3000

$157 - Athlon XP 3000 400
$109 - Athlon XP 2800
$103 - Athlon XP 2800 333
$89 - Athlon XP 2700 333

In this case, the Sweet Spot is the XP 3000. Ask yourself, are you really going to notice the difference between 3000 and 3200? Even if it is 64 bit and 400 Front Side Bus (memory)? I doubt it. You can splurge on a 64 - if you want, or waste your money on an Intel - if you want. Keep in mind that you'll have to upgrade the System Board and Memory too.

Of course, if your build computers for fun, like Blogless Brother Tom, you'll probably find stuff to argue with (Windows XP = Satan, after all), but then again, that's half the joy.

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Do I love her?
More with every breath I take.
Every word she speaks, every deed, every word she writes.
I love her more.
Never have I had this feeling before.
I adore her!

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[Shorty 420]

Turns out that "Shorty" is actually one of those ironic nicknames, because that "420" is his... uh, size... in millimeters.

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Susie of Practical Penumbra is the luckiest woman on earth. Why? Because she's got it ALL. Looks, brains, wit, wisdom, large fonts, trolls...

Well, a troll.  

In the comments to a post on why terrorists are bad, this one said the following amongst other silly statements.

So, okay, do what you want (in any case, who's going to stop you?), but spare us all the moral high ground. I don't believe that any of the "civilised" nations do anything unless there's a buck to be made from it. The difference is only that the U.S. seems to believe its own publicity.

Which made me get that "Nipper the RCA dog head tilt & confused look".

Of COURSE we're in it to make a buck. And that's WHY we have the moral high ground.

Here's a crash course on Capitalism:

Two promises are made, two promises are kept, repeat.

McDonald's promises me a hot & sloppy Big Mac. I promise them a buck. We both pay off. Everyone is happy.

Nothing but small, frequent doses of honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness. I'm not aware of any moral code flaky enough to disapprove of that.

There's even punishment for sinners - no repeat business, leading to eventual insolvency.

Granted, not every business keeps every promise, but unless they keep not only most of them, but the VAST MAJORITY of them, they won't last long, because odds are there's a competitor concerned enough about his reputation to pick up the slack (and their profits) should they fall short.

So, yes, "civilised" nations do it for the money.

That's why they're considered "civilized".


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Precision Guided Humor Round-up: Kerry's 100 Days. Whatever you do, don't miss GEBIV'S entry (after setting aside your beverage, of course). Note to self: Have GEBIV eliminated as a threat to my hilarity.

New Assignment: Benefits of Appeasement.

Get that Filthy Lie in by Friday: What did Evil Glenn do during his days off?

Assorted linkage-related items.

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John Kerry has a plan for America. In his first 100 days, John Kerry vows that he will:

Preserve endangered species by creating a Wildlife Refuge for interns in Africa.

Reduce America's dependence on foreign oil by banning Bikini Oil Wresting contests.

Require mandatory skiing lessons for all Secret Service sons of bitches.

Take Iraq reconstruction contracts away from Halliburton and give them to more qualified companies like Heinz.

Fight to ensure that all Americans can afford the drugs they need, and stop the out of control upward spiral of crack prices.

Prevent America from taking unilateral military action with it's 50 coalition partners, unless one of them is France.

Protect children from the epidemic of gun violence that is sweeping our nation by passing the "Only Kill Children With Knives Act".

Win the war against illiteracy by requiring subtitles on all SpongeBob SquarePants episodes.

Pick up those medals he threw over the fence.

Stop the spread of Mad Cow Disease by renaming it "Disgruntled Bovine Affliction".

Fight the AIDS epidemic by banning viruses.

Show his support for the Americans With Disabilities Act by hiring blind, quadriplegic Secret Service Agents.

And teaching those sons of bitches how to ski.

Fund more after school programs for children so they can develop non-academic interests and skills, such as music, art, and pimpin' they ho's.

Increase the safety of all Americans by requiring "CAUTION: EXPLOSIVE" warning labels on all terrorists.

Make college affordable to all who wish to attend by burning down the "too expensive" ones.

Stop the national crime epidemic by passing the "Make Crime Illegal Act".

Increase workplace safety by requiring all workers to wear cushy, inflatable "sumo suits"

Expand economic opportunities for women by making it legal to hire them for "non-girly" jobs.

Champion initiatives that ensure children are not forced to learn in overcrowded classrooms by shooting every third child.

Keep "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance, but add the words "If that's ok with France" at the end.

Yes, with initiatives like these, John Kerry will, if elected, go down in the history books as the best President the United States of Al Qaeda ever had.


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  Tuesday, March 23, 2004



When I saw you I fell in love.
And you smiled because you knew.

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With a name like that, she'll probably grow up to be either a hooker or a pop star. Like there's a difference.

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The difference? One is an irritating, yet lovable, bumbling nincompoop. The other starred in his own TV series.

(Hat tip to Gomer Mike the Marine for the pics)

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...and smoking like a missle-blasted terrorist over at MTPolitics. I gotta say, the host's intros were bitter, cruel, and merciless. And it's about damn, time, too! You future Bonfire hosts take note. Your object is to make Don Rickles look like Mr. Rogers.

But Craig DID screw up one skewering. When it came to John of Useful Fools' entry on the idiocy of the "Please Stop Winning the War" protestors, what he should've done was warn people about that first picture which contains the foulest-looking rear-end-camel-toe to EVER sandblast my rentinas.

I will NEVER forgive either man for not posting a warning on that.

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because J of Quibbles & Bits went to the dentist & now he's saying the silliest stuff:

I want fangs. Not vampire fangs, but big sabre toothed tiger fangs. Then I could bite John Kerry when he cuts in line. I could keep him in check, y'know, just bite him when he's being an asshole. But then I'd be biting all the time and they'd have to put me down. The big fangs would give Osama another hiding place, too... Oh well, maybe not.

Chocolate covered malted milk candy shelled eggs are the best Easter candy ever! You can buy me some by clicking on the PayPal button to the right. They're $2.99 a bag at the local target. Not that I'm hinting...

If I had fangs, I could protect my chocolate covered malted milk candy shelled eggs like they were my children.

He should be ok by now, so go ahead & click the link to get the rest.

... wait... maybe he's NOT ok...

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The comment party is still going on  at Madfish Willies. The Bartender seems to have blessed the event by not only making the coveted 200th comment, but also moving the party to the top of the page.

Meanwhile, the ladies seem to be missing. If your name is Susie, Goldie, Tiffany, Teresa, LeeAnn, Dana, Margi, Pam, Heather, Beth, Agatha, or Jen, your presence is requested in the Champagne Room.

(Sorry for not lighting up the links on the names, but I'm late for work.

Oh, and Lynn, you're invited too, but you'll probably want to use a fake name to save your reputation ;-)

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  Monday, March 22, 2004



I love you because I am sensitive to touch and you have touched my heart.

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Here's how I do it. Put the penny in, wait 60 seconds, pull the penny out. If it looks like this, then the coffee's ready.

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is being hosted this week by the sweetiest 23-year-old in the blogosphere - Susie of Practical Penumbra.

Lot's of good stuff all around, but my favorite was the hostess's entry, which quotes her little brother reporting on what he learned in Microeconomics class:

Walmart is a hugely successful company because they don't give paychecks to their employees and they also screw all their customers.

Coming to a small town near you: Harv-Mart. Our customers are beaten with bicycle chains and our employees pay ME for the privilege of coming to work each day.


I wonder why Susie cast me as Snidely Whiplash?

Which reminds me... any pretty ladies out there wanna get tied to the railroad track? [twirls moustache]

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is up at The Entrepreneurial Mind. Ya know, I still have a hard time believing that a word describing such a noble pursuit has its origin's in FRENCH. Strange world.

Yet a good round up, because thanks to this post by abnu of Wordlab, I found out what the secret ingredient in Dasani bottled water is.

Nope, not ordinary tap water, although that's in there.

Nope, not bromate, although ""

It's... well... it's at the other end of the link in the first update.

I damn near died laughing. WTF were they thinking?

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is up at Amish Tech Support. Which led me to this picture at DGCI (the top one of the three), about which I feel compelled to say the following:

Although I have a full beard and it's getting a little gray, and I've been known stare vacantly at the TV with the remote in one hand and a beer in the other, THAT IS NOT A PICTURE OF ME.

Just sayin'.

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Oh, must be another edition of "I Feel Lucky", where Graumagus plugs random phrases into Google.

Cute little flower, too.

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2015 PART 11

is up at BigStick.US. The French are worse, but at least the Canadian's or (N'at'ers) are better. Slightly more fireproof, anyway.

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  Sunday, March 21, 2004



The sweetest of all sounds is that of the voice of the woman I love.

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[Jesus died 4 u so He wouldn't have to live w/o u]

After discovering what the replacement phrase would be, the ACLU decided it could live with "IN GOD WE TRUST".

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As if the love notes category didn't clue you in, I do have a hopelessly romantic side. Part of that includes celebrating my wedding anniversary every month. On or about the 9th of every calendar page (depending on how well my memory is working) I pick up a single long-stem red rose for Beloved Wife.

I've found I get more "thoughtful husband points" when these pretty little tokens of my affection survive for a few days instead of a few hours, so, as a public service to rose-buying husbands & boyfriends, I'm offering the following tips on maximizing a cut rose's life span.

1) select a rose that still has a few leaves on it. Leaves make food, and a fed rose is a happy rose.

2) select a rose with a bud that is just starting to open up. It'll last longer than one that's in full bloom

3) When you get the rose home, cut off the bottom of the stem UNDER WATER. This keeps air bubbles from forming in the little tubes that draw the water up the stem.

4) If you buy your rose from a florist, they'll often include a little packet of "cut flower food". Use it. If you're a cheapskate like me and buy your rose at a gas station, just drop a pinch of plain old granulated sugar in the vase's water. That's pretty much all cut flower food is, anyway.

5) This one might be just some kind of florist's urban legend, but I've tried it, and it seems to work (or at least not hurt). Put a few copper pennies in the vase to help inhibit the growth of bacteria that can plug up the flower's little water tubes. I use pre-1982 pennies, since they're mostly copper, as opposed to the ones made after '82, which are mostly zinc. It may or may not make a difference, I haven't experimented.

Since I've started doing this, my roses tend to last at least 4 or 5 days, instead of starting to wilt within hours.  Feel free to give these hints a try & see if they work for you.

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The top 3 finishers for round 1 of this week's KotB Tournament are:

Blog Supplement 22.5
Walloworld 21.5
Irritable Blog Syndrome 21.375

Note to Bull of IBS - I like the way you solved the "no, really, I'm a girl" problem. That will serve you well in next week's whole-blog judging. Just remember that I REALLY like bikini pictures [wink, wink].

Anyway, the full scoring details can be found at the KotB site, as can Smarter Cop's reviews, which are fair, balanced, objective, accurate, thought-provoking, and only marginally stuffy. Maybe someday he'll loosen up enough to wet his pants laughing. I'm tellin' ya Pietro, there's no better feeling. Besides, why do ya think they make Depends?

Coming Next: Week 2 challenge and whole-blog judging. The crown will be on the line, and there are 3 brutal and talented competitors left. Who will win? Probably the one with the most bikini pictures, but only time will tell.

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  Saturday, March 20, 2004



You know what real love is when just thinking of your lover - maybe something they did before, or just the thought - gives you chills all over your body.

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[Told you so Ben]

For years, Franklin when on and on about how he "had that $1 bill gig sewn up", so George couldn't resist the urge to talk a little trash once the bill assignments were finally posted.

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I just found out that you can buy an imaginary girlfriend on eBay. For your winning bid, you get some chummy e-mails, a couple pictures, some snail-mail, a nice card, and when your time is up, one last letter telling you how devastated she is that you dumped her and begging you to take her back.

Handy little item if you're looking to shut up your nosy parents, impress your friends, or merely acquire enough evidence to allow you to remain comfortably in the closet.


And to think I'm giving it away to Susie for free...

(Convoluted hat tip as follows: I asked Jon - the unsolicited e-mailer doing research on blogging - whether he has a blog. He said no, but told me one of his fellow grad students blogged. So I followed the link to Danyel of Made Out of People, scrolled down and found an entry with a link to an entry with the link to the relevant eBay search)

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Frank J. of IMAO is the funniest blogger in cyberspace. No one questions that (except Scott Ott of Scrappleface, and what the hell does HE know about being funny?). But have you ever wondered how Frank does it? The answer is NOT, as some suspect, that he sold his soul to some dark, malevolent power. Rather, it's a combination of native talent and some simple techniques that you can apply to your own writing.

Today's lesson will consist of an analysis of one of Frank's recent masterpieces: Know Thy Enemy: Canada, wherein he lists numerous "fun facts about Canada". I'll show you how, by examining each "fact", you can extract a broader, underlying rule, which you can then apply to mock a similarly annoying country. For example, France. Let's begin:

Canada was originally populated by peoples loyal to Britain and dumb people who just got lost.

RULE: Mock the country's origin.
EX: France was originally a penal colony for snotty waiters exiled from other European nations.

Canada is still technically owned by England and has to dance for them when commanded.

RULE: Mock the country's political power structure.
EX: As France's President, Jacques Chirac can legally demand that French citizens perform puppet shows in his honor.

That happens usually three times a year.

RULE: This one is a standard humor technique known as a "callback" which means making reference to a prior joke
EX: This normally takes place on National Cowardice Day, i.e. every day.

The border between U.S. and Canada is the longest unprotected border in the world. There are plans to mine it, set up video cameras all along it, and not tell Canada for a new Fox special called When Americans Are Bastards.

RULE: Pick out a geographic feature and get silly.
EX: France has numerous mountains, most of which would prefer to be in Switzerland.

It is rumored Canada has its own military. Their most powerful weapon is the telephone with which they can call America and say, "Help! We're being invaded, eh!"

RULE: Mock their relatively ineffective military. This works for almost every country except for the US, Britain, and Australia.
EX: France's Army is feared throughout the world for its devastating use of surrender-fu.

Canadians are almost as genetically similar to humans as the chimpanzee.

RULE: An animal comparison.
EX: The fact that the French enjoy eating frogs does NOT make them cannibals.

Was originally called Cana, but, since everyone there said, "I live in Cana, duuuuh," the name Canada eventually stuck.

RULE: Mock the origin of the country's name.
EX: France was originally known as "Frogs who are easily frightened into wetting their pants", which was later shortened to "Fr'ants" which was then misspelled by the ignorant natives.

For the same reasons, it will eventually be known as Canadada.

RULE: Another callback
EX: Eventually the country will be known as "Franceandsurrendering" or "Fr'ing"

Their national symbol is the most evil of leafs, the Maple Leaf, a.k.a. Satan's Palm.

RULE: Mock the country's national symbol
EX: The symbol of France is the "Fleur de Lis" or "Lesbian Flower".

In a fight between Aquaman and a maple leaf... actually, a maple leaf is even too lame for Aquaman. Our national symbol, the bald eagle, would whup Aquaman's ass, though.

RULE: This statement recalls an old joke for the pleasure of Frank's regular readers about what a lame superhero Aquaman is. This is known as a "running gag". He also throws in a callback
EX: In a fight between Aquaman and France, Aquaman would be devastated by France's surrender-fu.

