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February 22, 2007

Cell phone for travellers

This article via Scoble's link blog tweaked my interest. I was hoping it would provide what I want (it doesn't -- getting close though).

But I think there is a market opportunity for a cell phone that:

  • you buy or rent for a limited time (and maybe comes in pairs or groups of phones)

  • works any place in the world (where there is cell service)

  • allows incoming and outgoing calls to anywhere in the world at an attractive price

My needs may be unique but I doubt it. I work from a home office, don't commute and don't travel much (at least not on business). I have a cell phone but it is a pay as you go type service, with no out of country roaming capability and suits my needs most times.

When I would like to have a cell phone that has more extensive capability is when I travel for pleasure or business. Since non business travel is with my wife and often others, it would be useful to be able to purchase a service that would allow communication among the travel parties, to and from local phones whenever the current "local" is and to and from home. When the trip is over the service would be cancelled. Throw in data connect capability at the same time and it would be perfect.

Dream on I guess.

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