Wednesday, 5 November 2003
Trading places...I'm moving this site to a new home over at TypePad. I'll keep these posts available till I work out what I'm doing with this account.
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 Sunday, 2 November 2003
Like Harry, I like to read the last page of a book first.

I love spoilers and find having to wait for ecah episode of my favuorite shows excrutiating. With Buffy I was so invested in the show that this was especially the case. And the show was so good that even after I knew what was goign to happen I was still blown away.

This article look sat sp

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From slayerverse via whedonesque:
Charisma has a New Manager! Charisma Carpenter has a new and popular manager. Additionally she will play again on the sitcom "Miss Match".

Don't know how long this has been out but just came across this new Buffy CD, Radio Sunnydale
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An interview with Eliza from New York Daily News about her new show also reveals that:
She also wouldn't mind getting a shot at a guest part on "Angel," either. She said she loves the world that series creator Joss Whedon has made and never wants to be out of it.

This piece came from whedonesque, a great blog about all things Joss Whedon (Buffy/Angel creator) and great for PBD sufferers like me.
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Jessica Simpson's decisions to let MTV film a reality TV show about her life with her new hubbie is paying off. The show potrays her as a bit a of dill. But with a string of endorsements she can't be that dumb...

Jessica Simpson Reels in Endorsement Offers (Reuters). Reuters - She may not know whether Chicken of the Sea is tuna or chicken, or that the plural of mouse isn't mouses, but Jessica Simpson knows the way to the bank. [Yahoo! News - Entertainment]
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Holly Marie Combs Preggers. Charmed star announces she's expecting; pregnancy will be worked into the show [E! Online]
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 Saturday, 1 November 2003
A review of Tru Calling from The Arizona Republic:
If this sounds like a messy mix of Run Lola Run plus 24, Early Edition and Groundhog Day, that's because it is. The jumbled ideas step all over each other, so the show never takes off completely as a thriller, as a family drama or as a hot-chick-sprinting-through-the-streets project. Again, the only compelling reason to watch, or not, is Dushku.

Hey I know that's why I'll be watching!
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This from Kristin at E!Online:
The Mystery: Where is Charisma Carpenter? The Answer: Found! It's confirmed--Charisma (Cordelia Chase) is scheduled to return for one episode, most likely the show's 100th, which shoots at the end of November. Meanwhile, it doesn't look likely that Sarah Michelle Gellar will be back; however, Juliet Landau (Drusilla) already shot an episode that Nov. 19, and producers are hopeful Alyson Hannigan will soon make an appearance.

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 Friday, 31 October 2003
A Microsoft Google Merger? Let's hope this never happens...

Microsoft and Google: Partners or Rivals?. Google recently began meeting with bankers to prepare for its initial public offering as it was still exploring a merger with Microsoft. By John Markoff and Andrew Ross Sorkin. [New York Times: Technology]
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I thought that Die Another day was one of the best Bond films I've seen. And that was partly because of the character of Jinx as played by Halle Berry. This was a great character and the first time that we've seen a female character written as the equal of Bond and who wasn't a baddie. Michelle Yeoh's character kicked butt in Tomorrow Never Dies. But Jinx was what Bond would have been like if the character were a woman.

But despite rumours that Jinx would get a spin-off MGM has cancelled plans for Jinx. They've decided to play to it safe and work on Bond 21 instead.

I know nobody's asking me but they are making a big mistake.

BTW the latest rumour is that Hugh Jackman (or as us Aussies like to say our Hugh) could be the next Bond.

Finally, apparently ratings are not so good for Star Trek Enterprise (the "Star Trek" prefix was added this season). I am a trekker from way back but it took me a while to warm to this show because the only cool characters are the Captain, the Vulcan and the Doctor. But I like those characters enought to keep watching. UPN says they are committed to the show. I hope so... I'll have more to say about this show when I finally start my Late Night Lament series.
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I have to say I agree with this letter. I bought my G5 a month ago, so was "lucky" enough to be offered a AUD$35 upgrade to Panther. But really, given the amount of money I spent and the fact that there would have have been no profit margin for them at $35, they could have offered it for free. At least I'm bether off than this guy or my friends who have to shell out over AUD$200 to upgrade.

Letters to the Editor. Apple Loyalty Unrewarded?. [New York Times: Technology]
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Once again I'm glad I use a Mac!

New virus hits computers. A virus dubbed Sober which affects many versions of Windows is starting to spread more widely online. [BBC News | Technology | UK Edition]
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Fox nearly sued itself over 'Simpsons' parody: Matt Groening (AFP). AFP - Rupert Murdoch's Fox News Channel threatened to sue the makers of "The Simpsons" over a parody of the channel's right-wing political stance, the creator of the hit US television show has claimed. [Yahoo! News - Entertainment]
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 Thursday, 30 October 2003
Being on annual leave, and being hosue bound due to an ongoing illness and a pile of freelance work I am getting through, I have had the good fortune to come across the BBC Drama Judge John Deed.