Canadians pretend to be peaceful, but more Canadians are murdered in Canada every year than any other country.

RULE: Offer a semi-complimentary characteristic, then twist it into an insult
EX: The French believe in using diplomacy to the exclusion of everything else – even soap.

Canada modeled their currency after ours just to annoy us when we accidentally get useless Canadian trinkets in change instead of hard American currency.

RULE: Mock their currency.
EX: The French currency - the Franc - is printed on very large, soft, pieces of paper, which Americans frequently mistake for novelty toilet paper.

Canada has a picture of a queen on their money to show their contempt for democracy.

RULE: Same topic, different angle.
EX: French currency usually has portraits of unkempt, warty-faced, scabrous, long-haired French men on it because French women are even uglier.

A large minority of Canadians speak French, and they boss around the rest of the Canadians. Bossed around by French-speaking people - that's so pathetic I can't even imagine it.

RULE: Mock a selected minority demographic
EX: France has a large, unassimilated Muslim population. Coincidentally, the French spend a lot of time checking their cheese for explosives.

Canadians think they are superior to Americans. The rational basis for this is unknown.

RULE: Another compliment/smack-down combo.
EX: The French are a generous and hospitable people who will gladly welcome strangers into their homes. Ask any German soldier.

Canada holds up a sham democracy to try and be accepted by the civilized world, but in fact all real decisions are made by their moose overlord.

RULE: More fun with the political power structure.
EX: The French have both a President and a Prime Minister. When the country was originally founded, they couldn't decide which to have, so they flipped a coin, which landed on its edge.

It's a myth that the normal way a Canadian says "about" is so that it rhymes with "boot". It just happens that a lot of Canadians are retarded.

RULE: Mock an aspect of their language
EX: The French word for "no" is "non", which makes them 50% less efficient than Americans at properly responding to people who offer them drugs.

The northern area of Canada is technically God-forsaken. If anyone there has a prayer, he or she first has to mail it to an American priest for God to hear it.

RULE: Another geographic feature.
EX: France is surrounded by Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain. However, the French themselves are normally only surrounded by Germans.

Most of the prayers involve hockey and are promptly ignored.

RULE: Another callback
EX: The Germans are usually surrounded by Americans.

If a Canadian ever tries to express an opinion about America, hit him on the head with a rolled up newspaper while shouting, "No!" You have to catch them in the act or they'll never learn.

RULE: Comparison to a misbehaving animal.
EX: If a Frenchman starts chewing on your plants or scratching your furniture, use a squirt gun to interrupt the bad behavior.

Canada has gone its entire history without doing anything of note, something almost unheard of for a country its size.

RULE: Mock their historical accomplishments
EX: In the 1790's, France won its only known military victory by conquering itself

Canada has become an entry point for terrorists which has caused Canada's boring index to decrease slightly.

RULE: Another compliment/smack-down.
EX: Always bet on the Frenchman to win "Arrogant Idol".

Canada doesn't have all the beliefs in liberty and freedom of speech that we have. So, if you have to go to Canada, make sure to bring a gun to help them recognize.

RULE: Mock them for being less free than America
EX: Freedom of speech is guaranteed by the French constitution in much the same way that Enzyte is guaranteed to enlarge your penis.
(Hat tip to Eric of Straight White Guy for the link)

Canada is so defective that it loses gravity for six hours every month.

RULE: Over-the-top declaration of how much the country sucks.
EX: Rats frequently leave France to board sinking ships.

Canada has no known industry. It's believed all their income comes from sales of syrup and hockey tickets.

RULE: Mock their manufacturing output
EX: France's economy took a serious hit after Americans started boycotting their wine. However, it's rebounding now that they've discovered how to bottle arrogance and sell it to John Kerry.

Canadians have universal healthcare. The way they afford it is making people wait so long that most die before seeing a doctor.

RULE: Mock their shabby health care system.
EX: The French like to brag about how, in their country, health care is considered a right. They are less likely to brag about how air conditioners are not.

Canadians are completely harmless, but don't assume someone who is wearing a hockey mask is Canadian. The people at Crystal Lake made that mistake and, well, it was messy.

RULE: Mock a national pastime
EX: The French like to ride bicycles and play girly games like soccer, unlike the folks in cool nations who prefer to ride Harleys and play manly games like "Dismemberball".

Canadians don't have any nuclear missiles because we decided they are not mature enough for them. Maybe when they’re older.

RULE: Mock them for having (or not having, as the case may be) nuclear missiles.
EX: Even though the French have nuclear missles, no one is afraid of them, because the French still haven't figured out how to build a "launch" button.

Canadians have national gun registration. While solving no crime, the excessive amount of money the initiative has taken has foiled Canada's evil schemes to make mutant snow monkeys.

RULE: Mock the nation's gun control policy (not applicable to the Swiss)
EX: France considers gun control laws unnecessary, since all guns were long ago driven out of the country by Saint Patrick in exchange for Ireland's frogs.

If ever attacked by a Canadian... well... beat the crap out of him. What? You can't take a Canadian? What kind of pansy are you?

RULE: Frank's "if you are attacked by" running gag.
EX: If you are attacked by a Frenchman, wave a piece of white cloth in front of his eyes to trigger his surrender reflex.

This list would be classified as a hate crime in Canada.

RULE: Mock their cultural taboos
EX: The French don't believe in the death penalty, except for people who speak unflatteringly of Jerry Lewis.

Actually, most Canadians who read this list would just say, "Eh?"

RULE: One last callback
EX: Or write lists containing statements mocking France.

As you review these rules, you'll begin to notice a pattern that holds the key to Frank J's brilliance. Instead of merely mocking the broad cultural stereotypes like lesser beings, Frank will choose more mundane and pedestrian aspects and make the effort to squeeze the funny out of them. For example, only a true comedic genius would ever think to pick out a nation's CURRENCY as a laughological target .


So I hope you've learned something today, and don't be afraid to apply these rules to humiliate the country of your choice.

Class dismissed.

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Scores removed to maintain suspense. UPDATE(3-21-03 1:30pm): Scores added to remove suspense.

Final results will be posted at the King of the Blogs main page soon, and I'll give a holler when it's up. This week's challenge (for which Good King Bill of Walloworld can and will be blamed) is:

Write a post which incorporates all of the current top five Words or Phrases for Impact on the English language (as cited by the Global Language Monitor): "wardrobe malfunction," "bootylicious," "extreme makeover," "Gigli," and "Give it Up!"

BAD POINTS: Contains offensively misogynistic terminology, which is entirely inappropriate to publish during March, which is Women's History Month, and… oh, wait… Bull is a woman. Nevermind. Free pass ;-)

GOOD POINTS: Good job of pointing out how fearsomely ignorant the MTV generation is, in their own words. I'm glad * I * was never that stupid [whistles innocently]
BAD POINTS: Could've used a couple sentences of introduction explaining a little about what the MTV source page was all about, and your own thoughts that inspired you to write the post. Also, there's an uncensored f-bomb in the post – this is supposed to be a family tournament. Drop all the nukes you want in the rest of your blog, but keep the KotB items PG, please.

GOOD POINTS: Nice themed post with colorful visual descriptions. I felt like I was there.
BAD POINTS: Boring legal briefs are the reason I dropped out of law school. Thanks for re-opening THAT wound. Also, tragic dearth of self-linkage.

GOOD POINTS: After reading this, my immediate reaction was to internally argue with it, point by point, since I disagreed with his conclusion. Yet I wasn't angry. This, to me, is the sign of a well-presented argument. Nice job.
BAD POINTS: A link to Lochner v. New York would've been helpful for the uninitiated, as would specific examples of "Robber Baron" perfidy. Also, tragic dearth of self-linkage.

GOOD POINTS: Good hillbilly-mocking theme, with bonus for creative (mis)use of the required words. Way to stand out from the crowd. "Bootylicious". Heh.
BAD POINTS: Although good in concept, in execution, it only worked moderately well. Wound up sounding a little too contrived.

GOOD POINTS: Well-constructed post. Great technique in the interweaving of the story he's making reference to and the point he's trying to make. Nice parallelism and closure in the last sentence.
BAD POINTS: For the record, I disagree with the premises upon which the post is based, but I'm not taking anything off for that. However, a link to the article being referred to would've been nice, and you could have found it with minimal Googling. Think about your readers, please, and link your sources.

GOOD POINTS: Has the moxy to explain to the King of the Blogs, in great detail and humorosity, exactly why the challenge question sucks. No kneeling for this subject! He goes to the guillotine with his head held high.
BAD POINTS: Put exactly zero effort into his rip on "Give it up", thus besmirching an otherwise perfect post.

GOOD POINTS: Quaint little slice of life with subtle humor, good sound effects, and all necessary supporting linkage. Nice job, Wolfman.
BAD POINTS: None visible. (Although I was worried for a bit that he wasn't going to explain what "wassshump" was).

GOOD POINTS: Scores some good hits while contemplating the required buzzwords. Bonus for coining the phrases "cusp of fuddydudditude" and "fist malfunction".
BAD POINTS: Contemplated a bit too much. The points made, while humorous, could've been briefer & more pointed. While I understand the need to "warm up" when writing certain difficult pieces, it's often a good idea to go back and tighten things up once you're finished.

GOOD POINTS: Does a number of things right – cites relevant sources, warns that it's a multi-part posting, indents quoted passages, and all-around helps put the reader comfortably into context. Bonus for going back to update the post with a link to next entry in the series.
BAD POINTS: Could have used an intro explaining the author's personal motivation for writing the piece, and why it's relevant to readers who aren't college professors. Internally, it works well, but a rather abstract think piece like this needs more concrete grounding to start it off.

(Challenge - not posted, but e-mailed):

A Modern Day Faerie Tale:

Once upon a time, there was a chick who went by the name of Gigli. She was quite happy that once she’d had an extreme makeover, she knew she could then be considered bootylicious, if for no other reason than she had a Gigli-butt.

She knew that if just the right guy came up to her and said just the right thing, which was “Give it Up!” that she would have a complete wardrobe malfunction just for him and they would become engaged, maybe even do a movie together and live happily ever after…maybe….

The End?

GOOD POINTS: It's the "quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" of challenge responses. Probably the shortest coherent post that could be made with the mandatory buzzwords.
BAD POINTS: Too contrived-sounding, and, even worse, not posted at the participant's blog. Don't you want linkage?

(Submitted 3-10 CTRL+F "researching")
GOOD POINTS: Briefly and gleefully points out one of the internet's major foibles.
BAD POINTS: Could've used more details. And supportive linkage. And working permalinks

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A report from the Iraqi front at Mike the Marine's place includes this:

Three Marines this past week stood out in their professionalism and humanity; while participating in a vehicle patrol with an Army unit. The Patrol encountered an overturned truck in a canal and due to the gathering crowd could not pass. When the Marines learned an Iraqi man was trapped underwater in the truck they dismounted the vehicle, Sergeant Lxxxx established a secure perimeter while Sergeants Bxxxx and Wxxxx dropped their gear and entered the canal pulling the driver out. While the driver could not be resuscitated by an Iraqi doctor on the scene, the attitude of the crowd was noticeably and favorably changed when the Marines emerged from the water. Sergeants Lxxxx, Bxxxx, and Wxxxx demonstrated the very definition of our ethos "No better friend, no worse enemy."

I'm just kind of curious why I have to read about this on a blog instead of hearing it on the news.

Of course, if NPR actually picked up the story, it'd probably go something like "US Marines drowned an Iraqi civilian today..."

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The comment party at Madfish Willie's Cyber Saloon is in the upper 190's. Who will be the lucky 200th commenter?

Also the Bartender has a link to the penis movie cascade. Yes, I was juvenile enough to find it endlessly entertaining. And even left a few suggestions of my own.

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Susie of Practical Penumbra is hostessing the Best of Me Symphony, and she would like to have her box stuffed completely full...

of your best blog entries that are at least 2 months old. So help satisfy the desires of a lovely lady by slipping your post to her today. E-mail it to before 11pm CST Sunday.

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  Friday, March 19, 2004



Nobody will ever win the battle of the sexes. There's too much fraternizing with the enemy.

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Does anyone else think Fox is going a little overboard with their efforts to promote "The Simpsons"?

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From his Imperial Highness Emperor Darth Misha I of The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler:

"al-Jizmeera are urgently requesting the opinion of the Loyal Citizenry as to whether Spain should withdraw her troops from Iraq or not."

Go vote like a Chicagoan.

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Jeff of BigStick.US has posted another boring picture of the French landscape and captioned it like crap.

This is a view from the Bastille, down onto the city... weee!

Stand aside, youngster, and allow me.

"A herd of brave shrubbery begin the perilous journey over the French Alps, to Switzerland and freedom from the oppression of the Knights Who Say "Oui!""

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There are some good things to be said for being in the Navy, as opposed to other branches of the Armed Services. Like the Army and Marines, you'll get to travel & see the world. Unlike the Army and Marines, you get hot meals every day, a foam pad to sleep on, and even regular showers. At least when the ship's distillation plant is functioning, which it occasionally is.

The big downside to the Navy is that, should you meet your doom, it will probably be a slow, miserable death in a cold ocean, by either drowning or being eaten by sharks.

The smaller downside is that being on a Naval vessel is very much like being on a civilian cruise ship.

Now, some of you are probably thinking, "Hey! A cruise ship! That sounds like LOTS of fun!"

First, I'm going to whack you on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper for having such a silly thought - *WHACK!*

Then I'm going to let Vanderleun of American Digest tell you the truth about cruise ship hell:

But should you have a taste for tedium, should boredom be like mother’s milk and daily bread (lots of it) to you, you will be surfeited by this otherwise antiquated mode of travel. Indeed, for sheer, mind obliterating tedium, for the kind of vacancy induced only by event horizons with no events and fewer horizons; for a feeling that arises in no experience other than incarceration, there is nothing that can beat the tedium induced by that modern masterpiece of torpor, stupor and pointlessness, the Cruise Ship.

Click the link for the rest of the story, if you have the nerve.

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Heather of Angelweave is going to be riding in the Tour de Cure in 3 months to help raise money for the American Diabetes Association and she's asking for contributions.

But she gives you *ahem* a little something in return.

Bring the kleenex...

for mopping the sweat off your brow, because this pic is hot!

Now, the Tour de Cure web site's minimum "suggested" donation is $25. That's just nuts. I've got to make a car payment this month, not to mention the fact that I still need to rent that Tijuana hooker for our upcoming threesome. So I threw a lot less than that in Heather's kettle.

My point is this: if you can spare the quarter C-note or better, please do. But if all you have is pocket change, don't be embarrassed to throw that in. It all adds up.

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Filthy Lie Round-up: Evil Glenn's St. Patrick's Day

New Filthy Lie assignment: Evil Glenn's Days Off

Linkage opportunities. Lots of 'em. No excuse for staying a flappy bird. Submit! Submit!

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  Thursday, March 18, 2004


The best way to celebrate America's drinkin'est national holiday is by spending the evening at the drinkin'est dive in cyberspace, which, of course, is Madfish Willie's Cyber Saloon. The Bartender was still trying to clean up the mess from the comment party, while the revelers were still feverishly breaking things and de-felting the pool tables, thus leaving it an open question as to whether repair or destruction would win out.

