Contact Benzene

There are two ways to contact me. The following link --

[Send a message to Benzene]

-- will send me an email by way of the Radio server. This is a service of Radio that allows me to receive email through the site without making my private email address public. When you use this method you'll be taken to an HTML form on the Radio site and you can type your message there. (Be careful when typing a lengthy comment in this or any other HTML form: the text is not saved, and it will be lost if you exit the form.)

Alternatively, you can email me the traditional way using my private email address. I won't print it here, but most of you know it already. Those who don't shouldn't have much trouble finding it, since it really isn't all that private.

It is Benzene's policy to print some email comments in the letter column. Any email received via Radio will be treated as eligible for print unless you specify otherwise. Any email received directly will be treated as not for print unless you specify otherwise.