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Saturday, June 05, 2004

The Lopsided Poopdeck has


Please go here.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by during this first year.  I'm not going away ...

just on to the next port on board the USS Neverdock.



2:58:38 PM    


Good bye Userland!

   I'm going to bed for awhile (I work graveyard shift).  This afternoon I will close out The Lopsided Poopdeck at this url and move to the new digs.  If you are one of the two people who has me bookmarked you can change the address now.  I don't plan to post any more here other than a redirect link.

It's been real Userland.

Good bye.

9:28:50 AM    


R.I.P. Ronnie.  You were loved and will be missed.  They don't make um like you anymore.

It really sucks that the good people have to go like this.  This man righted all the wrongs done to us in the U.S. military after Carter did his best to destroy us.  If there is a bright side to his death it is that his family can now get on with their lives.  This is a terrible disease.

9:07:07 AM    


Vintage magazine cover gallery. MagazineArt.org has thousands of scanned magazine covers from the 19th and early 20th Century. I'm utterly besotted by the covers of the pop-science mags published by Hugo Gernsback, who founded the first science fiction ("scientifiction") magazine in 1928 and for whom the Hugo award is named.
Boing Boing]

8:37:07 AM    


A Stolen Election

"Some of us owe Bob Dole an apology. Here we've been holding the Kansan responsible for losing to President Clinton. But we now know the election was lost even before Mr. Dole had entered the first Republican primary.

This is what the Senate and media probes have taught us about fund raising in the 1996 campaign. We now know why Mr. Clinton was willing to risk breaking campaign laws in order to raise and spend so much money. He was paying for an unprecedented barrage of early TV attack ads that doomed Mr. Dole even before a single vote was cast.

Don't take my word for this. The proof comes from Mr. Clinton himself as revealed by the latest batch of videotapes. "The fact that we've been able to finance this long-running constant television campaign," he told well-heeled donors at a May 21, 1996, White House lunch, "has been central to the position I now enjoy in the polls." To the extent those ads were financed with illegal money, Mr. Clinton stole the election.

Mr. Clinton's words confirm the case already laid out by his own campaign Rasputin, Dick Morris, both in his candid book and in his Senate deposition. "In my opinion, the key to Clinton's victory was his early television advertising," writes Mr. Morris in "Behind the Oval Office." "There has never been anything even remotely like it in the history of presidential elections."

from Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

8:16:14 AM    


Mark Twain

"Familiarity breeds contempt - and children."

from Quotes of the Day

8:12:36 AM    


Day By Day by Chris Muir

8:09:58 AM    

Friday, June 04, 2004


One lingering question

"In my travels around the country I continue to be asked by Americans of all ages, “do the Iraqi people really hate us and despise us as much as the news is showing us?” Based on my own less than professional poll it appears that a good number of people, you might even say the majority of Americans, believe that over 50% of the Iraqis have a certain aversion to Americans and wish we would leave their country.

At the risk of being redundant I am going to reiterate again my sentiments regarding this topic of discussion. As one who spent a good deal of time out amongst the general populace of Iraq, traveling through the streets of Baghdad, who actually met hundreds of Iraqi citizens, who went into their homes and met their families and ate their food, who interacted with Iraqis on a daily basis and in a number of different capacities, I feel that I can speak with some degree of authority regarding their feelings.

In an effort to not mix words or confuse this matter further, I can bluntly state that the majority of Iraqis I met welcomed our presence, greeted us with open arms, and openly expressed their love and appreciation for our efforts in freeing them from a ruthless tyrant. Many Iraqis opened their homes to my friends and I treating us with great feasts, and repeatedly expressed their love towards us for what we were doing for them."

from Chief Wiggles

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Engrish of the Day

Oh that Gus...

7:56:51 PM    


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Sedna at Noon

7:54:54 PM    


One day to go.........

Tomorrow is moving day.

7:53:14 PM    


Up in Smoke Stacks

Well, it's the economy, stupid . . . oops.

Then how about unemployment? . . . oops.

How about job out-sourcing? . . . oops.