As I walked in, Matty O'Blackfive (looking resplendent in his "Kiss me, I'm a tater-tot" T-shirt), was just settling in next to Mike the Marine, who was sporting a green plastic bowler, and had apparently just arrived, himself...

Mike: 'Bout time you lazy turds got here.

Harv: You be nice, Jarhead, or I'll make some calls to my Navy buds & fix it so you'll have to WALK to your next overseas deployment.

Mike: At least we'd get there faster that way. Those f'd up Navy garbage scows are slower than a doped-up hippie tryin' to choose an ice cream flavor at Baskin Robbins.

Harv: Yeah, well, if you weighed 90,000 tons, you wouldn't move very fast, either.

Mike: Funny, your wife seems to get around pretty good.

Matty: Uh... Mike... [pointing over Mike's shoulder with a worried look on his face]

Beloved Wife [standing behind Mike, one eyebrow raised, flexing one steely bicep]: *ahem*

Mike: Uh... heh... I was just... uh... joking, and... um... well, I... please don't hurt me...

Beloved Wife: Hmph! [walks away triumphantly]

Matty: Damn, Harv. You've been married to her almost five years and yet you've always avoided being snapped in half like a twig. How'd you manage to keep your spine intact so long?

Harv: A simple three-part formula: Love notes...

Matty & Mike: mmm...

Harv: ...Kevlar...

Matty & Mike: Ahhhh....

Harv: ...and licking the alphabet.

Matty & Mike [hastily scribbling on napkins]: Heyyyyy....

Mike: That near-death-experience has made me thirsty. I'm going up to the bar for a beer.

Matty [smirking knowingly]: Just a plain old BEER? On this, the most sacred drinking night of 2004?

Mike: Oh, not just any beer. The darkest, Irishest, most precioussssss beer of them all...

Harv: Budweiser?

Matty: [WHACK!] Blasphemer!

Harv: OW! What? Michelob?

Mike: Matty, kill him slowly

Matty: Right.

Harv: Geez, put down the pig-sticker, Matty! Guinness! Guinness!

Matty: Hey look! Harv just figured out how to keep from acquiring a third nostril!

Mike: Brilliant!

Matty: Brilliant!

Harv: Who you two morons stop quoting that stupid commercial? And get me one while you're
up there.

Matty: 6 for me please.

Mike: Gee, Matty, I thought you'd be drinking a little heavier on St. Patty's day [shrugs, walks to the bar]

Harv: Really, Matt. Only 6? I figured you'd be doing 12's for the holiday...

Matty: Later. Right now I need one hand free to count off the reasons that John Kerry's a f'n asshat. One... changes his mind more often than Michael Moore at a Burger King. Two... Talks to more imaginary foreign potentates than Mr. Rogers in the Neighborhood of Make Believe. Three…

We we interrupted by the crash of breaking glass and a scream of violated outrage coming from the direction of the bar...

Mike: What the f*** is this shit? I ordered a f****** Guinness!

Bartender: Piss off, ya dumb ass shave-tail! That WAS a Guinness!

Mike: Ah BULLSHIT! Looked like water ta me, ya swindling bastard!

Harv [approaching the bar]: Right! What's all this then?

Mike: That 2-bit hooch-slinger tried to pass off a glass of Canada Dry as Guinness. Get me a rope. This bastard's gonna die...

Bartender: You can take that rope & shove it up yer mudhole! I told you I gave you a Guinness!

Harv: Barkeep... far be it from me to ever take up the cause of a man foolish enough to join a branch of the Armed Services that has to hitch a ride with the Navy any time they want to kill foreigners...

Mike: Hey!

Harv: Quiet, Mike, I'm stickin' up for ya... anyway, Barkeep, the man has a point. Guinness ain't exactly a 10 on the transparency scale.

Bartender: Maybe not the OLD Guinness, but this is new Guinness Clear. Only one-third the carbs, with no extra additives, like flavor or alcohol. Plus, Currency Freak, it's as see-thru as your wife's blouse when she's out turning tricks.

Beloved Wife [flexing]: I HEARD THAT!

Bartender: Uh... I said "when you're beating Harv with sticks."

Beloved Wife [smiling]: Heh. Yeah. He likes that...

Bartender: PHEW!... Anyway, it's all I've got to drink in this joint, so deal with it!

Matty [running up to the bar in a panic]: Guys! The TV!

CNN Announcer: ... And repeating our top story... the streets of America are filled with hordes of distraught Irishmen, who find themselves tragically sober on the one night of the year when they're not considered social pariahs for being pugilistic drunkards. Somehow, someone has replaced the nation's entire supply of Guinness with a watery, flavorless beverage that may or may not be Miller Light. I haven't seen this sort of chaos since the frozen beer riots of a few months ago. Even as we speak, you can see distraught crowds of potato-chomping shillelagh-swingers milling about in anguish, searching desperately for something to replace the precious alcohol that gives meaning to their otherwise empty lives...

Matty: Oh crap. See that helicopter in the background with EGI on the side?

Mike: Evil Glenn Industries? Oh God. Not again...

Harv: Buck up, boys, there's no time to lose. We have to save Saint Patty's Day from Evil Glenn's... uh... evil...

Matty: Lose your inner thesaurus, there, Harv?

Harv: Oh shut up! There's no time to waste bitching about my vocabulary...

Matty, Harv & Mike: TO THE DRUNKMOBILE!

In a flash, we drove up to the dark and brooding compound wherein lurked the ev... uh... really naughty Glenn Reynolds...

Matty: Ok, Harvey, what's the plan?

Harv: We just go in, and ask Glenn politely to please, in the spirit of international cooperation, return the nation's supply of real Guinness and not do mean things to the poor, besotted Irish anymore. And to pretty please be nice from now on.

Matty: I said "Harvey", not "Kerry"!

Harv: Oh. Sorry. Go in, kick Glenn's ass, and rescue the Guinness with extreme prejudice.

Mike: OOOO! Me likey!

So, in we went, with Mike screaming OOO-RAH!, Matty persistantly jumping off random pieces of furniture yelling, "Look! I'm a paratrooper!" and me shouting the occasional "Brilliant!" just to keep them interested in the mission.

Soon we arrived at the inner sanctum and burst through the door to find...

Evil Glenn sitting calmly in his chair, staring expectantly at the door...

Matty: Give us...

Mike: Guinness...

Harv: Or die...

Evil Glenn: Of course. As you can see, I've already poured 4 glasses of that delectable stout. I've been expecting you.

Matty: Uh...

Mike: Er...

Harv: Wha?...

Evil Glenn: Even though there are tremendous benefits to being the omnipotent Dark Overlord of the Blogosphere, it's very lonely at the top. On this, the dinkin'est night of the year, I just wanted some company, so I devised a scheme to get the three of you to join me for a drink.

Mike: So there's no Guinness Clear?

Evil Glenn: Pfffft! NO! I bribed the Bartender to mess with your heads. That watered down crap was just plain old Busch Light.

Matty: Wait a minute... what about the CNN news report?

Evil Glenn: Let's just say there are certain... secrets... that Ted Turner didn't want revealed... [dropping several candid snapshots on the table]

Harv: Wow! I had no idea Ted was that... flexible...

Mike: He looks rather pretty in that pink leather catsuit...[noticing stares from Matt & Harv]...uh... I mean for a guy... uh... Nevermind. Look, what about the hordes or belligerent, destructive Irishmen?

Evil Glenn: Heh. They weren't really Irish. I just told the League of Liberals that Halliburton was invading Venezuela. Those idiots were out tearing up the streets in five seconds flat. But enough about me. Let's get drunk.

Harv: We can't drink with you! You're a puppy-blending, hobo-murdering, Satan worshipper!

Evil Glenn: It's Guinness.

Matty: Good point

Mike: Can't see any holes in THAT argument.

Harv: But he's EVIL!

Matty: So's being sober on St. Patrick's Day

Mike: Or ever.

Harv: Wellllllll... my inner sailor is a bit parched...

Evil Glenn: Besides, I'm sure we'll tangle again soon enough. Earth Day's just around the corner... So anyway, I'm thinking of adding a fourth word to my blogging repertoire. What do you guys think of "nifty"?

Matty: Kinda gay. How about "swell"

Mike: Nah, too Beaver Cleaver. Go with "groovy"

Harv: That is SOOOOO Brady Bunch. I'm thinkin' "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious". Just watch out for those Disney lawsuits…

So we chatted & drank into the night, and come the dawn, went our separate ways with no backstabbing truce violations as one might expect from one as depraved as Evil Glenn. We will, no doubt meet again as enemies, but for a single night, there was a brief, alcohol-fueled truce in the Great Blog War. A night without tricks or treachery.

Well… except for the fact that I stole Glenn's wallet…


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As perfume doth remain
In the folds where it hath lain,
So the thought of you, remaining
Deeply folded in my brain,
Will not leave me.
All things leave me.
You remain.

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John Kerry explains his position on Iraq.

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The Firefly movie has the green light. Expect it in 2005.

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If I were "one of the above" in the religion category, I'd probably be tickled by this picture of an American flag. So for those of you who lean that way, take a peek.

As it is, I will still admit that the picture is quite lovely and visually striking.

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You've probably seen the Politopia quiz hither & yon. I'm not posting my results because I couldn't land northwest of Ayn Rand. Damn thing's RIGGED, I tells ya!

Anyway, Graumagus of Frizzen Sparks, never content to play nice, spiced up his Politopia map a bit.

I laughed.

I'm kinda twisted that way.

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I love it when hot chicks get drunk and blog. Why? Because they start putting out...

great posts like LeeAnn's, which starts:

1. Appletinis are not only good, they are damn good and take three tries to spell properly.
2. I was gone all day, did you miss me?
3. The correct recipe is 1 appletini equals 2 ounces green apple schnapps, 2 ounces Grey Goose vodka, shake a lot and drink many.
4. I follow recipes to the LETTER, Jack. I'm just sayin'.
5. I went to the GM1's pre-retirement seminar (day 3) today.
6. Listening to the VA rep was like llisteining to paint dry.
7. No, three appletinis is not enough. Go make more.

or like Susie's which says, in part:

There's actually more to that story, but the room is slightly akilter. Oddly, I seem to be a better typist than when I am sober. Or do I just think I am? This is why I do not drink very often--because when one is blotto, one loses one's sense of proportion. And frequently items of apparel.

Now click those links and go take advantage of these women...

's great slices of humor.

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Forgive the crappy linkage, I'm late for work:

PGH Round-up, new assignment, Filthy lie reminders, upcoming round-ups elswhere, Beer Madness (hurry, only 3 hours left):

Group ID: 7156

password: frankj

Go look. It's all there.

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  Wednesday, March 17, 2004



Chosen by your heart, living your every breath, and joining with your soul - that was my only wish.

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[Q tip]

George really didn't mind having to wear the powdered wig all the time, but that nickname was really starting to get on his nerves.

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Up & running at Patterico's Pontifications.

Gem of the week is hiding WAY at the bottom, where you can find Les Jones turning an otherwise crappy, forgettable, blurry, lo-res picture into a work of art (several, actually) through the magic of Photoshop filters. I like the Polar Coordinates one best. Makes it look like a reflection in a chrome hubcap. Cool.

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Burning at Aaron's Rantblog, with a side order of Jimmy Buffet.

Now THIS is some dreck. Take, for example, this post from The American Mind. Lame-ass Bill & Ted humor.

BAH! You are puny and weak, and I will crush you with a far better example of lame-ass Bill & Ted humor

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How cool is the comment party at Madfish Willie's Cyber Saloon? As of today, it's #15 on BlogRunner's Top Weblog Entries for the Past 30 Days, beating the crap out of such notables as Andrew Sullivan and the Puppy Blender.

Way to host a ruckus, Bartender :-)

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Heather's got links to some interesting catalogs, my favorite, of course, being Fierce Diva.

Now THERE are some pictures to warm a man's heart...

There's also catalogs for cheese & dragons & lonely Philippino women, but I'm a little too busy to look at those right now.
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Why wouldn't the French help out in Iraq? Lots of reasons:

* The men of France had a list of vital chores to complete

* As did the women

* It's not easy finding a Girl Scout troop to surrender to during the busy cookie-selling season.

* They were having trouble finding just the right jaunty angle to wear their berets.

* Iraq didn't have enough stinky cheese to make the trip worth their while, but they did generously offer to invade Wisconsin.

* They were afraid of getting their asses handed to them by the Iraqi boys soccer team.

* Their tanks only run in reverse, so they couldn't help with the going in part. But if we need help with the pulling out part...

* Desert camo colors clash with those tacky Where's Waldo shirts they all wear, and a fashion faux pas of that magnitude is considered a war crime.

* Haven't yet perfected the bullet-proof beret.

* The nation's ammo supply was already earmarked for cheese hunting season

* They couldn't find an Iraqi phrase for "I am a surrender monkey"

* Too busy laundering the oil-for-food money

* Couldn't get permission from their mommies.

* Troop movement logistics were problematic. Seems the collective stench from 200 French troops inevitably melts aircraft hulls.

* Claimed there was no way to keep their frog supply fed in the "no fly zones"

* Due to a nation-wide pig shortage, the  French Army was too busy rooting for truffles.

* Couldn't invade until they figured out which wine goes with falafel.

* The French constitution forbids the slaughtering of native populations outside the African continent.

* Not enough benzene in Iraqi bottled water.

* They're still bitter about Al Franken beating Jerry Lewis in the last round of Iraqi Idol.

Oh, and they're a bunch of spineless, yellow-bellied cowards.


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  Tuesday, March 16, 2004



O happy hours when I may once more encircle within these arms the dearest object of my love - when I shall again feel the pressure of that "aching head" which will delight to recline upon my bosom, when I may again press to my heart which palpitates with the purest affection that loved one who has so long shared its undivided devotion.

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[peach schnapps, tequila & pineapple juice]

After months of begging, I finally got the Bartender from Madfish Willie's Cyber Saloon to give me the recipe for a "Panty Peeler"

I'm going over to the comment party to try this out...

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Jon Froehlich sent me an e-mail via my blog's contact address, and asked me for a favor. I've never met the guy, never heard of him before, and he's never done me any favors or sent me money.

But I helped him out.


It's all in the approach. Let's look at what he sent:

(First off, I do not want to bother you. If you’re busy, please disregard the rest of this e-mail; if you're not, please read on)

The very first thing he does is he acknowledges that sending unsolicted e-mail is a breach of netiquette, and that I have every right to delete his e-mail without even reading the whole thing. A refreshing change of pace from the usual "READ THIS NOW!" crap.

And check this out:

Subject: Radio UserLand: Mail from Jon Froehlich

A real name and a real e-mail address instead of "" or some such mulletwash

Next - how he found me:

I came across your page via (sort of pseudo-randomly).

Notice there's no feeble, generic compliments like you get with those "let's trade links" spammers. Jon admits he doesn't know me, doesn't read my junk, and doesn't even know my name. Basically, he gives me no reason to feel good about him at all. Except that he's obviously honest. Which I like.

Now that he's impressed me by not trying to impress me, he tells me who he is and what he wants:

I am a graduate student at the University of California, Irvine conducting a research survey on blogging. I would really appreciate it if you'd fill out the survey (the more data we get, the more accurate our results). It will take between 5-10 minutes.

The link:

If you find the survey interesting, please pass this link on to your “blogging friends” and, of course, posting a link from your blog would be even better!

