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  Sunday, May 8, 2005

Catching Up

I apologize to my readers for the long silence. I've been passing through Spring Crunch, which every year makes March and April very crowded, as we graduate one group of students and admit another. In the midst of lectures, seminars, papers, exams, letters, grants, and meetings, there's little time left for private enterprise.

In this interval, much has happened. On the plus side, Illinois went to the Final Two, the Lincoln museum and library opened, Jim Hollis published a new book, and Gourmet Magazine declared Cozy Dog one of America's Ten Greatest Drive-Ins.

On the down side, both Bill Ice and Pat Dowling underwent major surgeries, Suzanne Lee Boyd lost her husband, Ray, and Janet Bailey Kerner lost her mother, aged 92.

I'll have more to say soon about some of these items. To everyone, thanks for your notes of news and your kind remarks about the '58 site and news page. Our friends in Springfield are already beginning to think about plans for a Fabulous 50th Reunion in 2008. Let's hope we have a huge turnout!

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