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  Sunday, 15 October 2006

She was born early this morning and has just found her legs.

Mother and daughter. Mum only stands waist high and belongs to one of my neighbours.

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  Saturday, 14 October 2006

Spring has sprung and I've got heaps to do in the garden. I've made a small start for the season. I've got a good crop of garlic coming through (thanks to a lot of worm castings). In the photo above is a nice bright variety of silverbeet, and in the same bed are a variety of brasica's (cauliflower, brocoli, etc), two varieties of lettuce, a very large rubbarb plant, and a sprinkling of strawberries. I don't like to plant things in rows or group plants together. I just scatter them around. Seems more natural to me and makes better use of space.

After last seasons success with spuds-in-a-tire I'm doing that again.

I've got chinese cabbage growing wild now (great). They are a winter crop so right now they're brightening up the place with their flowers.

My strawberry planters I prepared months ago are developing berrys.

I'm not sure what this plant is. It just popped up.

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  Saturday, 7 October 2006

The garden is really coming to life now. I've got a few plants in (lettuce, beans, silver beet or swiss chard, cauliflower, brocoli, potatoes) and they are doing well, but it's the bird life really makes it feel like the growing season again. The kingfishers are back in the poplar tree by the back door, and their call is now the first sound I hear each morning. They'll probably nest in the same hole in the tree trunk that they had chicks in last year. Such shy and wary birds. This year I may even build a hide to photograph them from. Its the only way I'll get close enough for a good shot.

This morning a native pigeon, Kereru, was posing in the plum tree when I drew the curtains. I'm sure he was just waiting to have his portrait taken. He sat there while I made a coffee, grabbed my camera, walked out to the front lawn, took a few shots, then just after I turned to walk away again, he took off; probably up the hill to find some morning sun that was now creeping down the walls of the valley.

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