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  Thursday, March 04, 2004

That's the headline from a recent Deseret News story.  I'm pleased to report they are referring to the movie, leaving first place in the other category to some other, more deserving denomination. 8:02:07 PM      

This was reported on the LDS Newsline on February 24.  Well no wonder those Haitians are so upset!  I wouldn't have thought they were such a sensitive bunch. 7:57:21 PM      

No, it's not what you're thinking.  The sons of Levi have not finally offered up an offering unto the Lord in righteousness.  Different kind of offering. 7:53:07 PM      

That's the title of a Deseret News article reporting Elder Boyd K. Packer's remarks to a bunch of lawyers down at the BYU Law School.  I had to read it twice to make sure it wasn't Lawyers Spiraling Down, World Told.  Whew, what a relief.  He talked about the devil, sin in all its varieties, and read a list of 21 vices Paul said would beset men and women in the last days and noted [each] with "check" as he read them off.  Thus to the 7 Deadly Sins modern revelation adds a few more, giving us the 21 Modern Vices.  He exhorted LDS attorneys to be defenders of the faith and to extend their lawerly services to members and ordinary people who need your professional protection. 7:47:32 PM      

Today's story in the SL Trib editorializes a bit on the failure of Mormon Studies to flourish (or even limp along) at Utah's flagship public university.  You would think a bunch of bright professors would be able to figure out how to study something so central to their geographical location without descending into ugly religious strife (which seems to be the straw man they hold up everytime someone suggests they get on the bandwagon). 7:25:35 PM      

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