Well, I just don't like Dubya!!!
Thanks OD

3:39:45 PM    


The Green Side

Want to know what's going on in Iraq? Skip the major media, and ignore Michael Moore. Ask a Marine.

from Right-Thinking from the Left Coast

2:52:51 PM    


Not Camelot, but Hamlet

"Consider the following hypothetical situation. In September 2005, the president is informed by his CIA director that they have concluded that there is a one in two chance that North Korea will transfer five nuclear bombs to Osama bin Laden within the next month, and that, after the transfer, despite our best efforts, the CIA judges that it is more likely than not that bin Laden will succeed in detonating at least one of them in a major American city, resulting in 1 million to 3 million deaths. Should the president consider taking pre-emptive military action? And let's assume that the president is named John Kerry." --

from American Digest

2:46:27 PM    


Today's cute animal Video

from Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

12:40:51 PM    


A tradition of wrong headed journalism

from Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

Posted this a long time ago (long in 'blog time' that is) but always good for a repeat.

12:37:58 PM    


Day By Day by Chris Muir

1:53:03 AM    

Thursday, June 03, 2004


Baghdad family blog.  Check out the pictures.  I'm ready to go play tourist after seeing the pics!

Baghdad family snapshots. Photos shot before, during and after the war from a collaborative weblog maintained by members of a family in Baghdad. American tanks roaming the streets, Mom (Faiza) at work behind her computer, old brick buildings, a 'net cafe, spring flowers in the front yard, a stack of sweet watermelons at the market ("it's the best fruit in the hot summer, we call it Raggi.")
Link to the family photoblog and Link to the original AFamilyInBaghdad weblog.

  from Boing Boing

11:51:02 PM    


Me to!  Me to!  And it's cheap!

Hint, hint

Gee, I can't imagine that anybody would want this for Father's Day, or an upcoming birthday. 

 from Infinite Monkeys

Fathers day will be just fine ... hint, hint.

11:41:11 PM    


A new Manhattan Project

"When the American space program began in the early 1960's, they knew specifically what they wanted to accomplish, and they had a pretty good general idea of how it would be done. Likewise, in 1942 when the decision was made to begin the "Manhattan Project", there was a theoretical basis for nuclear weapons and they had a pretty good general idea of what would be needed to make them work.

In both cases the project mission was to convert the theory and general approach into detailed engineering practice. There's no doubt they were both really tough problems, but the people on those projects knew where they were trying to go and had a pretty good idea before they began about how to get there.

However, a hypothetical "eliminate reliance on Arab oil" project would not have any theoretical basis for a solution. There are no alternative energy source which satisfy those five requirements which we have or could readily develop the technology to utilize."

from USS Clueless

11:32:19 PM    


Your opinion please.......

The new Lopsided Poopdeck at TypePad will open for business in less than two days.  I have played with all the display settings and settled on what you see now.  There will always be small changes, but I think I will stick with the basic layout you see now.  Today I found out how to get rid of the white border around the top banner by changing the basic template.  I will do that soon.  What you see should work for the time being.

What I need is for some of you to look at the page as it stands and let me know if you see anything funny.  Funny as in all messed up that is.  Can you read the type in the posts or does it need to be bigger?  Does the formatting look screwy?  I have IE and FireFox and it seems ok in those browsers.  Anyone using Opera or one of the Linux browsers please let me know if it looks ok.

I realize the formatting is not right on the A7 picture.  That problem has not been figured out yet.  I have stared at the source code till I can't see straight with no answers.  It will probably come to me sitting on the can as most great ideas do!

If you want to tell me something please leave it in one of the comments on the new or use the email link on this one.


Poopdeck Pappy

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Bulletin Flash!

Janet has thought about SEX!

from Yahoo! News - Top Stories

To think ... I might have died before knowing this!

5:56:49 PM    


Sue! Sue! Sue!

Ford to Pay $369M in Rollover Accident (AP)

AP - A jury has ordered Ford Motor Co. to pay nearly $369 million to a woman paralyzed in a rollover accident involving a Ford Explorer, the nation's best-selling sport utility vehicle.

from Yahoo! News - Top Stories

5:52:41 PM    


Vast Left Wing Conspiracy continued.

NY Times Bias? I'm Shocked!

"To follow the news out of Iraq from the headlines and photographs on the front page of today's New York Times, you would have a hard time finding out what has been accomplished. There was a time when the electricity was out in Iraq, when schools and hospitals were closed, when there was no oil flowing.

Did all those things fix themselves, like self-sealing tires, or did the Americans have to do some things, at considerable cost and risks, and despite organized sabotage and terror?

It has been hard to know from the Times' front-page coverage of unhappy reservists being called up for duty and all the photographs they could find of coffins or of terrorists gleefully holding up the boots of ambushed Americans they had killed."

from Common Sense and Wonder

5:42:59 PM    


Reuters Bias? I'm Shocked!

