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  Saturday, 15 March 2008

Below are the latest 10 shot taken with my mobile phone during my Nelson to East Cape Xtracycle tour. I'm probably missing work terribly and having a horrible time ;)

Click through to my flickr account to see more... photos are tagged with Nelson-EastCapeCycleTour2008. See y'all in a few weeks!
murrayneill's photos tagged with Nelson-EastCapeCycleTour2008More of murrayneill's photos tagged with Nelson-EastCapeCycleTour2008

2:13:40 PM    Comment []

On my way home

"The truest and most horrible claim made for modern transport is that it 'annihilates space'.  It does.  It is a vile inflation which lowers the value of distance, so that a modern boy travels a hundred miles with less sense of liberation and pilgrimage and adventure than his grandfather got from traveling ten.  Of course, if a man hates space and wants it to be annihilated, that is another matter.  Why not creep into his coffin at once?  There is little enough space there." - C.S. Lewis, Surprised by Joy

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I talked about it last year, earlier in the summer. Now here we are in autumn and I'm getting ready to go on my three week bike ride to the East Cape of NZ's North Island. My four-legged companion, Kaycee is staying with my parents this time partly because I want to travel lighter, but mostly because she's getting a bit old for it. At 16, going on 17 she's not as fit and agile as she used to be and tends to sleep a lot more. I fear another trip like this (after last years 6 week 'round the south' trip) might be a bit much for her. She'll be pampered while I'm gone, I'm sure.

I'll be updating here by the way of photos taken on my phone, just like last time. I'll post that widget just before I leave this afternoon. For now I've got a tube to change, a chain to lube, some bags to pack, and a bike to load.

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  Sunday, 9 March 2008

The pinecone express

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  Saturday, 8 March 2008

kite buggy ride
Cruising on Rabbit Island beach this afternoon with the 8m Peter Lynn Pepper.

8:35:00 PM    Comment []

I decided about an hour before sunset yesterday, that I would load up the Xtracycle, dog and all, and go for an overnight camp... somewhere. I ended up on the other side of the Wangamoa range pitching the tent and cooking dinner by the light of failing headlight batteries, at Grahams Stream Reserve. Dinner was goooood.

Camp kitchen

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  Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The days are getting shorter, the mornings cooler, and darker. I'm now donning full finger gloves and my jacket for my morning commute, and the lights are on the bike because I'm leaving in the dark.

The silver lining is that I get to absorb the sunrise each morning during my 60 minute pedal to work. Its the best part of my day.

Wakapuaka this morning

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