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  Sunday, 22 February 2009

Boat Wreck

This boat wreck has been in the estuary near the Maitai River mouth for as long as I can remember. The sign next to it simply warns other vessels, "WARNING: Wreck covered by high tide.", not thats theres much left of it to avoid. It just looks like a huge boot print in the sand from my kite.

Lower Trafalger Street/Atawhai Drive intersection
The view south-west taken while over the wreck.

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  Tuesday, 17 February 2009

There was a perfect sky for photography on Sunday afternoon. I launched a kite from Akersten street and took this 3-shot stiched panorama of North Nelson, looking across the Haven at low tide.

North Nelson, Sunday Afternoon

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  Monday, 9 February 2009

Peter Lynn Hornet and Buggy

I have just spent three days at Murwai beach, west of Auckland, New Zealand. The trips purpose was to photograph the 2009 range of Peter Lynn foils. I had the privilege of working with a handful of the most skilled kite buggy pilots in New Zealand. This shot is the new Hornet. Buggy pilot is Perrin Melchior of Kite Works in Auckland.

I've tried to get this kind of pictures of kite buggiers before. It is surprisingly difficult, particularly when the buggy pilot isn't working with the photographer. This time I think we nailed it though.

I've got 1200+ other shots to go through now of beautiful kites in this stunning location, so there's more to come!

Peter Lynn Core and Buggy
The Core piloted by Craig Hansen of Peter Lynn Kites. His tracks tell the story of the jump he's just landed. I love the green/white/grey colour scheme of this kite. Craig called it the toothpaste kite because of it's minty-fresh look.

Core & Buggy in the dunes of Muriwai

Ever since I first began thinking about how best to photograph my favorite passtime of kite buggying, this is the angle I wanted. It's taken me many years to get there. There-in lies what I think is one of the many secrets to photography; the willingness... no, stubbornness,  to spend years chasing 'the' shot you've already taken in your imagination.

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