Short, straightforward, with a minimum of bullshit (although the survey page says "15 minutes" instead of 5-10 min. To Jon's credit, though, his estimate isn't unreasonable. The questions are all multiple choice, and the actual time required to answer is a function of how long you care to ponder over getting things juuuuuust right).

But here's the best part. After showing the effrontery of asking a complete stranger to do him a favor for noreason, he APOLOGIZES:

I'm sorry for this random e-mail; I hope you did not find it intrusive.

I like the way he acknowledges his technically somewhat rude behavior and makes verbal amends, instead of just ignoring it. Good form, John.

Best regards,

He loses a few points for signing j instead of Jon, but it's not fatal.

So I took his survey. It was actually enjoyable. Made me think a bit about why I blog & who I blog with, and to, and for. I recommend taking the survey yourself.

And if you need a favor, remember to apply these lessons whilst composing your request.

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The stories out about how, at some Town Hallish meet & greet, Kerry got an earful from a grouchy audience member who wanted to know who those unnamed "world leaders" are who were endorsing the Democrat-select.

What the news outlets don't seem to mention in their stories is Kerry's verbal cattle-prodding of this poor guy at the end.

Teresa of Technicalities alludes to Rush Limbaugh's beautiful montage excerpting some of the highlights from the 7+ minute heated exchange:

One part of the interchange between Cedric Brown and John Kerry, that I hadn't heard about yet, was Kerry's badgering Brown about who he voted for in the last election! Rush was playing the tape - Kerry says "Are you a registered Republican?" and later he asks "Did you vote for George Bush in the last election?" Both of these questions would be enough to get a Republican candidate pilloried in the mainstream press.

Via NRO's the Corner, I found a link to the Limbaugh transcript. It's even worse than Teresa makes it sound. Kerry's like a
freakin' pit bull:

Are you a registered Republican? Are you a Republican? You answer the question. That's not an answer. Did you vote for George Bush? Did you vote for George Bush? Thank you.

Which brings us back to Teresa's point:

How can a Presidential candidate stand up in front of a crowd, not like the question being asked, and proceed to ask a citizen HOW they voted? Isn't this a country that uses a secret ballot? Do you have to tell people who you voted for last election in order to voice a question to a candidate? Does this outrage anyone else as much as it does me? It's just that I've never heard a candidate from any side ask a "heckler" how they voted in the last election. It's rather amazing that Kerry could lose his cool to that extent!

I'm gonna be ahead of the curve for a change, and just go ahead and declare this Kerry's "YEEEAAARRRRGGH!"

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The great thing about Physics Geek is that he's a regular one-man Carnival of the Vanities when it comes to his linky-love posts. All the goodies fit to print.

Naturally, I'm only saying this because he dropped my name in this edition.

But aside from that, I really liked the joke at the top of this post. I never saw the punch line coming.

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Eric of Straight White Guy put up links to about a dozen or so good tunes at his place. Some Sinatra, some Zevon, some Thorogood, bunch of other stuff... just go take a look & grab what you can before he gets his bandwidth bill, smartens up, & kills the links.

[singing] "I'm very well acquainted with the seven deadly sins, I keep a busy schedule, trying to fit them in..."

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hM of homicidal Maniak puts appeasement into perspective:

I started to think about all the people that have ever lived in the world, convinced that by laying down their arms and declaring to the world that they are unarmed and unwilling to fight they will bring peace to the world. And it got me to thinking just how many of those people died because of their stupidity.

You may think me harsh for calling them stupid. After all, they believed in the goodness of mankind and that can't be a bad thing. The thing they and their peacenik decendants fail to realize, however, is that there really are people in the world who consider love, compassion, friendship, and all that other related stuff to be weak. They don't want friends, they don't care if you love them, and their idea of compassion is putting you out of your misery after they've extracted all the information they can from you in ways the Geneva Conventions deems illegal. In all truth, idealism is stupidity on steroids.

I just adore that last sentence.

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Bartender's been leaving mysterious comments, but after some heavy Google digging, the answer is clear.

Meow, Bartender.

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As a man, I physically could not prevent myself from clicking on a link that told me there was a picture of a "thong-wearing angel" on the other end.

In other news, the hot chick from Blown Fuse is discussing what various people call her besides Tiffany - old nicknames & such. I'm wondering how she likes being referred to as "the hot chick from Blown Fuse"? Would THAT go on the "good nicknames" list?

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  Monday, March 15, 2004



Your love was worth waiting for, now I am complete.

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[Herb - Keep this 4-EVER! myg]

myg - Screw U! I need a beer! - Herb

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Physics Geek has posted the official announcement of the start of Beer Madness up at Alliance HQ, with instructions on how to submit your March Madness picks in order to have a chance to win some of his super-yummy home-brewed beer. Folks, I've had some of his ambrosial libation, and this stuff is worth breaking your mother's kneecaps for (sorry, mom, it needed to be said).

Click here to be told where else to click and what to do.

Best hurry, since the deadline is Thursday.

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Gary of The Owner's Manual hosts the Best of Me Symphony, and has the most delightful Hollywood Squares theme going, including some priceless quotes from the show between entries. I have NO idea where he dug these up, but even if you don't read a single entry, you have to go just to read goodies like:

The question:  Charley, you've just decided to grow strawberries. Are you going to get any during your first year?

Charley Weaver: Of course not, Peter. I'm too busy growing strawberries!

While I was there, I discovered that Let It Bleed posted a hilarious (if completely fictional) interview with Michael Moore. I can just imagine that bloated sack of crap sweating like a pregnant sow over pointed questions such as:

LIB: [...] you claim to speak for the downtrodden and powerless against the powerful, while all the while inveighing against wealth and privilege, yet you’re a multimillionaire who lives in one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in America, you are routinely chauffeured around in SUVs and send your daughter to an elite private school. How do you reconcile those seeming discrepancies?

Just delicious. Go get the rest of it.

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I first read The Hobbit when I was 10, and one of my favorite chapters was "Riddles in the Dark". One of Gollum's riddles to Bilbo went thusly;

This thing all things devours
Birds, beasts, trees, flowers

Gnaws iron, bites steel,
Grinds hard stones to meal,

Slays king, ruins town,
And beats high mountains down!

That one stumped me, and I would've been a hapless little meat snack at that point, but Bilbo lucked out.

Over at We Swear, _Jon has posted an excellent little poem which reminds me of a Hobbity riddle. Go take a peek & see if you can guess what he's poeming about before you get to the last line.

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Graumagus of Frizzen Sparks whips out the first installment of "I feel lucky", wherein he puts 3 random words into Google, hits the "I'm feeling lucky" button & lets you know what pops up. It's almost as surprising as John Kerry's position on any given issue. Let's see what he pulled out of the hat:

They can't all be winners. USDA web site? *YAWN*

Prison art? Hmmm... maybe Lynn should weigh in on this.

What's that other one? Chapel Furnace? Now here's something interesting. A blog of sorts, and it doesn't take long to find a winner here. The author links to an 1895 8th grade graduation test. Yeah, standards have fallen a bit. How many cubic feet in a bushel? How many square rods in an acre?

Crap. Looks like I'm getting held back...

Anyway, Graumagus could use some more word lists, so if you'd like to help out, it's actually pretty easy. Just grab a newspaper & start selecting words. Your list will fill up in no time.

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I spent 4 years attached to an aircraft carrier while I was in the Navy, and I can say without exaggeration that these things are the most amazing specimens of mechanical engineering ever to be created by the hand of man. 1000 feet long, 200 feet high, and still able to top 35 mph, which is hard to believe as you stand pierside, gazing up at this 90,000 TON haze-grey steel behemoth.

The USS Midway, which, unlike John Kerry, served with HONOR in Vietnam and expressed NO regrets afterwards, will soon be opening as a museum in San Diego. They're trying to raise some money, and I'll just steal the explanation from Mike the Marine:

The USS Midway (CVA-41) is now berthed at the Navy Pier at the foot of Broadway in downtown San Diego and is in the process of being converted into "The San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum" (SDACM). The opening date is targeted for the first week of June, 2004 to coincide with the anniversary of the Battle of Midway.

Midway fighters accounted for both the FIRST and the LAST air combat victories of the Vietnam War!

Therefore, the drive is underway to raise the required $40,000 necessary to authentically paint and prepare for display aboard Midway, an F-4 Phantom II in the colors and markings of The Freelancers of Fighter Squadron Twenty-One (VF-21) and The Chargers of Fighter Squadron One Six One (VF-161). The names of the "first & last" aviators listed above, will be placed on the canopy rails in the traditional manner. The names of all Midway Mig killers will be placed on the intake ramp of the aircraft.

Because this aircraft represents the Beginning through the End of air-to-air combat in Vietnam, it symbolically commemorates the combat operations conducted by all Navy Phantom squadrons, and salutes the courage and dedication of all Navy Phantom flyers and Phantom fixers of the Vietnam War.

I checked out the official website and they ask for donations and/or that word of this project be spread. So I'm doing both.

Please feel free to help out in either capacity as you see fit.

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  Sunday, March 14, 2004



There is nothing nobler or more admirable than when two people who see eye to eye keep house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends.

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In the Hollywood left's never-ending quest to smear Republicans, the new bio-pic "Lincoln" will portray the 16th President as a drug-abusing Satan-worshipper, and will star Paul Stanley.

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Via my blogless brother Roy, this flash animation that lets you shoot apples off a drunken rednecks head.


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Why? Not only is she continuing her series on behind-the-scenes theater activities, she also has her magnificent pair of cans out on display for all to see.

This is probably just a personal kink, but I really like the way she strategically placed those white stickers so you can't quite see everything.

Next up - the "ice machine", which is, as we all know, a storage space that makes things hard.

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Apparently Jeff of BigStick.US is making stuff up in his caption to this picture of Mount Neron in France, since Googling for Mount Neron turns up bupkis. Therefore, it's my turn to make up a caption for this picture.

Just as France is often referred to as "the place that God stood when he made the world", Mount Neron is known as "the dump God took afterwards, but forgot to flush".

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Via Teresa of Technicalities I found this picture posted by John of Argghhh! that shows the tragedy that can occur when golfers don't properly replace their divots.

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I'm pretty sure the chick in the bikini doing the horizontal lap dance is Goldie.

Not sure about the guy. No beard, so it's not me. Hair's not red, so it's not Eric. Too much obvious excitement, so it's not Trey. Only a small beer gut, so it's not Matty...

Hmmm... I'll go with Jeff because of the premature ejaculation. Kids these days. No self control.

By the way, Bartender, just because you've gone & put up some lame, half-assed baseball post, doesn't mean the party's over yet. Like they say, it's not over until the ladies write the party motto... and even after that, it'll probably just pick up speed.

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Beth of She Who Will Be Obeyed, wrote verse #1 of the Blogging Nekkid Song:

I always blog nekkid on Sunday,
'Cause by then, I'm out of clean clothes,
I always blog nekkid on Sunday,
from my head to the tips of my toes.

She's still trying to work out the actual tune to sing it to, but Eric of Straight White Guy is working on it. Until it's completed, you can just sing it to the tune of "My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean".

She also wrote a second verse. Although it's perfectly fine, I was nevertheless inspired by her first verse to go with the "days of the week" theme, and present my effort thusly:


I always blog nekkid on Monday
That's how my work week always starts
I always blog nekkid on Monday
I type and I play with my parts

I always blog nekkid on Tuesday
The Bonfire on screen brightly glows
I always blog nekkid on Tuesday
It's so hot that I don't need clothes

I always blog nekkid on Wedneday
I write things about sex and sin
I always blog nekkid on Wednesday
I sure hope my kids don't walk in

I always blog nekkid on Thursday
On Survivor I watch nekkid Hatch
I always blog nekkid on Thursday
I wish they had matching bare snatch

I always blog nekkid on Friday
The weekend is here Hip Hooray!
I always blog nekkid on Friday
How I touch myself I won't say.

I always blog nekkid on Saturday
I'll share my bare body with you
I always blog nekkid on Saturday
I've turned on my web-cam, WHOO-HOO!

No applause, please. Just throw panties.

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  Friday, March 12, 2004



I know the freedom that comes from sharing my heart with someone that
I can confide in openly and trust completely.
I know the delight that comes from sharing moments with someone
Whose presence can turn ordinary experiences into extraordinary joys.
I know the overflowing blessings that come through a common bond of faith
That is found in the rich soil of our all-embracing love.
I know all of these wonderful things, and so much more...
All because of you.

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Even a Wal-Mart cashier isn't stupid enough to be fooled by one of these. However, I've had pretty good luck buying PeTA T-shirts with them.

(hat tip to LeeAnn of The Cheese Stands Alone for pointing me to this pic)

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Filthy Lie Round-up: 15 minutes of Glenn

New Filthy Lie Assignment: Evil Glenn's St. Patrick's Day

Reminders: Best of Me and Bonfire entries due soon, click here for submission information.

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Hi folks. Evil Glenn here. I've hijacked the Currency Freak's blog in an effort to test out my new blog-hijacking software. If you're reading this, then the test has been successful and you're all doomed! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

But to show that life under the crushing dominion of my virtual bootheel won't be ALL bad, I'm going to give you some time management tips. These handy hints are a condensation of years of experience and have allowed me to reach the pinnacle of Ecospheric success to which all bloggers aspire, but which none of you will ever reach, since I will soon crush you like empty pop cans!

Like most people, I used to let idle moments go to waste. If I had a spare 15 minutes, I'd sit around pleasuring myself to penguin porn instead of using them productively. But if you put these little tricks into practice, soon you'll have the blogosphere by the throat, just like me!

Except that I'll kill you before you become a threat to my evil powers.

Yes, thanks to these time-saving techniques, I can cram an entire day's worth of evil into a mere 15 minutes. Just do what I do:

When blending puppies, always use the "liquefy" setting. Sure, you miss out on the agonized yipping that "chop" delivers, but sometimes quantity is more important than quality

Now you've got that yummy glass of warm sticky puppy goo in hand, but who has time for endless repititions of sip-swallow-belch? Not me, that's for sure! That's why I've had a 4-inch diameter PVC pipe surgically installed in my chest leading directly to my stomach. Just pour in the puppy and you're instantaneously bursting with energy!

All those Satanic prayers don't need to eat up your schedule anymore. Forget all that "chant, chant, light a candle, chant, chant, draw a pentagram, chant, chant, disembowel a virgin, chant, chant" garbage. Just remember - Instant Messaging is your friend. They don't call it AOHell for nothing. 9.0 is your direct line to the Prince of Darkness. Don't hesitate to use it. Come on, baby, don't fear the reaper.

Can't find a hobo to murder? That cookie-pimping girl scout who won't stop leaning on your doorbell screams just as satisfyingly when you slip the blade between her ribs.

Even if you type 80 wpm, those long commie-praising screeds can be quite a chore. You can show your love of collectivist oppression more efficiently by joining the League of Liberals. Being on their blogroll is every bit as good as a hearty "Yay Mao!"

No matter how fleet of foot you are, a Robot Dance can waste more time than an NFL instant replay review. Screw that. One cycle of The Macarena gives you just as much sinister shimmy in 15 seconds.

Punching Frank J. sometimes seems like it takes an eternity. But it's worth it. Don't skimp on the all-important pummeling of bony little girly-armed humor-bloggers.

