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  Sunday, 18 March 2007

While I am on the road my latest 10 pictures from my mobile phone should update automatically below. Click through to Flickr to see the rest.
murrayneill's photos tagged with aroundthesouthMore of murrayneill's photos tagged with aroundthesouth

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We're not sure about these....

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I leave tommorrow morning. Today I'm spending indoors, no biking. Friends are coming to visit for coffees and a few boardgames (Settlers), which will be a nice way to get my mind off the "what have I forgotten to pack?" question. I can't beleive that for the next 5 or 6 weeks my bike will be home for Kaycee and I. No TV's, no computers, no radios, no clock's, or pressure, or timetables, just new horizons.

Things I'm most looking forward to now:
  • The downside of the Spooners range. The lookout up there will be the last veiw of Nelson. After that I'll really feel like we're on our way.
  • Camping next to the mighty Buller River.
  • Jackson's Head.
  • The Rail Trail in Otago.
  • My favourite part of NZ's coastline, the Kaikoura Coast. This will feel like the home strecth to me and there's some great camping spots along there. There is something about be able to hear the pounding surf on rock beachs from where you sleep that is deeeeeply relaxing.
I've configured my phone to send photos for my Flickr account and tag them with "around the south", "mobile phone" and "coffeewaffle". I can give each photo a title by changing the name of the image file before I send it. I'll add descriptions whenever I find an internet cafe.

I will post again before we leave... probably just before with the bike all loaded up.

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  Wednesday, 14 March 2007

The Xtracycle Dogbox
More photos on Filckr

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  Sunday, 11 March 2007

Yacht on bottle green marina

The Kite Aerial Photography group on Flickr is one of the most active and vibrant I've ever been a part of. Each month there is a theme posted and members are invited to post images of their interpretation of the theme, taken from a kite bourne camera of course.

The current theme is "ripples". The first two shots (above & below) are my contributions to the ripples theme. Then were taken on Akersten St as can be seen in the last photo.

Yacht returning to dock

Marina edge

Akersten Street

8:30:01 PM    Comment [] have a talented London DJ naming mixes after you.

Courtesy of Wild Mood Swings (aka "the Stan files"), I present "Teal Coffee Dub (Road trip part 1)" and "Teal Coffee Dub (Road trip part 2)".

And if you like those, try "Crusading G Mix", "G Some Rub A Dub", "F Me Even More Dub", and "Herb Brother".

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  Saturday, 10 March 2007

Bishop Peninsula

I went for a ride this afternoon, on my xtracycle with all my camera gear onboard, in the hope of doing some kite aerial photography around the estuary behind Cable Bay. Unfortunately there was virtually no wind when I got there, but the scenery was resplendent in the late afternoon sun.

Bishop Peninsula 4
Bishop Peninsular divides the estuary in two and is covered in native bush in contrast to the farmland around the rest of the area.

The Vege Van
This is where I buy any vegetables I can't grow myself these days. They're fresher and cheaper than the supermarket, and its just down the road. You've got to have the right change for the honesty box though. You can't swipe your card here. It's nice to know the profits are growing directly to the grower too.

Cable Bay Road

Xtracycle at the Hira Store
Stopped at the Hira store for a burger and chips on the way home.

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  Wednesday, 7 March 2007

I often find myself staring and scrolling through my iTunes music library wondering what I want to groove to... paralyzed by the choices, unable to commit to one artist, or one genere, and the party shuffle is just not on my wavelength today. This is when I play iTunes  Roulette. Pick a word, any word, preferably the first one that pops into your head (instinctivly). Type it into the search, sort by rating, and hit play. If you only get a few or no results, just delete one letter of your word at a time until you have enough for a playlist.

This evening I typed in "side". I got as the top four...

  • Diamonds on the Inside, Ben Harper
  • Sideways, Citizen Cope
  • When the President Talks To God, Bright Eyes
  • Devil Inside, INXS
Not a bad result.

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  Tuesday, 6 March 2007

I have been uploading a heap of old photos to my Flickr page lately. Lots of old 1024x768 desktop wallpapers from the first couple of years of CoffeeWaffle, a couple of Terragen renders that turned out ok, and this old favourite from the days when I was using Ilford film in a 35mm SLR...

Waiting for the tide

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  Monday, 5 March 2007

My Steed

My Xtracycle averages over 300km per week these days. Just cleaned it today so was a good excuse to get a decent photo with its new custom snapdeck on.

In just two weeks I begin a 6 week break from work. During my time off, my friend Devon and I will be going for a bit of a bike ride. The plan is to leave Nelson on our Xtracycles, ride down the west coast of the South Island to the southern-most tip of New Zealand's mainland, then ride back up the east coast. We will be camping in tents most nights, and aiming to ride at least 100km every day. With six weeks to do it we should have plenty of time up our sleves to explore many side roads and generally take our time. Kaycee will be coming along. I'm havig a special plastic box made as a 'sidecar' for her to ride in. I will be setting up a yahoo group to post photos, videos, and text from my mobile to, so you can all come along for the ride. We have been planning this trip for well over a year now but I haven't really mentioned it here. When we first started talking about it, we found some people didn't really beleive we could, or would do it, so I just didn't talk about it. We'll just do it instead. After all this planning I am now getting excited about it.

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  Sunday, 4 March 2007

The brew

I spent a night in the great outdoors last night. It was a bit of a training run for something big, starting a couple of weeks from now... (more details soon). Above I'm making a brew after dinner with my meths burning camp-stove.


Arrived and set-up. Me, Kaycee, my tent and my xtracycle.


I tried a few shots after dark, by the light of the rising moon. This one came out ok. A 30 second exposure. If you look at it full size you'd be amazed how far the stars move in 30 seconds.

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