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  segunda-feira, 29 de setembro de 2003


Luis Brilhante shows new abstract paintings.

Abstract painting by Luis Brilhante

Quadrum Art Gallery. Lisbon.
September 20 - October 31. 2003.

"The outcome should be more important than process" - Luis Brilhante.

17 mixed media paintings, with a Pollock flavor, but also with a techno drive in it. "Process" refers to a group of abstract, abrasive and luminous paintings. They are obtained after a systematic procedure. First, Luis Brilhante draws with his computer hundreds of traced black lines. After this first stage, some selected outputs are printed on white paper. Dozens of sheets are then embedded in the canvas thru a "collage" procedure. On top of this there is acrylic painting done in some kind of "action painting" fashion. The finishing level is done with a sander machine! The resulting pattern, well it looks to me like very poetic satellite pictures taken from some unknown battlefield. - ACP.

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