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  Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Sunset at Wakapuaka Flats

Sunrise over the Haven

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  Wednesday, 20 August 2008


It's been age since I've been able to get out and do some kite aerial photography. I was feeling a little rusty, but once the kite and camera were in the air.... well, it's like riding a bike really.

Started last summer, they recently finished building a skate park in Neale Park (Nelson's premiere kite flying ground and home of the Nelson Kite Festival). In my some of my photos of the last kite festival you can see the beginnings of the park in the background. To get back into some KAP after quite a break I decided that this would make a good location for a shoot. Late in the afternoon with nice long shadows and a strong gusty south-west wind, I launched my little 16 square foot flow-form with two long fuzzy tails. The tails were needed to give the kite some stability in the bumpy conditions up there. It took a lot of patience to get any steady shots.

Even though I got a few 'keepers' that I'm happy with I feel like there's plenty more good photos in this subject. Lucky they built it in such a good kite flying spot. I'll probably revisit it sometime over summer.

Skate Park

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  Saturday, 2 August 2008


Yesterday, at around 5am, Kaycee passed away. Her 17 year old body just gave up on her, after a 48 hour struggle which just happened to coincide with a 15-year storm and a 48 hour long power outage. We have the power back on now but she is gone. I buried her under the trees on the other side of the creek just a stones-throw from the house.

She was my best friend. I can't say much more about her than that.... perhaps those that knew her will understand why.

In Southland with my best mate. (2007)


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