"THE ANGRY IRAQI first made his appearance at the start of the war, as Coalition troops raced through Umm Qasr on their way to Baghdad. While reporters from other organizations saw crowds giving Coalition troops the thumbs up and people tearing Saddam posters off the wall, Reuters found the Angry Iraqi. "We don't want Americans here," said one Hussein to Reuters correspondent Rosalind Russell. Another defiantly pulled a picture of the dictator out of his waistband. "Saddam is our leader. Saddam is good." Did anyone favor liberation? Clearly, if anyone did, Russell couldn't find them. On the same day--March 23, 2003--up the road in Shiite Safwan, Reuters' Michael Georgy had a real scoop. A few days into the war, Iraqis already had decided that the occupation was a failure. "I swear it was better when Saddam was here," claimed one Jamal Kathim, whose "angry friends" all nodded in agreement. "The Americans and British said this was going to be a liberation but it is an occupation," said one Majid, who, at age 15, was clearly a good source for sophisticated geopolitical analysis."

from Common Sense and Wonder

Reuters.  Chronicle of The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.

5:39:07 PM    


The most fun job in the world.

5:30:10 PM    


Acidman talks about one of his favorite people.

from Gut Rumbles

5:01:59 PM    


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Cosmic Construction Zone RCW 49

4:55:51 PM    


Engrish of the Day

WOW!  Those Japanese are really mean to their kids!

4:53:13 PM    


'Coincidental' Events Unrelated to Tenet's Resignation

(2004-06-03) -- On the very day that CIA Director George Tenet's resignation became public knowledge, a series of events experts call "unrelated coincidences" simultaneously hit the headlines.

While the White House and Mr. Tenet both allege that so-called "personal reasons" spurred the Clinton-appointee's premature departure, insiders point to the following events as evidence that there may be more to the story:

-- Jennifer Capriati forced out of the French Open
-- Meteor hit over Washington state may be hoax
-- Canadian Anglicans affirm homosexual unions
-- Kurt Warner signs $3 million deal with New York Giants
-- U.S. cancer rates decline
-- Bush leaves country on European trip

"You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to see the connections," said one unnamed expert. "I wouldn't be surprised if Valerie Plame's name comes up in all of this."

from ScrappleFace

4:51:01 PM    


"Dear Daddy, My Mommy Can't Be My Daddy Too."

Read the column and then go read what Baldilocks has to say from the perspective of a Black Woman.

I would like to add that my recent observation is that this problem is not only for Blacks.  I see other races making great effort to play catch up.  The color of a child's skin does not change the damage done by being raised without a father.

4:46:46 PM    


NAACP calls Republicans "terrorists" against blacks

At the "Take Back America" conference in Washington yesterday, NAACP Chairman Julian Bond compared Republicans to the Taliban, the terrorists who used to rule Afghanistan."Their idea of equal rights is the American flag and the Confederate swastika flying side by...

 from Ramblings' Journal

10:07:37 AM    


Iraqi self defense

 Amid criticism that coalition forces let Iraqi insurgents get away in Fallujah, a top Marine colonel there says that...

from Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

9:55:53 AM    


Greg Evans

"Anger at lies lasts forever. Anger at truth can't last."

from Motivational Quotes of the Day

9:49:51 AM    


Kerrying On

from Cox & Forkum

9:42:22 AM    


Get Ready!

2 days to go......

9:25:32 AM    


I'm giving you two MUST READS for today.

America's "Irresponsible" President Is the “Chief Culprit of this War”

"Thus, recently, one of Europe’s foreign ministers denounced America’s president as the “chief culprit of this war” and went on to bemoan the “American people” for having been betrayed by such an irresponsible leader.

“I don’t see much future for the Americans” added the head of state of the aforementioned minister.

It’s a decayed country. And they have their racial problem, and the problem of social inequalities … My feelings against Americanism are feelings of hatred and deep repugnance. … How can one expect a State like that to hold together — a country where everything is built on the dollar."

Be sure to read the whole thing starting at the top.  Don't cheat and go to the bottom first.

Found at The Politburo Dikdat

9:22:40 AM    


This is your MUST READ for today.

INDC Presents: National World War II Memorial Dedication Weekend

Be sure to read both parts.

About time these people got the recognition they deserve while some of them are still alive.  What took so freaking long?  Shameful!

7:44:46 AM    


Day By Day by Chris Muir

7:33:44 AM    

Wednesday, June 02, 2004



 Iranian Muslim Amir Taheri says his faith cannot embrace western liberalism because our notions of equality are antithetical to the basis of Islam.

