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  Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Well, here we are, Tuross, evening, loud music playing, dinner cooking, pictures taking, beer drinking, blog composing

This entry will be text only, no stuffing around with pictures. I am doing pictures, out here in the world, and working on right view and right understanding. Where I am in the world, what's to do, what I am doing. My conclusion:no pictures in the blog.

And back to the big questions, my real state of being, eg the interface with the neighbour. We are both improving out front, which brings us into close proximity. Theme for the novelist's pen. I think we will deal with it with civility and mutual respect.

I was thinking about what happens when I am down here and the relationship between those states of mind and of heart and the place. It is certainly wonderfully enabling, constantly rich in natural beauty. But delight is certainly not dependant on the place. I can take delight with me everywhere, if I so choose - and that is to choose the practice, that is what you believe you may do when you choose the life of practice.

Time for another picture. Returned. There is no railing out there, the old one taken down and the new one not yet erected. That changes the space. One is on the edge of a cliff. Trade off between safety and intensity of experience. Staying safe excludes certain kinds of intensity. Obviously, but one of the symptoms of age is that I am prone to forgetting it, for a while at least.

Dinner's ready. Eating takes precedence.

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  Wednesday, 1 March 2006

This is a favourite view, from about where I sit at the dining table in Linda's house in Queanbeyan. I imagine the visible houses as all being owned by Macedonians, as her house formerly was and as the house on the right of the picture is, and the satellite dishes as being required to access Macedonian media. We live in a Macedonian street in a Macedonian town - Queanbeyan has a club, church and butcher to my knowledge and perhaps more institutions. I like the colours and materials in the view, reds and bricks, and the solidity of the houses, bespeaking the hard earned prosperity of their owners in a strange land. A google search on Macedonia provides a portal into the complexities of a nation whose boundaries do not coincide with those of  the State with that name. Interesting that the CIA web site should come first in the google search, and that the "issues" heading in that site should lead one to a claim that Macedonia is a major transshipment point for drugs. More to be discovered in the CIA web site about the gringo view of the world.

Returning to my picture, I like the way the vertical blinds slice up the image.

A picture named view.jpg
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  Friday, 24 February 2006

I have been indulging my greed for photoshop plugins recently. The picture
below is done in the "black and white studio" plugin from power retouche.
I will probably get a new printer soon which produces good monochrome images.

Time to pack up here and head for Queanbeyan. Lots to do up there. Quillan's
birthday celebrations, seeing Jake, working on the gardens (natural and hydroponic).

A picture named black-pelican.jpg
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  Saturday, 11 February 2006

Finally this picture appears. It seems that the tool gets turned off. Saturday morning in Queanbeyan. 

A picture named coastwilday-copy.jpg
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  Thursday, 9 February 2006

I continue to have small frustrations using this software. I have a good sense of what I am doing wrong to cause them, but not enough precise knowledge to avoid them. I spent the day adding photographs to my web site, with good success, but the activity did not address my sense of dissatisfaction at not having any real work.

The picture below shows wind on the water and sun on branches shaken by the wind. I used a fast speed to get the branches and waves sharp, with only modest success, and on second thoughts would prefer the branches to be blurry. Not sure how to achieve that - maybe two pictures from a tripod, at different speeds, superimposed in photoshop.

Home to Queanbeyan tomorrow, for the weekend and through until Tuesday. Maybe visit Ihian in the second half of next week. We need some customers.

A picture named evening light copy.jpg
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I tried to do an entry here last night, but got tied up between computers, with radio not working on the imac and internet connection not working from the imac. Now, the latter appears to be working.

Fishing yesterday on bingie and grey rocks, after rock drummer (aka "pigs") using cunje as bait, nothing but a rock cod and a bit of sunburn,  casting into a strong nor'easterly under a cloudless sky. I spoke to a couple of old blokes from around ulladulla who were prospecting local fishing spots and who agreed that you  might as well go home with a wind like that blowing. Rode the bike out there with fishing gear in the panniers following to an idea which arose, and was indulged with more self-confirming attetnion than it warranted, on my recent meditation retreat. A hard ride, in the sun, though, a good thing in  itself and certainly an occasion for being present.

I am following the "touching sitting" meditation which Patrick taught me. Here is another account of it which makes it sound rather complicated, strict and technical, which I understand to be the Burmese way.  I am not being as disciplined as the linked article calls for, but what I am doing feels good. I am not very precise or clear, but it does calm me down.

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  Wednesday, 8 February 2006

So here I am back on my laptop which seems to be the only place from which I can access radio userland. which is fine, it can be laptop based.

I spent most of a day at Tuross trying to fish around bingie rocks and grey rocks, using cunje to go after silver drummer,  fishing into a strengthening nor-easter, losing hooks on the rocks, catching nothing.  Saw one guy after beach worms (a skill I badly want) and chatted to a couple of old mates from around ulladulla, prospecting the local fishing spots and grumbling about the wind making fishing hopeless. road the bike over there and back. curry for dinner (chicken, vegie, dhal, banana with coconut). Watched an amazing german movie about hitler's last weeks and  hours in the bunker. small fantasy about video shop new owner.

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  Thursday, 2 February 2006

So here we are again. I have just decided to renew my subscription to Radio Userland rather than striking out on my own with a page template on my website. The main problem with this is the difficulty I have with pictures, and that may be amenable to developing a more consistent method. There have been a few frustrations doing this post, but I think I know the reasons for them, and working with the html source rather than CSS seems to be helpful. The picture below is  from a recent trip to Scotland. I will have more on the website soon.

A picture named greyreflection.jpg
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