Now, I know what you're going to ask next. "Glenn, I love your time-saving ideas, but what about the penguin porn?" Ah, yes, I know what you mean. I, too, love to savor that slo-mo, frame-by-frame, avian money shot. But with all the foul deeds that need perpetrating, I just don't have time to sit naked in front of the 72" projection screen HDTV with a box of Kleenex & a bottle of Jergens. I've always hated having to choose between the twin joys of self-pleasuring and brutally torturing innocents, but I've finally found a solution. With Eyetop brand Video Glasses and a portable DVD player, you can have one hand free to punch, stab, blend, or dance, and still be able to *ahem* "take care of business" with the other. It's win-win!

And there you have it. The Evil Glenn Patented 15-minute Workout O'Evil. Practice it daily, and soon the blogosphere will be yours to command!

Except that I'll have to kill you if you ever make the mistake of saying:


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  Thursday, March 11, 2004



Let there be such oneness between us,
that when one cries, the other tastes salt.

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Is up at Aaron's Rantblog. Nice Emerson, Lake & Palmer theme.

Somewhere in there I found this silly bit called "Why Men Die First", which begins:

If you put a woman on a pedestal and try to protect her from the rat're a male chauvinist.
If you stay home and do the're a pansy.
If you work too hard...there's never any time for her.
If you don't work're a good-for-nothing bum.
If she has a boring repetitive job with low pay...this is exploitation.
If you have a boring repetitive job with low should get off your lazy behind and find something better.
If you get a promotion ahead of her.....that is favoritism.
If she gets a job ahead of's equal opportunity.
If you mention how nice she's sexual harassment.
If you keep's male indifference.

I poked around Wicked Thoughts a bit, and - on the off chance Bussorah checks Technorati & follows the link back here - I want to make 2 suggestions to improve this intriguing blog:

First, make an "About Me" post and link it in your sidebar. If for no other reason than "Bussorah" isn't really gender specific (at least not here in the States), and I don't know which pronoun to use.

Second, go to Haloscan and get comments enabled. I wanted to leave a couple friendly LOL's, but there was no place to put them.

Other than that - nice place ya got there.

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That does it! If I'm exposed to just one more happy smiling Bonfire of the Vanities with intelligent, thoughtful and amusing posts, I swear to GOD I will tie a cheese grater to a 3 foot length of five-strand hanging rope and PERSONALLY beat the crap out of everyone involved.

[rooting around in kitchen]

Damn, can't find the grater.

Anyway, you people are making a mockery of the sacred trust of the Bonfire! Where's the suffering? Where's the torture? The misery? The degradation?

BAH! You people make me sick!

Yeah, you Kiril of Sneakeasy's Joint, with your pointed skewering of asshat liberals

And you, mfriedma of Fried Man, with your subtle-yet-brilliant mockery of a whiny "I'm a victim" minority.

Why can't you folks be more like Bryan of Spare Change and submit a post so bad that I will now have to burn my computer to cleanse the sin of linking to it?

Kids today. I swear...

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2015 PART 10

Now showing at BigStick.US. Seems the French are thinking about doing something besides talking.


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J of Quibbles & Bits started another fiction piece at his place. Well-written, as always, but a bit clichéd in the early going. I figure he's got something up his sleeve.

Damned irritating waiting around to find out, though.

What can I do to encourage him?

Stick a song in his head maybe?


Hurry up with the rest of it, J, & maybe I'll cut your punishment down to Safety Dance.

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Abu Abbas, murderer of innocents, is dead.

Thanks to J of Quibbles & Bits, he's also in hell.

Satisfying :-)
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Via one of my blogless old high school buddies, I've been pointed out to the handy little tool, the Acronym Finder. Not sure what ROTFLMAO means? Punch it in & find the answer. It's got a lot more than just internet related abbreviations, too. What's MDMA? Maybe it's Ecstasy, maybe it's the Midwest Donkey and Mule Association. That part you'll have to figure out for yourself.

But where's the fun? Ah... one of my other blogless old high school buddies put his initials into this baby and came up with a whole list of interesting items.

My list wasn't that great, but I thought this one was cool:

HMO - Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico - General Ignacio Pesqueira Garcia (Airport Code)

Some people have better luck. For example, I couldn't help noticing that Heather of Angelweave comes up as, among other things, Hot Little Number.

I could've told you that!

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So, you want to join the comment party at Madfish Willie's, but you're a little shy, and your not sure who's who.

_Jon aka HySpeed, has created a scorecard, complete with names, number of comments, the action most typically taken by the partier, and a sample comment.

It's in no particular order that I can discern, but here are some sample comments:

And remember *hic* the party isn't over till the fat girl cries...
Goldie... let's go over here in the broom closet...
Tiffany, you can stop messing with the Bartender's blender... Tiffany?... TIFFANY!

Find some fresh Reddi-Wip and you'll make me forget the firemen....
Wait, we're supposed to be wearing clothes? Aww, hell. :(
Now where did I put that riding crop o' nine-tails?
Oh bewitching elixer how I love thee! Yay, booze.

Don't be a party pooper, join in the fun today. Seats are still available.

Although they're a little damp...

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Ya know, it's one thing to be a disgusting freak who puts puppies in blenders, but this... THIS...

All I'm saying is that there are certain lines that should never be crossed, and this is WAYYYYY on the wrong side of one of them.

(hat tip to Little Tiny Lies for pointing out the pic)

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  Wednesday, March 10, 2004



To me, fair friend, you never can be old
For as you were when first your eye I eyed,
Such seems your beauty still.

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Despondent over Kermit the Frog's unassailable disinterest, Miss Piggy finally gave up hope and began dropping hints to his less famous little brother.

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Alliance Brewmeister Physics Geek announces Beer Madness - where you can try to pick the winners in the upcoming March Madness basketball tournament and win REAL bottles of tasty home-brewed beer if you do it right.

The Precision Guided Humor Round-up is up for your surfing pleasure. Find out why it really IS "all about the oiiillll!"

New PGH: Why did France refuse to authorize the use of force in Iraq? Submit your best guess at their hidden weaselly reasons.

Reminder: Filthy Lie assignment due Friday: What would Evil Glenn do with 15 minutes of spare time?

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Jose, a hippie Venzuelan in France seems to think that Americans are a bunch of war-grabbing oil-mongers... or something. He recently said to Jeff of BigStick.US:

"The US only went into Iraq because of the oil. They're going to take all of the oil, and sell it to fund their global imperialism."

Hmmm… let's take a peek at Venezuela's history to see if Jose has any cause to be talkin' trash:

FUN FACTS ABOUT VENEZUELA (with apologies to Frank J.):

Venezuela is a small, mountainous country in South America that people are constantly leaving because it smells like monkey poop.

Venezuela was originally colonized by bloodthirsty Spaniards. In Spain at the time, 16th century hippies were forever chanting crap like "Isabella=Genghis Khan" and "No Blood for Incan gold!" Like their modern counterparts they, too were mocked by right-wing bloggers, who at that time used a primitive form of the internet made out of abacuses tied together with very long strips of rawhide.

The Venezuelan economy primarily produces bananas, coffee, sugarcane, and ruthless dictators. Other crops include maize, cocoa, tobacco, and bloody coups.

Venezuela was a founding member of OPEC and was instrumental in the insane upward spiral of crude oil prices in the 1970's. However, they were eventually kicked out refusing to adopt the turban as their "national funny hat".

Like Iraq, Venezuela was the beneficiary of an oil-for-food program. No, seriously. These dickweeds can't even feed themselves.

With that in mind it becomes fairly obvious what's going on here. All Americans look the same to foreign nationals, and Jose has mistaken Jeff for George W. Bush. He hopes to provoke Jeff (W.) into such a rage that he'll invade Venezuela and turn that smelly patch of dirt into a model democracy, freed at last of dictators, smelly monkeys & food shortages.

Well, Jose, we'll pass your request along to the proper authorities, but you'll have to go to the end of the line. Iran & North Korea were here first.


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_Jon aka HySpeed aka Blogson FINALLY got around to getting himself a blog. Actually, he's had it for a while, but he's just getting around to posting again. Or at least to telling me about it.

However, the caution flag goes up at this point. It's got enough gratuitous cursing to make Misha look like Mr. Rogers, so those with delicate sensibilities might want to put blindfolds on before reading.

On the other hand, it IS called "We Swear" (tagline: Figuratively. Literally), so you can't say you weren't warned, especially since the following line appears in the inaugural post:

See, here's the deal - we swear as adjectives in the story. We strive to avoid swearing to insult, offend, or disrespect people. Unfortunately, we're not always successful.

Ahhh... takes me back to my Navy days, it does, when a man could easily cram 7 F-bombs in a single sentence and no one would even blink... *sigh* I can't do that anymore, what with being back in the world & married to a proper lady & all...Damn civilization...

Anyway, this post (ostensibly on the topic of the Federal Marriage Amendment) makes an interesting point that I was not previously aware of: kids today already have no respect for the institution of marriage, and the FMA isn't going to change that. I'll quote (and slightly cleanse) a salient passage that was, frankly, news to me:

Now, where would I, a 38 year-old white male, get a clue as to "kids" and Pop Culture? Well, to be honest - Chat Rooms. No, not like that. I have to pay attention to what my "kids" chat about - all "parents" should. In addition, I play games - video games. You know, those evil things that make people do bad things. I listen to what kids talk about in these games, I follow their conversations, and I pay attention. Oh, and I'm writing a game - I need to know these things. (yes, they also have a chat room where they talk about what they do now that they are married.)

And here's my point - kids (ages 14 - 25+) don't think of "marriage" as a "big deal". And I'm not talking just about the "living together" thing. I mean in the other direction too. On a regular basis, I watch people chat about "getting married'. After hours / days / weeks of "being friends / dating / engaged", two "cyber people" will go off and have a ceremony in another chat room and get married. Lots of them are married multiple times. Shocking huh? That's right - the sons and daughters of the Internet World are getting "virtually" married to people they've never met - then going off and doing it again. And here's my den Beste-an point: Today's youth are making a mockery of marriage. In a decade, when these people are ready for "serious commitment", (e.g. to get "indoctrinated" into the "institution") the opinion of some shriveled-organ prisses at "The Capitol" are going to be ir-f******-relavant.

I'm not sure where to slip that into my already befuddled notions of where to stand regarding same-sex marriage, but I'll be pondering it.

Meanwhile, I'll keep an eye out for more goodies from We Swear, and give announcements as required.

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Looking to your left, you'll see that I've added a new quote to the side bar thanks to Eric of Straight White Guy.

"What the hell's THAT all about?" I hear you ask.

Well, the short answer (as well as one kick ass song file) is available in this post from SWG. The somewhat longer explanation is available at the Madfish Willie "When The Hell Is The Bartender Gonna Start Blogging Again?" Memorial Comment Party.

Good ol' Madfish Willie's, where EVERYBODY'S welcome to *ahem* come inside...

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So I can overhear conversational snippets like the one Susie posted.

3 lines, 10 seconds. LOL! :-)

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  Tuesday, March 09, 2004



All I need is my one star in the sky, to wish for you every day.

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Thanks to the magic of computer animation, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 5 will star George Washington as Leatherface.

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Well, there's always hurling obscenities at me, as did Eric of Straight White Guy in the comments to this post. Of course, I might be MORE inclined to do it, if the leg-waxing, skirt-wearing, momma's-boy in question hadn't gotten all spineless & started backing off on his finely-tuned invective toward the end.

But I'll let it slide, since I kinda miss having the Bartender treat me with all the respect normally reserved for a splooged-out party hooker, and it was nice to have someone fill the void.

Speaking of the Bartender, when is he gonna start posting again?. Stop by the comment party (yes, it's still going strong 3 weeks later) and help drag his sorry Texas ass out from under the desk in the back office.

Watch the puddles though. They're not water.

Heck, they're probably not booze, either... *sniff, sniff*... What the hell IS that stuff?

NOTE TO ERIC: my blogroll sometimes gets a little persnickity & doesn't upload in a timely fashion. I put you in the file, so now it's just a matter of getting my balky software to do its job.

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Jeff of BigStick.US has completed his Christmas treat, which continues thusly:

The Frinch Who Stole The Elections, Part 2

All their windows were dark. Quiet sand filled the air.
All the Iraqis were all dreaming sweet dreams without care
When he came to the first chemical plant on the square.
"This is stop number one," the old Frinchy did hiss
And he climbed to the roof, empty bags in his fist.

Then he slid down the chimney. A rather tight pinch.
But, if Santa could do it, then so could the Frinch.
He got stuck only once, for a moment or two.
Then he stuck his head out of the fireplace flue
Where the WMDs sat in their nuclear glow
"These weapons," he grinned, "are the first things to go!"

Then he slithered and slunk, with hands steady and calm,
Around the whole room, and he took every bomb!
Anthrax! And buboes! Sarin! And Guns!
Plutonium, Uranium, and bombs by the Ton!
And he stuffed them in bags. Then the Frinch, very nimbly,
Stuffed all the bags, one by one, up the chimbley!

Set down the drinks & get the rest. Start by reading Part 1 if you haven't already done so.

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I hate "cute" things. Anything that makes a normal woman go "awwwwww..." makes me go "EWWW!" Pretty much anything from the LTD catalog falls into this category. But thanks to LeeAnn of The Cheese Stands Alone, I've found the first stuffed animals that ever made me go "awwwwww..."

Besides my stuffed rat.

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Teresa of Technicalities needs to find out what you remember from the 60's. I was 4, so I'm no help. But if you have some memories, please weigh in on this debate. Which of the following is true?:

a) I think there was far more devisiveness and unhappiness during [the 60's]. No era is without its good things happening - like Civil Rights in the 60's. But on the whole, the movements were bitter, unhappy, and even dangerous.
b) Only a very small number of protesters spit on soldiers and/or called them murderers. Those who actually try to document all those horrible events have as much trouble as those who try to find examples of bra burning.

Let Teresa know what you think.

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Since it's trendy to de-link people who say things you disagree with, I'm arrogantly and loudly de-linking Frank J. of IMAO


He's supporting both monkeys AND hippies. Which is just unconscionable. I don't want someone to come by here, see a link to IMAO, and think I'm some kind of hippy & monkey lover.

Off you go Frank...

... crap... I've got 3 links to IMAO in the sidebar. That's way to much work to undo... all that template tweaking...ugh.

Ok, Frank, you can stay for now.

But I'll be watching...

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via my Latvian connection, I discovered that the British are fiddling with a device that will allow you to send and receive fragrances over the internet. Those silly English folk have "selling flowers" as the main point of attraction. Heh. I'm sure you can guess what kind of scents I'd be sending.

If you don't know me well enough to guess, I'll just have to quote a Latvian and let that serve as your hint:

Ieeju lapā un šitie maitas ar savam reklāmām iztērē visus manus flakoniņus!!! A es tos priekš porno lapām ilgi biju krājis ... ehh

[emphasis added]

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  Monday, March 08, 2004


There's no finer caress than a love letter, because it makes the world very small, and the writer and reader, the only rulers.

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[you are not a slave]

After scanning this, my secondary hard drive started playing an MP3 of "We Shall Overcome" and demanded reparations.

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Graumagus of Frizzen Sparks has Beal.


