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  Sunday, 22 June 2008

Making kiwifruit jam

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  Sunday, 15 June 2008

Moon the goat

Moon is my neighbour's goat. She regularly breaks her chain and comes to visit me. She showed up late last night but then disappeared into the darkness determined to spend the night free. This morning she was right where I last saw her, on my front doorstep nibbling at my grapevine. Shortly after this photo she invited herself inside and strolled right through my front door, to see if there was anything edible on my couch. Understandably Kaycee did not approve and a stand-off ensued, between my little, heroic dog and a horned goat, about ten times her size. I decided it was time Moon was escorted home, but once she realised what I was trying to do, she took off and stayed at arms length, baaaing at me gently as if to say "please don't send me home".

I've just got her back onto her chain after about an hour of regaining her confidence with a cabbage.

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