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  Wednesday, 7 March 2007

I often find myself staring and scrolling through my iTunes music library wondering what I want to groove to... paralyzed by the choices, unable to commit to one artist, or one genere, and the party shuffle is just not on my wavelength today. This is when I play iTunes  Roulette. Pick a word, any word, preferably the first one that pops into your head (instinctivly). Type it into the search, sort by rating, and hit play. If you only get a few or no results, just delete one letter of your word at a time until you have enough for a playlist.

This evening I typed in "side". I got as the top four...

  • Diamonds on the Inside, Ben Harper
  • Sideways, Citizen Cope
  • When the President Talks To God, Bright Eyes
  • Devil Inside, INXS
Not a bad result.

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