So bad, in fact that he's starting a new torture "feature" wherein he picks 3 more or less random words, hits "I'm feeling lucky" at Google, and shares the results with the world.

This, I submit, is both sick and wrong.

...And thus worthy of my support. What he's asking is that readers give him a list of 30 words, 10 each in the following categories

1) animate objects (or parts thereof, such as extremities or organs)
2) inanimate objects (place names count)
3) descriptive terms (such as adjectives and adverbs)

Then drop your lists in his comments.

Here are mine:
mad cow



Just for fun, I did my own test run using "hamburger fee essayist", and came up with this story:

Posted on Thursday, February 26, 2004. The following were among eighty-seven losing submissions in an essay contest sponsored by Tom and Patti Brandt, former owners of Sno-White Drive-In, a fifties-style hamburger stand in Antioch, California. The Brandts offered full ownership of the restaurant to the best essayist; entries were confined to a hundred words or less and submitted with a $100 application fee. Originally from Harper's Magazine, April 2002.

I want to own Sno-White Drive-In because I love burgers - cooking them, wrapping them, selling them, etc. Once I had a strange dream about a never-ending line of oversized buns coming toward me, all dripping with extra mayonnaise.

My wife and daughter feel the same way.

Hmmm... maybe I'll just try drinking heavily instead. Anyway, drop your lists off at Frizzen Sparks.

Or be a dick like me, and make him come to your place to get them. MUAHAHAHAHA!

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Well, it's either 2 1/2 months late or 9 1/2 months early, but either way, Jeff of BigStick.US waxes poetic with his rendition of a Dr. Suess classic. I'll start you off:

The Frinch Who Stole The Elections, part One

Every Yank down in Yank-ville liked George Bush a lot,
But the Frinch, Who lived far east of Yank-ville, Did NOT!

The Frinch hated GW! The whole big Bush family!
Maybe it's because his own country's so shabby?
It could be his head wasn't screwed on just right.
It could be, perhaps, of French banks and their plight.
But I think that the most likely reason of all
May have been that his nuts were two sizes too small.

Go see Jeff for the rest. Well, part of the rest, anyway. Apparently this is at least a 2-parter

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And the new King of the Blogs is:

The old King of the Blogs, as WalloWorld retains the crown by .05 points this week.

At this point the pretenders to the throne - Bull (who is a girl) of Irritable Blog Syndrome and Athanasius (who's probably a guy) of Ecumenical Insanity (now with 100% less Blogspottiness) - will be cast in the darkest dungeon that Good King Bill can find, where they can contemplate the evils of their attempted usurpation.

In addition to my brilliantly witty commentary, you can go to this week's KotB results post and find the ponderings of such notable judges as:

The ever-stuffy Mr Dodge, who insists that bits of flair and mirth, when mixed with dashes of pizazz, are the most important qualities a monarch can possess.

The charming Mistress of Discipline Susie, of Practical Penumbra, who firmly but gently chastises naughty bloggers: "Bad Wally!" she says. Hey gorgeous, I've been naughty, too. Where's MY spanking?

The non-stuffy, but now swell-headed petty little name caller ("stick in the mud"? ME? Is he calling me stuffy now?... Wait, maybe he's just saying I'm gay? Oh, well, that's not so... wha? HEY!) Pietro of SmarterCop goes painstakingly through his whole-blog judging criteria. Hint to new contestants - study his reviews. There's no excuse now for NOT getting 10/10 on this part from him.

UP NEXT: The Royal Rumble - where peasants with delusions of grandeur pummel each other in a brutal cage match to see who will get a shot at the crown.

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's cheescake. Look at this thing. Mars Bar Cheesecake. God, I'm shorting out my keyboard from all the drooling. Australia's a bit far (and moist) to drive to pick up a piece, so I begged for the recipe, instead. But Goldie's got a sadistic streak. Said I'd have to trade her something.

Hmmm... what to get for the girl who has everything....

First, how about a handsome picture of me:

Ok, that's a little spooky, but I blame Goldie for pointing out where this little face-maker thingy can be found.

What else... Oh! I can review her latest naughty movie... Nah... better not. The FCC will probably censor me. After all, if I start talking about her blowjobs & lapdances... Nope... better not go there. Gotta remember what they did to Howard Stern...

Ok, fine. When in doubt, whip out the big guns: male exotic dancers.

Now, Goldie, about that recipe...

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Is up at Irritable Blog Syndrome. Tasty chunks of Heinlein thrown in as intro material, so it's worth going for that reason alone. Also yummying up the works this week is bit of cranky one-upsmanship from BuffaloWings & Vodka. I'm not sure exactly what kind of outlines they're discussing (probably some goofy law school thing), but it doesn't matter. It just cascades into an upward spiral of silliness that's beautiful to behold. I'll give you the first part:

“You finish your outline?”

“Yeah. 65 pages. It’s pretty awesome.”

“That’s not bad. Mine hit 75 pages.”

“But mine was single-spaced.”

“So was mine. And in a six-point font.”

“My outline has a Table of Contents and a Glossary.”

“That’s cool. But my outline has a Descriptive Word Index. And a Closing Table.”

“My outline is updated annually, with a quarterly soft-bound supplement and bi-weekly pocket parts.”

“Nice. My outline was reprinted in the Harvard Law Review, Le Monde, Hustler, and Ranger Rick.”

“Liar. They don‘t even print Ranger Rick anymore. Besides, my outline was published in thirty-
seven different languages, including Esperanto and Aramaic.”

There's more, and it gets even better, so go enjoy. Permalinks are blogspotted, so Dec 15, CTRL+F "outlines".

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  Sunday, March 07, 2004



Anything less than mad, passionate, extraordinary love is a waste of time. There are too many mediocre things in life, and love should not be one of them.

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Sure, I should've known it was too good to be true, but when I saw that ad that said "We'll show you how to make 2000 on $1" I thought they'd just forgotten the dollar sign on the first number.

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LeeAnn of The Cheese Stands Alone asks (although not in so many words) the quintessential blogger's question: "Why the hell am I spending an hour tweaking this stupid five-sentence throw-away entry?"

Oh, darlin', do I EVER know THAT feeling! More times than I can count, I've sweated blood, re-reading, re-editing, over and over & over, trying to perfect a stupid little bit of twaddle that I know in my heart will get neither links nor comments. It'll be read in 30 seconds and forgotten in five. No one's life will be saved by what I write, much less even marginally improved. So why all the fuss?

I can't honestly say for sure. I can only toss out a few notions about what drives me personally.

I think the biggest thing is my belief that words are precious. Something I picked up my extremely taciturn father who never engaged (as far as I know) in idle chit-chat. When Allen Olson spoke, it was to convey specific information, and after that, it was shut up time. I've picked up the habit myself, so when I post an entry, it has to make a point, make it well, then shut up. Anything less would be to disrespect the value of the English language. Which, despite what some people might think, is practically a crime.

Another reason is that, despite my raging hatred of typographic errors, I'm both prone to creating them and poor at spotting them. With enough re-reads, I know I can catch a good 99% of them, so I go back and forth repeatedly, hunting for strays.

And let's not forget about word choice. It's a big, boring mistake to keep using the same adjectives over and over. Even twice in the same post is a big, boring mistake. I don't like making big, boring mistakes, so I'll go back through to make sure that I'm not making the big, boring mistake of using the same adjectives (or other words) over and over. Variety is the spice of life. Big time. And not varying your words is a big, boring mistake.

The last reason is that I'm a nerdy little bookworm. I spent probably the first 30 years of my life nose-in-book, so I'm intimately familiar with the sound of quality prose. Although it isn't as stuctured as poetry, there's still a certain quality of rhythm and lyricism to be found in good writing. A "fair balance" of big words & little words, of long sentences & short ones. If the balance is missing, the writing sounds dissonant and off key. I don't claim to have the prose equivalent of "perfect pitch", but I'm far from tone deaf. If my words don't sing pleasantly to me, I'll tweak them until their inner harmonies are released.

So, yes, sometimes it doesn't seem quite worth it to gut-twist over a few insignifcant phrases, but that "inner editor" is a whip-cracker, and as tough as it is to write well, it's often even tougher to ignore the master's call to perfection.

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In the comments to this post by Matty O'Blackfive on the closed-minded Bush haters and how deep their hatred goes, one of the commenters (JarheadDad) makes a beautiful mini-rant.

Matty - impressed by his showing - tells him he needs a blog. JarheadDad demures with the "I don't have time" gambit, provoking the following response from Phil of News From the Fridge:

JarheadDad: Do what I do. Get a 'blog and just don't update it if you're busy, and write stuff when the spirit takes you. Just always remember to write for _yourself_ and not some audience out there.

That last sentence caught my eye. I've read it before. I know what it means, and any other day I'd agree with the sentiment, but a thought occured to me today - I don't write for myself, and I never have.

Usually when I blog, it's actually more like I'm writing an open letter to the person whose entry I'm linking. It's usually for their specific amusement, but I try to broaden things a bit so it can be appreciated by uninvolved onlookers, too.

When the entry isn't inspired by a particular bit of writing, it's still more or less an open letter, but it's to an imaginary "ideal reader". Someone who's very much like me, but not exactly. Someone who appreciates my sense of humor and would laugh at all the right places.

There are also other entries where I'm trying to get something straight in my own head by putting it down on paper (or in pixels, as the case may be). These are almost like little prayers. "Please God, I seek understanding. Help me figure out this complex subject." Think of them as open letters to a higher power.

In the end, though, I suppose it IS all for myself. It's the purely selfish pleasure of creating the mini-rants, or little jokes, or silly humor pieces, or thoughtful essays that keeps me tapping away at the keyboard day after day. But although selfish (in the good sense), it's not solitary. Everyone who reads this is keeping me company right now, and even though I may be alone, I don't feel lonely.

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Keith of Berry's World thinks that Bush's use of 9-11 imagery and Kucinich's use of the names of the Iraqi war dead are equivalent. He wonders why the right isn't as outraged about Bush's commercial as they were about Kucinich's.

I had to sit down & think this one over. If I'm being hypocritical, I appreciate having it pointed out, even if I'm not overly fond of the pointer, so I'm going to take the question seriously.

I guess I could ask him the opposite question, but first I wanted to do an attitude check on myself. I like the way Bush responded to 9-11 and I don't like Kucinich because he's a socialist. So was the reason for my burst of outrage merely partisan politics, or is there a principle at stake? A line which must never be crossed in making commercials?

Thinking back to when I watched the Kucinich video, I remember watching the names flash by, and I remember being annoyed that the names were being used by a Democrat. That reaction was probably more about partisan politics, and if Kucinich had finished up with something like "isn't 300 enough? We should pull out of Iraq now. If I'm elected President, I'll stop the senseless killing." Then I probably wouldn't have even blogged about it. I'm not normally a war-blogger, as such, and I would've let it slide.

But Kucinich followed up the body count with an assertion that the war was all for the benefit of evil corporations like Haliburton. He basically said that all those people he named died for worse than nothing. He denigrated the very cause for which those people laid down their lives and used their names in support of a postition that they very likely would have disagreed with. THAT was the source of my outrage, and THAT was what inspired me to start dropping F-bombs all over my normally semi-censored blog.

So, would I have been pissed if W had used names instead of just images? No, not as the commercial was written. If he had followed it with something like, "And what did they die for? So greedy fire-fighting unions could try to get more pork from the federal government." THEN you might see some F-bombs. But W didn't do that, so you're not going to see any outrage in this part of the 'sphere.

Now it's my turn: if you objected to the Bush commercial, then where was your outrage over Kucinich's?

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I love a well-done song parody. This time around, it's Vanderleun from American Digest working over a bit from The Pirates of Penzance to bring us his rendition of "I Am the Very Model of A Modern Kerry Democrat". I'll get you started, you can see him for the rest:

Kerry :
I am the very model of a modern Kerry-Democrat,
I'm an information animal, a medal-dripping technocrat,
I know the Kennedys of Camelot, and hide my votes historical,
While my Deaniac supporters consult the Usenet Oracle;
I'm very well acquainted, too, with matters matrimonial,
I understand rich heiresses, and lust for figures patrimonial,
About Republican recessions I'm steaming up my views,
With many bogus facts about the bad news in the better news.

With many bogus facts about the bad news in the better news.
With many bogus facts about the bad news in the better news.
With many bogus facts about the bad news in the better news.

Heh. Try getting THAT one out of your head :-)

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Why? Because it seems that living in a country full of cowardly, back-stabbing weasels increases one's ability to write colorful

Take, for example, Jeff of BigStick.US's description of the worst beer he's ever tasted:

There's the so-called brewer, graduate of "Kindof Beer Fest '76, Northern France Division", sitting at his table thinking to himself how he's going to make a living. Suddenly, the idea comes to him. he runs down into the basement and lugs up the stairs a large barrel, full of dust, rat poison, and mold. He goes to the pantry, and takes out anything that has a "b" and an "e" and an "r" in it. (For B E E R, right?) Barley? In the barrel. Butter? in the barrel. Old bread? In the barrel. (You get the idea.) Afterwards, he fills the damn thing with water, buries it underground for 17 years, dies, and leaves it in his will for it to be canned and sold.

Pure poetry. And I left some more for you to discover on your own at the other end of the link.

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  Saturday, March 06, 2004



There may be many flowers in a man's life, but there is only one rose.

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[Plan to hang out and watch a movie with me tonight... I will call you later... PS - Smile - You have a beautiful smile...]

Hate to break it to ya, guy, but lame flattery on a $5 bill ain't gettin' you a date with anyone except Rosie Palm and her five sisters.

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The following are my reviews for the King of the Blogs. Scores have been omitted to retain an air of mystery until the winners are announced at the KotB site.

Overall note: despite this week's challenge question being the Mt. Rushmore of monumental badness, the contestants as a group plunged ahead with commendable fortitude to make something out of nothing.

(challenge)[March 3, CTRL+F "the answer"]
GOOD POINTS: Cites sources of peer-reviewed research studies to back up his conclusive conclusion.
BAD POINTS: Missed the correct answer by 5, as this question is CLEARLY a subset of the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything.

GOOD POINTS: As reigning monarch, wisely caters to the various special interest groups in his kingdom, including conservatives, liberals, filthy hippies, and the Irish.
BAD POINTS: Insinuates that I'm to blame for this wretched query. Also fails to link self repeatedly.

GOOD POINTS: Dilligently performs her own research, investigates all relevant variables (complete with supporting linkage), and comes up with indisputable conclusions. Bonus for mocking shoddy union labor practices.
BAD POINTS: None visible

The Whole Blog: Technical Merit & Personality
Here are some technical things I like to see on a blog:
Comments enabled
Permalinks working
E-mail contact info available
Blogger's name/pseudonym prominently displayed
Site search feature enabled
Link to an "About Me" post on the sidebar
Blogger's gender is easily discernable
Readable font style & size
Readable color scheme (for example, NOT bright red type on bright green
Divisions between posts clearly marked
Paragraphing in entries (NOT just writing one fat block of text)
Aside from the tech stuff, I also like to see a blogger's personality shining through, to remind us of the person behind the words.

