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 Thursday, November 26, 2009

Here's something I'm wondering today.

A stereotype in America says that a foreign exchange student or au pair from Europe is a likely prospect for a casual fling. I'm told that in Europe, the American college student on travel vacation is similarly viewed as "easy". Both ideas are probably exaggerated, but I suspect they are based on some truth.

It is generally believed, and I think it's probably true, that a person is more likely to have an affair while out of town on business. I think it's also true that men are more likely to buy the services of prostitutes or quasi-prostitutes when out of town on business.

Married couples whose sex life is flagging will often seek to revive it by taking a vacation. Apparently they find sex more exciting when it's in a nice hotel in some exotic locale.

The common theme here is that people want to have sex more when they're traveling away from home.

Aside from the convenience factors, might there not be a genetic component to this urge? It seems plausible that humans with a gene that makes them want to have sex away from home would do a better job of spreading their genetic material far and wide, and thus natural selection would favor that gene.

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