Thanks OD

5:05:29 PM    


Ho Chi Kerry

Here we see John Kerry's Vietnamese legacy, and it's got nothing to do with medals.

In the Vietnamese Communist War Remnants Museum (formerly known as the "War Crimes Museum") in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), a photograph of John Kerry hangs in a room dedicated to the anti-war activists who helped the Vietnamese Communists win the Vietnam War. The...

from Right-Thinking from the Left Coast

2:42:20 PM    


Mean girl!

from Castle Argghhh! .

2:38:58 PM    


The 'working poor' scam

 "As for "What can be done?" that is a misleading question because the article is about what other people can do for the "working poor," not what they can do for themselves, much less what they did in the past -- or failed to do -- that led to their having such low earning capacity."

From Townhall.com

2:30:47 PM    


Kick some Fire Ant Butt!

from Accidental Verbosity

1:42:11 PM    



from Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

11:51:57 AM    


Private Spacecraft Blast Offs June 21.

from Planenews Aviation News Portal

Image of SpaceShipOne taken during an April powered test flight from Edwards Air Force Base.

11:19:31 AM    


Boeing Gets 7E7 Launch Order, Delivers Landmark 1,500th 737.

from Planenews Aviation News Portal

11:17:18 AM    


ACLU: A Crusade Against Christianity

Can you find the evil cross in the above illustration of the Los Angeles County seal? Well, the eagle eyes of the ACLU did -- and LA County has now caved in to their demands: LA County to remove cross from county seal after ACLU challenge.

from Little Green Footballs

11:10:24 AM    


The Greatest Danger

"THROUGHOUT history, far more battles have been lost by a failure of nerve than have been won by military genius. Today, the greatest danger to American efforts in Iraq remains the collapse of our will.

It's time to get a grip. For the past few months, the Bush administration has made painful errors, not least in sparing terrorists and insurgents. The revelation of a few nauseating incidents at Abu Ghraib prison became a media feast, an endless broadcast miracle of loaves and fishes. And the Iraqi Governing Council — a monster we created — has proven far more interested in perpetuating the power of its members than in representative democracy.

But the sky isn't falling. And the blunt truth — so bitter to those on the left — is that, even if the sky eventually does fall in Iraq, it will fall on the Arabs (again), not on us."

from New York Post

11:06:03 AM    


 3 days till moving day.

10:35:21 AM    


Engrish of the Day

Rock on Dude!

10:24:31 AM    


 Astronomy Picture of the Day

 The Colorful Clouds of Rho Ophiuchi

10:22:44 AM    


The roots of enviro-hysteria

"Can it be that The Limits to Growth, one of the wrongest books of all time, is to be updated yet again? The 1972 tome claimed -- among myriad ominous predictions -- that we would run out of gold in 1981, mercury in 1985 and zinc in 1990. In 1992, it was revised to suggest that, OK, we were a little out, but now we know when the needles will go to empty.

And can we really treat seriously yet another Jeremiad from Paul Ehrlich, the man who gave us that 1968 mega-bestseller, The Population Bomb? That book warned of global famine and megadeath well before the last century was out. It should have been called The Prediction Bomb."

from National Post

10:15:29 AM    


Chris finds a good one.

Comic Blog

Cool! I was flipping through the list of registered Lockergnome.net subscribers this morning, and found Birdie Foster as Herself! I've always wanted to be a cartoon, ya know. Most of the stuff I buy comes from ACME, anyway. [Chris Pirillo]

10:07:42 AM    


A howl

from Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

10:01:19 AM    



from Curmudgeonly & Skeptical

9:59:48 AM    


Cos is still a flaming, freaking, liberal, (I don't forget things like that) but he sure got them all stirred up this time.  Everyone conveniently forgets that he has been spouting the Donks party line forever.  One time he pokes at the nest and suddenly he's a hero to the Right and a Uncle Tom to the rest.  I don't see it that way but I still enjoy the show.  Watching the Hornets buss around stinging each other is great entertainment!

Three cheers for the Cos

"For years, I've argued that most of the problems many black Americans face today have little or nothing to do with racial discrimination. For the most part, the most devastating problems encountered by a large segment of the black community are self-inflicted. Bill Cosby mentioned several of them, such as black parents who'll buy their children expensive clothing rather than something educational, poor language spoken by many children and adults, and criminals who prey on the overwhelmingly law-abiding residents of black neighborhoods."

from Townhall.com 


9:37:59 AM    


Movie Disaster

from Cox & Forkum

8:29:14 AM    


Day By Day by Chris Muir

8:26:01 AM    

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