GOOD POINTS: I like that there's no mistaking this blog's overarching Christian theme. You know from the second the page loads what you're in for.
BAD POINTS: Some obvious technical difficulties arise from working within Blogspot – broken permalinks being the most obvious. That one I'd be willing to overlook, since Athanasius is moving to a real home. However, there are other missing features that there are no excuse for. There's no "About Me" post. This is especially egregious for a blogger using a sexually ambiguous pseudonym. Also, code for a site search feature is easily obtainable from Google - no reason not to have that.
(NOTE: Athanasius has some writing talent and should probably consider re-entering with the new blog)

GOOD POINTS: Nothing but good points. The color scheme is a lot more pleasant this time around. Apparently that old shade of off-poop even got on HIS nerves. Good use of color & design to segregate the various textual elements. Also looks a lot more natural without all those "show extended entries" links. Great kiss-up job on the KotB judge links
BAD POINTS: Ok, one bad point. Needs to link himself more.

GOOD POINTS: All the niceties are present, and Bull has one of the cleanest sidebars I've ever seen. I also like the very subdued dashed-line borders.
BAD POINTS: Minor nits for which I detract very little. Having the pseudonym "Bull" makes it hard for newcomers to realize that you're a woman. However, there is a picture in the "About Me" post, and a lot of the entries bear obvious female fingerprints. Might want to consider joining BloggersWithBoobies as a clarifier. Also, the brownish background on quotes is pretty close to the off-poop color that Bill recently flushed. You might consider doing the same, but it's your blog, so it's your call.

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Filthy lie round-up is up: Instapundit's new logo. All the pictures are lovely. I especially liked SilverBlue's. My favorite part, though was this line from GEBIV's story:

‘Well, blogless brother,’ I said, ‘can you do it? Can you hack into Evil Glenn’s computer and steal the plans for the new Instapundit logo?’

His only answer as his fingers blurred over his keyboard was a little twitch of his eyebrow. A twitch which seemed to say ‘What kind of fool are you? I could do this in my sleep with all of my fingers duct taped together behind my back with black olives on the end of each digit.’

Pretty fancy talk for an eyebrow, I thought.

New Filthy Lie assignment: What would Evil Glenn do with 15 minutes of spare time?

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Jeff of BigStick.US has already posted Part 8 of 2015 - wherein the President announces the assimilation of Canada, and the French start to get... twitchy.

You probably need to read part 7 to completely appreciate the intro, but otherwise you should be ok, as long as you're not sipping while you're reading.

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Susie of Practical Penumbra, who made the 100th comment at Madfish Willie's comment party. You may congratulate her in any manner you choose...

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  Friday, March 05, 2004



If the world ended today, I would be at peace, for I have loved you.

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A phrase which is rarely heard at Madfish Willie's Cyber Saloon. However, there's a good reason you're hearing it now. The comment party is up to #96, and we need to crack the elusive 3-digit barrier before the Bartender shuts us down.

Since he's already left his typical trail cranky comments over here, I figure he'll be kicking the saloon doors open any minute.

Hurry! While there's still time!

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Tom of BigStick.US finally completed part 7 of 2015. You remember 2015, right? That's the year that the US invades Canada to save it from its silly socialist self. The other 6 parts can be found here, but this piece actually stands pretty well on its own.

About 5-10 minutes. Drink Alert threat level red.

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As I mentioned before, Joey of Single White Male is a sandwisexual. Now, I can certainly understand the attraction between a man and a sandwich. As Miracle Max once said: "True love is the greatest thing in the world. Except for a nice MLT... mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich... where the mutton is nice and lean, and the tomato is ripe....they're so perky. I love that."

mmmm... MLT...

[wipes drool] ANYWAY, the point is that under currently applicable Federal and State of Arizona law, although Joey may LOVE sandwiches, he may not MARRY one. He is currently investigating the possibilities of circulating a petition to change that.

While I may not share his meal preference, I DO support his First Amendment right to petition his government for redress of grievance. So as soon as that petition's written, I'll be a signer.

[singing] My baloney has a first name...

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You'll LOVE the Singhsons.

(Flash required. Heisted from LeeAnn).

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... I'll see your Lego doll and raise you a leggy doll.

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via Lynn of Reflections in d minor, I found that William Slawski of Bragadoccio thinks bloggers are bland & styleless:

It strikes me sad, and it strikes me odd, and I'll be deeply bruised if it continues to strike me, but I've noted that there really aren't any standout stylists in the many blogs of the world wide web

What a load of pretentious crap.

Off the top of my head, I can think of the following folks who stand out like a yarmulke at a rodeo:

USS Clueless
The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler
Madfish Willie's Cyber Saloon
The Truth Laid Bear

I might even qualify for the list myself, but it's hard to judge, since I'm too far inside my own skin to be objective.

And those are just the chronic cases. Everyone else on my blogroll still wins the "matching tie & handkerchief" award for stylish, at the VERY least. It might not be a style that William considers ish, but if a blogger has a sidebar link at Bad Money they've got tons of ish as far as I'm concerned.

[stomping off, muttering under breath]

stuffy... arrogant... conceited.... grrrrr.

UPDATE (3-8-04 10PM): After considering the words of the author in the comments, and re-reading his post a little more closely, I realize that I went off half-cocked on a phrase taken out of context. Appears he meant his piece to be a musing on the nature of blogging, and not as an indictment of blogger stylelessness. I was wrong to have called him pre10tious. His quote, in context, is not crap.

William, I'm sorry. I'll exercise more care in the future.

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Lego JimRob of Ramblings of A Bearded Hillbilly really did his best to gear up, but I must say I'm disappointed. I mean, there he is, out there alone in the woods, surrounded by rabid Bambis & psycho Thumpers all ready to sink their jagged yellow fangs into his throat, and what does this fool do?

Only brings one gun.

Which, I suppose, wouldn't be so bad if he were wearing an ammo belt instead of one made out of candy dots, most of which he's already eaten.

Firepower, JR, it's all about the firepower.

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Ok, I'm trying to encourage the whole Lego meme, but this... Eric of Straight White Guy...

Look, there's a LOT of wrong things in this picture, the worst of which is probably...


Damn, Eric, you're REALLY creeping me out.

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There are two things Glenn needs to do: get a firewall, and stop making phone calls via the internet. Why? Because it makes it WAY too easy for unscroupulous people like me to listen in. Recently, Evil Glenn got a call from Bob, who runs his ISP...

Bob: Hi Glenn, it's Bob, from

Evil Glenn: Just a second, Bob... *WHIRRRRR!* *yip! yip! yip!* *gurgle*... *SLURRRRPP!* Heh. Schnauzer shake. Indeed. What can I do for ya Bob?

Bob: I REALLY wish you wouldn't do that when I call. It's a little disturbing.

Evil Glenn: Gotta keep my energy up. I've gotta post 3000 more entries by noon, and... ACK! *spitooie!*... Ugh. Toenail.

Bob: Yeah, well, I'll get right to the point. Ever since Janet dropped her mudflap at the Superbowl, the FCC has been going nuts. They're going after anything even remotely obscene. Did you know they fined the Oscars $50,000 for showing a picture of Michael Moore?

Evil Glenn: Well, I can understand that. Showing a boob is one thing, but images of a gaping asshole IS really over the top.

Bob: Agreed. So around here we're really concerned that the Feds are going to get overzealous and attempt internet censorship. I don't know if they can do it, but I'm not waiting around to find out, so I'm making sure we're not hosting anything objectionable on our server. Since your site, and specifically your logo, is at the top of our list of complaints, I figured maybe you could clean it up a bit

Evil Glenn: Thousands of people are complaining about my logo?

Bob: Well, just one, actually. He says that your logo looks like a very pointy boob with a round nipple on top, and claims that those white things represent part of a Jacksonesque nipple-shield.

Evil Glenn: That's INSANE! What kind of sick, twisted pervert would even imagine such a thing?

Bob: Well, it was signed Frank J., if that means anything.

Evil Glenn: Hmmm. That would explain it. Indeed… But that's only ONE lousy complaint. How can that put me at the top of your naughty blogger list?

Bob: Glenn, it's the only complaint we got, so it makes you stick out like a hooker in a convent. I'm not taking the heat for this one. Change the logo.

Evil Glenn: All right, all right, don't get your skivvies in a clove hitch. Let me poke around the C drive & see if I can scare something up… hmmm… Ok, Bob, check your e-mail quick & tell me if this one's suitable.

Bob: GOOD GOD! How could you POSSIBLY think that a picture of a man having sex with an inflatable penguin would be acceptable? This thing wouldn't even be safe for work if you were Helen Thomas's gynecologist!

Evil Glenn: WHAT? [checking attachment] Whoops! Heh. Wrong file. Try this one…

Bob: GAH! What. Is. That. THING?

Evil Glenn: Portrait of the author.

Bob: I think you got the wrong picture again. This looks like some kind of Martian vampire version of Riff-Raff from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Evil Glenn: I think it's about time people saw my true appearance.

Bob: Look, just stay coiled up inside the human suit for a little while longer. NOBODY'S ready for this. What else ya got?

Evil Glenn: Geez! You are SUCH a cowering little gerbil! Fine! You want inoffensive? You GOT it!…

Bob: Nope.

Evil Glenn: WHAT? It's a freakin' FLOWER!

Bob: Sorry, it's just gonna raise more nipple-shield issues. Try again.

Evil Glenn: I give up. I'm just going to select a .jpg at random… there…

Bob: Interspecies mating?

Evil Glenn: Whoops! Heh. Forgot to exclude the "Personal" folder from the search. One more time…

Bob: and… this would be the result of said interspecies mating?

Evil Glenn: Well, I kinda felt responsible for his creation, so I adopted him. Isn't he adorable?

Bob: In a sick and wrong sort of way, yes. Don't you have ANYTHING that good and decent people will find unobjectionable?

Evil Glenn: How the hell should I know what good & decent people want? I'm a lawyer!

Bob: Good point. In that case, pick something YOU would find objectionable.

Evil Glenn: Hey! That's a GREAT idea! Let me pop open my "icky" folder… EWWW! Here's one of a beautiful woman celebrating her first place finish in a golf tournament. The joy, the sunshine, the sweet smell of an honestly earned victory… I'll have to kill a dozen hobos to get the foul taste out of my mouth…

Bob: PERFECT! No one could POSSIBLY find this the least bit suggestive or objectionable. I think we have a winner. Thanks for all your help, Glenn.

Evil Glenn: Don't mention it.

All I can say is that if he goes with that last one, I might have to blogroll him.


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  Thursday, March 04, 2004


First, a note from Susie to spread the word that Alliance member Serenity has run into (ok, limped into on her broken ankle) a little financial crisis and urges all to send sympathy, compassion, and/or a little green.

The Ralph Nader Campaign Slogan Round-up. This week, I'm picking a "best of show" entry, and it's GEBIV of There's One, Only! This guy's obviously angling for a slot on my "bloggers I'll never be funnier than" list. It's kinda spooky the way he just gets exponentially better every week. Sort of like that crazy ESP guy in that 'Where No Man Has Gone Before" Star Trek episode. Hmmm. I might have to strand GEBIV on a barren planet somewhere and drop a rock on him.

New (and easier) PGH: Respond to the Venezuelan's assertion that "The US only went into Iraq because of the oil. They're going to take all of the oil, and sell it to fund their global imperialism."

A non-assignment-related filthy lie (it's a visual).

24 hours to the deadline for entering your new Instapundit logo.

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You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be and I don't want to go home right now.

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So... it's kinda like spending Madonna's panties, then...

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I've had a tiny little home espresso maker for about 10 years now. Remarkably durable, considering it only cost me $25.

The only problem is, once you get used to the strength and the naked flavor of espresso, normal coffee tastes like oily mud by comparison. Watery, oily mud.

The only solution I've found at work (industrial 12-cup drip maker) is to put the coffee grounds in the basket, pour in the water, and then immediately put my coffee cup on the burner instead of the pot. The first 4-6 ounces are strong enough to be tolerable, after that, it just gets increasingly diluted, and thus increasingly evil.

There are worse things, though. Two Nervous Dogs shows what happens when your home espresso maker breaks down and you're forced to resort to... a home drip coffee maker.


Don't be drinking coffee (or any other beverage) while reading this.

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Dave of HeadChair did his Lego guy, and... did I miss the soul patch option? Funky -do, too.

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tallglassofmilk from Drink This has posted some pictures showing her with Dale Earnhardt Jr. Some very fine pictures.

The thing that impresses me most about Dale Jr. in the first picture is his eyes. Notice that they're aimed upward at about a 20 degree angle.

If it were me in the picture, I wouldn't be fighting gravity so hard.

I hate people with class. They make me look bad :-(

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A little bit Johnny Cash, a little bit Indiana Jones, and just a touch of that scary guy from "A Clockwork Orange" - It's Lego J of Quibbles & Bits

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Must every idiot thought that pops into your head fall out of your mouth?

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Teresa of Technicalities had to put her dog to sleep today. I'm not good with words of comfort, so I just put something clumsy in the comments. Anyone who's better at it (which would be most people) please stop by. 

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Not me. hM of homicidalManiak. She's been getting a lot of comment spam lately.

I'm MT clueless. Everyone else in the world isn't. Could everyone else in the world help her out, please?

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A super-hot Lego-mama sportin' TWO guns and cleavage that just won't quit. Which would be America's #1 Pin-up Girl, Dana of Note-It Posts.

Ya know, I'm still waiting for someone to put a nipple shield on one of these...

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...Oops! Typo. That was supposed to say "with" the sheets... Tiffany of Blown Fuse give a pictorial tutorial on how to fold a fitted sheet so that it looks more like a normal sheet, and less like a renegade sack of potatoes in your linen closet.

Having created said sack just last week while tidying up the laundry, this subject is near & dear to me.

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I've been alerted to 2 things recently. First, that my e-mail address has apparently been harvested for use in sending out virus e-mails. My system is clean, so it's not going out globally to my address book. But Linda of Civilization Calls did get a mysterious attachment with my return address, as did Susie. I'm guessing both addresses got picked out of my blog somewhere, so you may want to spam-proof your e-mail address, if you leave a comment.  

My policy on sending out attachments in e-mails is as follows: the only thing I will send you unannounced is a picture. If I'm sending any other kind of file, we will have discussed it first.

The second thing I've heard is that viruses are now being sent in .zip files, because virus scanning software can't peek into compressed files.

Just a heads up. Have fun out there, but wear your cyber-condom.

UPDATE: Here's an example of a particularly seductive e-mail that's going around:

Dear user, the management  of [e-mail of someone you know & trust]  mailing system  wants to let you  know  that,

Our antivirus  software has detected  a large ammount  of viruses outgoing from your  email account, you  may use our free anti-virus tool to clean  up your computer software.

For  further  details see the attach.

For security  purposes the attached file  is password protected.  Password is "34730".

[person you know & trust]

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  Wednesday, March 03, 2004


I've posted some terrific writing by Jon (aka HySpeed) before. He has a deft touch with a solid political rant, and his stuff is always a pleasure to read.

I've tried to encourage him to get a blog of his own, and he was receptive to the idea, but he had other things on his mind which kept him from starting up.

The woman he loved had been diagnosed with both MS and cancer.

Recently, she lost her battle, and Jon has been struggling on as best he can. One of the ways he coped was to write a piece describing the how and why of his getting together with the woman he calls "My Love".

I like to think I do a good job of cherishing Beloved Wife with my daily love notes, but my efforts look pale and watery compared to this.

