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Developing story. I will add more thoughts when I have time to.

17th of april 2004 

The second BloggerCon will take place on saturday, april the 17th. I won't be there, although I would like to. I will try to watch the webcasts, though, and my IRC client will be logged onto #bloggercon. So I will be there for a little bit.

A Dutch BloggerCon 

For a few months, a thought has been growing in my head: why don't organise a local BloggerCon? Just do what Dave does, but in the Netherlands, discussing Dutch topics. It might stimulate the local blogosphere, give bloggers a chance to explore what everyone is blogging about, and why...

I have posted this idea to my blog a few times, and I got positive response. So I actually would like to try it. But where to start? What should the topics be? Do we have a location? Webcast facilities?

How to do it 

First, we need a location. A place which has room for sessions, an internet connection (preferrably Wi-Fi present), enough space for a small group of people, some places to eat and drink nearby.

Second, we need topics. Let's think of a few.

I have moved the proposed topics here. (11/04/04)

Third, we need people. I received messages from people who want to help organising. That's cool.

Wanna help? 

Let me know. There's a little envelope below, you can use it.

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