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  Thursday, 3 January 2008


Covering the blackcurrant bushes in the garden to protect them from the birds has paid off. I picked 1.8kg of ripe blackcurrants yesterday. Today I made jam for the first time.

Let's Jam
I'm ready. 1.8kg of home grown blackcurrants. 2kg of sugar and 900ml of water on the boil. Jars warming on top of the toast 'n grill. Time to jam.

Add the fruit.
Add the fruit. I've just poured the blackcurrants into the boiling sugar and water. Doesn't look much like jam yet.

Almost jam
After 4 minutes on the boil and now it's looking like blackcurrant jam (only a couple of minutes to go). Next step is to cool quickly by sitting the pan in a sink full of cold water.

Jarred and labeled
Now I know why Mum's so-called jam-pan had a spout. Blackcurrant jam doesn't pour every well. I made a nice mess but got most of the jam in the jars. You spell blackcurrent blackcurrant with an 'A' by the way.

6 litres of home-grown blackcurrant jam
6 litres of home-grown blackcurrant jam cooling on the porch. One top didn't quite seal right. Dam. I'll have to eat that jar right away.

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