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18 January 2006

I've made the switch to Blogger. You can follow my blog posts on my new blog available at:


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13 January 2006

A couple of links I've been looking at lately:

  • SLIM Pubmed - use sliders or profiles to select types of study
  • Cite u Like - folksonomy for referencing published work


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06 January 2006

Las Vegas hosts this event between 5-8 Jan. Here's Engadget's live coverage of the event.

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San Francisco plays host to the Apple Expo 2006 between 9-13 Jan, next week. The Guardian Technology section yesterday had a piece by Mike Evangelist about how Steve Jobs drills himself and his team to perfection in the run-up to his keynote and product demonstrations.
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05 January 2006

Came across this BMJ article today. I don't agree with the conclusion but gets the grey matter working.
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15 December 2005

Pubmed training videos [Librarian in Black]

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The presentations are available for this conference that was held in November 2005.
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The Krafty Librarian discusses finding and cataloguing medical podcasts. From a comment it looks like NLM is interested in tracking various audio and visual formats available on the web. [Catalogablog]

Sounds Healthy - multilingual streaming audio factsheets on a variety of common health topics, stumbled on by accident while looking for Muir Gray's Sounds Healthy.

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13 December 2005

An open source single sign-on web authentication system developed at the University of Michigan.
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I came across this post today from the Panlibus blog. I think that a number of large publishers are using CrossRef. I need to think about this some more...
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12 December 2005

Here is the Periodic Table of the Elements nicely done using Ajax.
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The Openlaszlo web development platform.
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