This piece is especially poignant for me, because I had a somewhat similar start with Beloved Wife. We went to high school together (she was a year behind me), and we were friends in chess club during my Junior year. She started dating one of my best friends during my Senior year, and I double dated with the two of them on a number of occasions.

After graduation, my friend went off to college, and I joined the Navy. A few months later, I came home on leave and bumped into her, which is how I found out that my friend had "met a girl at college" and broken off the relationship.

During my last night in town, I dropped by the chess club meeting to say goodbye, expecting it to be pretty much the last time I would see her for who knew how long. Before the end of the meeting, I had her walk me back to my car, and I gave her a rose. Just a little something for her to remember me by, a gesture of kindness to a good friend. Nothing more. I had no designs on her. I was still seeing the other girl I'd been dating the year before.

But when it came time to part, she looked at me... and I looked at her... and without saying a word, we kissed.

If I told you it was electric, you'd think I was exaggerating. I'm not. I could feel electricity coursing through my entire body, all the way down to my feet. I've never felt anything like it before or since.

Everything changed in that moment.

But still I said goodbye, just like I planned. Except I didn't plan on what she said next:

Future Beloved Wife: So... are you still seeing [current girlfriend] steady?

Harv [sadly]: Yes.

Future Beloved Wife: Well... if you ever break up...

and she went back inside.

I started driving home. Made it about 1 mile, and realized that I'd just made the biggest mistake of my entire life by leaving. I knew it with an unquestionable gut certainty.

I turned around and drove back.

The rest of the story... will wait for another time. My point is that I know what it's like to KNOW that you've found your soulmate.

Jon does, too.

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If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you've made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand.

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[For a HOT time, call Kati @ 262-593-2106]

...or you can go to Madfish Willie's comment party for a game of "Mistress and Commander" with Susie. Now that's HOT!

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This really isn't fair. I'm the coolest Harvey in the world (or at least the one with the dirtiest mind, which is pretty close to the same thing), so WHY is Bad Money only 27th on the Harvey Google search?

Ok, I don't expect to ever hit #1. I mean, with the Jimmy Stewart movie & that crappy comic book publisher in my way, that's a bit unrealistic.

But if you want to help, here's what you can do. Any time you link the Bad Money home page, put the link on the word "Harvey". Shouldn't be too tough, since most people usually post the phrase "Harvey of Bad Money" anyway. Just shift the link a couple words to the left.

Of course, if you don't want to help, you can always link the Bad Money home page to the phrase "pervert of renown extraordinaire". Your call.

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Angrily waving the torch over her head and inciting the villagers to storm the castle this week is Heather of Angelweave. She kicked me around pretty good while introducing MY post, but she was just downright kind in some places. I need to drag her down to Madfish Willie's comment party & get her drunk so she get her snark fired up again.

And how many times do I have to tell you people, this is the BONFIRE! You need to put SUCKY posts here! Dave of Blogo Slovo got it all wrong, because I'm still wiping coffee dribbles from my tortured nose after reading this post on what is possibly the best warning label ever written.

The fact that I'm usually the one doing the laundry at my house may or may not have anything to do with my enjoyment of this particular item...

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Ok, I'm down with the hat, sword & gun, but why the hell does John have a Milli Vanilli cassette strapped to his chest?

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...with a good guitar. Lego hM will rock your world! 

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But in this case, smaller is better. Lynn of Reflections in d minor has some pictures of teeny weeny little tiny wildflowers. I'm not usually one for cute stuff - I dropkick Smurfs for fun - but these are just breathtakingly beautiful. Go feast your peepers.

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In an effort to help Ralph Nader spoil yet another Democrat's chance at the White House, I'm offering this top 10 list of Ralph Nader campaign slogans.

10) I kept Gore out of the White House. You owe me.

9) Because I'm not crack-monkey crazy like Kucinich

8) Freedom. Progress. Prosperity. BAH!

7) NADER = Notorious American Deranged Environmentalist Radical

6) I will destroy all corporations! MUAHAHAHAHA!... For information on how your corporation can donate to my campaign, visit,

5) NADER = Nearing Another December of Endless Recounts

4) I'll stop the terrorists before they corporate.

3) Acting Frencher than John Kerry looks.

2) I destroyed the Corvair, I can destroy the SUV!

1) ATTENTION ALL DEMOCRATS: Give me $200,000 in small, unmarked bills or I'll stay on the ballot.

Go get 'em, Ralphie. Mheh.


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I'm still the 27th most popular Harvey in the Googleverse.

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My heart longs for you, my soul dies for you, my eyes cry for you, my empty arms reach out for you.

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[If you get this dollar, you will have good luck 4 ever]

Ya know, I just can't help thinking that if Frank J had one of these, he might've won his own contest...

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  Tuesday, March 02, 2004


Between the fishnet stockings and the perky cleavage, I'm finding Lego LeeAnn irresistable.

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J of Quibbles & Bits takes Frank J. to the Afterlife.

The good news - Frank meets Donald Rumsfeld.

The bad news - Frank meets Chomps.

Set down the beverage & take a peek (3-5 minute reading time).

UPDATE (3-3-04 10:30PM): For the young'uns who don't get the reference in the post title, go here.

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via Teresa of Technicalities, I found out that tallglassofmilk (actually tall glass of yummy blonde) of Drink This is having some financial difficulties, and it looks pretty rough on her end. I don't know the lady personally, but Teresa likes her, and since I know Teresa's got good taste in bloggers, that's good enough for me.

I couldn't afford to make her car payment, but I figured the least I could do was skip my bowling night to put a little gas in her tank.

I'll let someone else help with the feminine hygiene products.

But do help if you can.

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Well, this little black number is fairly arousing.

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Well, it's not because of his personal hygiene

There is a young man in Arizona
Who has a less than a pleasant aroma.
You'd say, "What the he[ll],
is that terrible smell?"
And, "why don't you get some cologne-a?"

But he does have a great hat, and you have to admire a guy who has the guts to come out of the closet as a sandwisexual.

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Gotta say it. Susie's looking pretty hot in that little plunging neckline number.

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Susie reveal more mysterious movie theater secrets. Find out about movie screen construction, where that sound comes from, and why your nipples are rock hard when you watch Finding Nemo. 

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  Monday, March 01, 2004



Ecumenical Insanity: 38.875

Walloworld: 38.5

Irritable Blog Syndrome: 37.625

The complete scores & reviews can be found in the proclamation post at the KotB site, including.

Susie - who gave the short version.

Rick - well, either he had gas pains or he was sitting on something pointy when he wrote his reviews, 'cuz he was just a short-tempered little crab-apple this week.

Andrew - still stuffy, although he seems to have loosened his tie ever-so-slightly this week. And I give the man a huge frown for dinging Miniluv for stocking his Presidential cabinet with "bloggers unknown to most". This may be true, but he provided supporting linkage, so if the bloggers stayed unknown to you, that was your own choice.

Pietro - Thoughtful reviews, and mostly not stuffy. In fact, I think that's his tie over there, hanging on the lampshade. However, he dinged WalloWorld for not explaining his choice of interview question in the Challenge. *sigh*  That's what the link is for, Pietro. I didn't get Bill's little gag either until I clicked and found out that Chris Matthews asked John Kerry about his favorite movie. Quite ironic that Pietro explains his OWN little joke with a link.

By the way, the Connie Chung - bitch joke was reference to an interview that Chung did with Newt Gingrich's mom, where she used that "just whisper to me" line, and mom said that Newt said that Hillary was a bitch. Now THAT could've used a link.

A personal note to Mike of Miniluv: I think you screwed yourself badly by not answering all the parts of the challenge question. However, I also think you're a really talented writer and you should consider throwing your hat back into the ring. Just try being a little more international to appease the stuffy guy.

Anyway, my brilliant observations are below:

GOOD POINTS: Perfectly formatted, straight to the point with just enough intro. Tells who, what question, what a yes would mean, what a no would mean and then stops writing. I've never enjoyed reading a non-humorous post so much.
BAD POINTS: Could have linked the list of non-interview targets to informative pages for the sake of readers younger and stupider than myself.
SCORE: 9.5

GOOD POINTS: Makes point after excellent point. Even better, I don't feel pre10tious anymore
BAD POINTS: Didn't link that nasty Kuro5hin post that started it all, thus depriving readers of a reference point. Please be more thoughtful of the ignorant in the future.
SCORE: 9.5

GOOD POINTS: The positively lyrical phrase, "pull out my S&W .40 and plant a cap in [Osama's] grill". Also excellent Google-baiting with the gratuitous Timberlake reference.
BAD POINTS: Started out by admitting he didn't know the answer. *sigh*  How can you expect to be a brutal, tyrannical monarch if you show weakness like that? IRON FIST, man!

GOOD POINTS: Intriguing topic paragraph – ideological irony as illustrated by gay marriage.
BAD POINTS: Decided NOT to discuss ideological irony, but forgot to change the lead paragraph. Then mixed 2 topics - the Federal Marriage Amendment's effects on Bush's polling and hetero marriage's societal value – that would've been better discussed in separate posts. Also, I read that last sentence in the entry 10 times, and I have NO idea what it was supposed to say.

GOOD POINTS: Beautifully, subtly, and understatedly sarcastic, and for the first time in his life, he didn't blather on needlessly. Although I was worried about his lack of narcissism, since he didn't link himself, he did manage to talk about himself even though it had NOTHING to do with the post. Excellent Royal self-absorption. Nice name-dropping, too.
BAD POINTS: None visible

GOOD POINTS: Made his point using relevant linkage and supporting quotes. His ability to stay on point has improved remarkably since his first bloody and brutal campaign for the throne.
BAD POINTS: At some point forgot that the topic was advertising aimed at the 8 & under crowd. What do beer commercials have to do with that? Also forgot to link himself. Where's the narcissism, my liege?

(challenge)[full text at KotB]
GOOD POINTS: Answered the question right away instead of mucking about with an intro. Refreshing change of pace from most entries. Bonus for use of the word "snotless". Nice touch at the end, asking about the veracity of the response.
BAD POINTS: None visible

(submitted)[2-24 CTRL+F "explodes"]
GOOD POINTS: A rarity – a tastefully restrained fisking. The snappy sarcasm was well-mixed with insightful questions & valid points. This is a difficult format which easily devolves into tedium, but Athanasius rises to the challenge. Bonus for the phrase "faster than a professional wrestler getting a script re-write from Vince McMahon"
BAD POINTS: None visible

GOOD POINTS: Delicious, spot-on Bill & Ted parody theme. Kudos for an amazing job.
BAD POINTS: It kills me to have to ding for this, but last 2 parts of the challenge question weren't answered.

GOOD POINTS: I doff my hat to your comedic genius. Brother, that post rocked. "I intend on giving France back to Germany" *snicker*
BAD POINTS: None visible

(challenge)[It's at the top, headed by "Challenge 2"]
GOOD POINTS: mmmm… hot Connie Chung… *ahem*  anyway, bonus for having the moxy to pick someone fairly obscure for the interview. I wonder if anyone under the age of 30 got that one. Heh. I love being old.
BAD POINTS: that "whisper" & "bitch" part could've used supportive linkage. I barely remembered that Mrs. Gingrich interview, but it was easy to Google. Help your readers enjoy your material with relevant links.

(submitted)[2-17, CTRL+F "joplin"]
GOOD POINTS: Excellent slice of life story. Well told. I felt like I was there.
BAD POINTS: Really could've used supportive linkage (and correct spelling) on O'Donoghue. If you're not sure about something, Google is your friend.

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You took my hand and lead me to a staircase to the stars.

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[Scuba Steve]

I don't know for sure how Steve got his nickname, but I'm guessing it was from putting his face in wet places where it's hard to breathe.

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Graumagus of Frizzen Sparks has a lego-man that made me spray my coffee (pssst. Susie. He's wearing a kilt.) and Tiffany of Blown Fuse has one that's sporting the best plastic rack this side of Hollywood.

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is up at Ambient Irony. Looking for goodies, I was reminded of Susie's Ode to Glenn. As it did the first time I read it, this just tickles me. It's only 3 verses, so I'm stealing it whole. If you like it, click over to the Prac. Pen. Palace & giggle into the nice lady's comments (which is not a euphemism for anything):

'Tis seldom that mere mortal man,
enrobed in blurple ermine
does drink as often as he can
a cup of blended vermin.

Nay! rather puppies doth he blend
to sate his evil cravings
and hobos bring to bloody end
with epithets and ravings.

Lo, he comes, the Instaman
with linkage foul, yet treasured--
to robot dance when e'er he can...
true evilness, unmeasured.

I love good poetry. It makes me feel all weak-willed & slutty.


Ok, more so than usual.

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The trouble with blogging under a pseudonym is that your gender may not be easily discernable to your readers. This may not seem too terribly important, but there are a couple times when such information is good to know.

First, if you're reading a pseudonymous blogger, it helps to know whether your comments should be flirty or friendly. A misstep here is awkward, to say the least:

"Nice boobs"
"I'm a guy"
"Well, uh, I meant that they'd be nice if you shaved them"

The other problem is, if you're linking, you need to know which pronoun to use. There's probably nothing worse than for BloggerX to follow a trackback and see something like, "BloggerX just posted his best entry EVER! He was really in top form!" if BloggerX is female (back me up on this one, hM).

Radar Rider presented a similar problem recently when I did that bit on going into blogroll-shock. No obvious gender self-identification references in any posts I scanned.

So I did the diplomatic thing and suggested an "About Me" post. Well, it's up now, and begins as follows:

I'm a 30-something computer geek who lives in the Pacific Northwet [sic]

It goes on from there, but gender identification isn't explicit. So let's look at some cluing phrases:

I live with a wonderful woman.

Hmmm... might be a man. Could be a lesbian. Might be both, like Trey. Let's keep looking:

I really only became "politically aware" in the last four or five years and it's rather interesting to note how much I have come to agree with my father's views. The older I get, the more I look like him so I guess it's not surprising that I think more like him as well.

Hmmm... looks like dad... probably a guy. But could be a particularly butch lesbian. Unlike Trey.

Well, we'll go with the guy theory until proven otherwise. Meanwhile, Mr. Rider, go ahead & put a permalink to that post in your sidebar so that nosy people can find out more about the man who has the SUPER sweet gaming set up:

  • CPU: Athlon 2800+

  • RAM: 1 GB Corsair SDRAM

  • MB: Asus A7N8X Deluxe with nVidia nForce2 chipset and SoundStorm digital audio plus two integrated network adapters

  • Video: ATi Radeon 9800 Pro with 128 MB RAM

  • HD's: One 120 GB Western Digital Ultra ATA and one 40 GB Maxtor Ultra ATA

  • Optical: One Asus DVD-ROM drive and one Plextore CD-RW drive

  • Power Supply: Antec TrueBlue 480W with lighted fans

  • Case: Antec/Chenming-style aluminum case with window

  • Monitor: Viewsonic VX800 18" LCD flat panel at 1280x1024

  • Mouse: Logitech MX500 optical mouse

  • Keyboard: Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro

  • Joystick: Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback

  • Additional: Antec 80mm blue LED fan on CPU heatsink with adapter, two blue LED fans in the front of the case, and a cold cathode light that I never use because the LED fans light up the interior just fine
Y'all excuse me while I mop up the drool.

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