TV Tome describes the show:

In this BBC drama series, Mr Justice Deed (played by Martin Shaw) is an unusual English High Court judge. An idealistic lawyer from a working-class background, Deed has got near to the top of his profession by his intellect, his boyish charm, and an obsessive belief in justice.

Judge Deed wants to uphold the law (and the independence of the judiciary) at all costs, and this leaves him at odds with a series of British government stooges who try to influence his judgements.

Outside court, John Deed has an up-and-down relationship with fellow barrister Jo Mills (played by Jenny Seagrove), and his glamorous ex-wife Georgina Channing (another barrister, played by Caroline Langrishe) is somehow never quite out of his life. He and Georgina have a daughter called Charlie (Louisa Clein) whose escapades have a way of getting Deed into hot water.

Shaw is great in the title role of this personally flawed, interventionist judge who keeps pissing off the higher ups. Its entertaining drama which I suspect gives a somewhat accurate picture of the tension between the executive and the judiciary and the underlying political powerplays of the British justice system.
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 Wednesday, 29 October 2003
The US version of British show Coupling has bombed despite being hyped as the new Friends. This interesting article looks at the fate of some other britcom clones.

Some Americanized British Shows Nosedive (AP). AP - Americans have been watching British TV shows for years, even if they haven't realized it. [Yahoo! News - Entertainment]
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Two stories about the use of sweatshop labor on P. Diddy's fashion label...

P. Diddy and the Sweatshop Boys (E! Online). E! Online - The rap mogul otherwise known as Sean "Puffy" Combs is catching flak from worker rights' advocates who allege his Sean John fashion line is cranked out by sweatshop laborers in Honduras. [Yahoo! News - Entertainment]

Rights Group: Sean Combs Clothing Used 'Sweatshop' (Reuters). Reuters - Workers' rights activists said on Tuesday that hip-hop music and fashion entrepreneur Sean Combs' trendy clothing line used a "sweatshop" in Honduras where women sew expensive garments for pitifully low pay. [Yahoo! News - Entertainment]
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 Tuesday, 28 October 2003
The Smarts avoid giving details of daughter's ordeal ( - No one can truly understand the agony, uncertainty, terror and pure joy that Ed and Lois Smart experienced after their radiant daughter, Elizabeth, 14, was abducted from their home in the middle of the night in 2002 and was returned nine months later. The parents attempt to describe the ordeal in Bringing Elizabeth Home, written with Laura Morton. [Yahoo! News - Entertainment]
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Beyonce: I Love Gay People. Beyonce Knowles is furious at British tab the Sun, claiming they twisted her words to make her sound homophobic. [E! Online]
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Britney Opens Up. Britney Spears talks Justin, sex and Madonna-kissing in revealing Newsweek Q&A [E! Online]
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Some mass obsessions never end, like who shot JFK...

ABC News Declares Oswald Acted Alone (AP). AP - ABC News has conducted an exhaustive investigation of the Kennedy assassination, complete with a computer-generated reconstruction, which irrefutably confirms that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, the network said Monday. [Yahoo! News - Entertainment]
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The fabulous Eliza Dushku who played Faith on Buffy has a new show Tru Calling:
Tru is a smart, sexy recent college graduate who, when her high, powered medical internship falls through, finds herself working the midnight shift at the New York City morgue. One night, Tru questions reality when she thinks she hears a beautiful murder victim asking for her help. But the next morning, our heroine wakes up to find that she is back at the beginning of that very same day, twelve hours before a murder that only she knows about is set to take place. With the clock ticking, Tru is compelled to traverse the city of New York over those next twelve hours to prevent this wrongful death, while at the same time rescuing members of her own family from their dangerous and self-destructive lives.

The show debuts in the US on Thursday. It has an official website (too much Flash!), a weblog (not quite running yet) and a fan site or two.

Eliza is a legend and I hope the show works out for her.
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Mum's the Word for New '24' Star (Reuters). Reuters - "My name is Dr. Ann Packard. That's my name, so you can deduce that I am a woman, and I am a doctor, and that's, of course, all I can say," says Wendy Crewson, who is about to make her "24" debut opposite Kiefer Sutherland on the hit Fox series, which begins its third season Tuesday. [Yahoo! News - Entertainment]
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Showtime Unveils Lesbian Saga (Reuters). Reuters - If gay TV is the trend du jour, Showtime thinks it's found a new twist on the genre. [Yahoo! News - Entertainment]
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Dr.Who Update, looks like Tom baker was just having fun. Eddie Izzard will not be the next Dr. Nor will Alan Davies(1:45:19 AM  #  comment []