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  Wednesday, 29 August 2007

This is my attempt at capturing last nights lunar eclipse. I only had a 300mm lens so the images aren't as sharp as I'd hoped they would be but it was a fun exercise anyway. As I watched the full moon slowly turn to a blood red I couldn't help but be thankful that I knew why it was happening. I can imagine the fear and wonder an event like this must have caused for people of a different time who had no scientific explanation for it.

Lunar Eclipse 28 Aug 2007

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  Monday, 27 August 2007

The Unnamed

Taken with my kite aerial photography rig, this photo is looking directly down onto the oldest part of the oldest cemetery in town. The Wakapuaka Cemetery is no longer available for burials. There is a small area by the front gates for commerative plaques for departed who have been cremated recently. The cemetery is on a hill with some of the best views of Nelson City. At the top are the graves of some of Nelson's earliest settlers. Here the graves seem to be spaciously arranged in family groups and even some on their own. It's not until seen from the air that the unmarked graves become apparent. The rows of graves in this photograph are completed by tell-tale depressions in perfect formation; the graves of the unnamed and forgotten.

Wakapuaka Cemetery & Farmland

This was one of the most challenging KAP locations I've tried to date. There are lots of mature trees and the hill is quite steep. And of course, there are lots of graves and tombstones to avoid. The wind does strange things on the peak of a hill like this one. I had almost 1000 feet of line out before the kite was stable enough to attach the camera rig. A strange thing happened when I did attempt to send the camera up. As I was attaching the rig to the kite line, concentrating on the fiddly little clips and not really watching the kite, I noticed the line, which was at about 45 degrees was suddenly going straight up. I looked up to see my 16 square foot sutton flowform kite, with two fuzzy tails on, fly straight over top of me, as smooth as you please, and settle into a nice NW breeze. Literally 30 seconds earlier I was about to launch my camera into a SW breeze, and now with the same kite still in the air, it was NW and as smooth and strong as if it had been blowing in that direction all day.

Cemetery Trees

Estuary Traffic

Wakapuaka Cemetery

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  Saturday, 25 August 2007

Snapped during my bike ride to work the other morning. This pond will be dry mud in summer but during winter it is haven to a wide variety of bird life. It is the same pond I caught with my kite camera a few weeks back, only from the other end of the pond at the other end of the day.

Wakapuaka wetlands at dawn

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  Sunday, 19 August 2007

Center of New Zealand

Botanical Hill, overlooking Nelson City. The monument at the top marks the geographical center of New Zealand. That is, it is the point at the center of the Nelson region, where surveying of the region began. Nelson being the central region of New Zealand, makes this the "geographical" center of the country. This shot was taken with my kite aerial photography rig. I was flying the kite from a  ridge several hundred meters away along the track to Walter's Bluff. Rain clouds were developing around the late afternoon sun giving me perfect dappled light on the landscape below.

Path to the center of New Zealand

Winter trees

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I recently finished this bone carving. A simple, but stylized version of hei Matau or fish-hook design.

Bone Carving - Hei Matau

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  Tuesday, 7 August 2007

The tree that appeared on top of Fifeshire rock in recent years is getting bigger and appears quite healthy. Almost twice as high as a shag now. I was racing the rain clouds home on my bike this afternoon when I had to stop for a couple of shots across the bay.

Fifeshire Rock

Fifeshire Rock in blue

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  Monday, 6 August 2007

Sky in the tide

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  Sunday, 5 August 2007

Fennel Penthouse

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  Saturday, 4 August 2007

I've constructed this new piece of kite aerial photography equipment. I needed a line winder that could hold more line, and handle having the line wound on under pressure. Made from Tasmanian Backwood this winder is very solid and as you can see it holds 1000 feet of 250lb line no problem. If wound on tightly it could probably hold 2000 feet. The white decorative bits are beef bone inlays and the hook for securing the line (when you don't want it to pay out anymore) is also made of beef bone. The great advantage of a winder like this is it enables me to wind a kite down pretty quickly and easily. I just 'winch' it in hand over hand. The line goes on in a figure eight so there are not twists. Before I had to pull in the line with gloved hands and let it pile on the ground, then wind onto the halo reels once the kite was grounded. If the wind was strong the line could be hard to grip when pulling the kite down... not any more.

KAP kite-line winder

KAP kite-line winder

KAP Kite-line winder

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