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  sexta-feira, 03 de setembro de 2004

Kill Bill Vol 1. in ASCII. Xeni Jardin:

Someone has translated Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill Vol. 1 into a series of ASCII text images. Uma's looking as thin as a stick figure! But: brilliant. Link (thanks, Case)

[Boing Boing]
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Tokyo Damage Report. Xeni Jardin:

The self-described "American Jerk" behind Tokyo Damage Report says "This page is about interesting (meaning, fucked up) things that one can do in Tokyo. punk, visual, cosplay, s/m, gothic, street trends, capsule hotels, bizarre magazines, random subcultures, and bad Engrish. . . . .also it is about tokyo's urban legends: square watermelons, Sanrio condoms, politically incorrect vending machines, etc."

Here, you'll find photos and first-person accounts of odd things in Japan -- like this beauty product expo filled with bizarre gadgets and obliquely degrading experiences. Image at left: "fake treatments helping beautify fake people." Elsewhere, the blogger discusses "PORNO GAME CHEAT CODES" (Link):

"Welcome to REBEL 100. apparently for some guys, not only is it too difficult to have sex with living human females, it's ALSO TOO DIFFICULT TO SCORE WITH THEM IN X-RATED VIDEOGAMES TOO. here is the concept behind rebel 100: guys are getting turned down by PORN."

Here's another winning entry (Link):

"I noticed that JAPANESE PUNKS HAVE THE MOST FESTOONED BUTTS OF ANYONE EVER. Like a middle-aged man. . . as the hair has gotten smaller, the butts have gotten bigger. Consider how many little doodads dangle from the cellphone of a stereotypical schoolgirl. Then multiply that by ten, and turn the cellphone into a denim-and-leather butt, and you have a punk. Today's punks have not just wallet chains and cigarettes in their behinds, but so much booty fashion I had to make a whole glossary (how did I conduct this research? I'll leave the actual process of asking people about their butts to your imagination.)"

Tons more like this at his main archive page. Link (Thanks, RogueAI)

[Boing Boing]
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