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Sunday, February 27, 2005

This blog is going bye-bye. Head on over to desperatepundit.com and check out the new digs. This page should auto-redirect you within 10 seconds or so. If not, click on the link in the previous sentence.

Don't read too much into the new name. I just like the word "pundit," that's all. Th new blog will continue to focus on OpenDarwin related things with an occasional look at other things.

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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Which Family Guy character are you?

Damn if it ain't true. :)

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Sunday, February 6, 2005

My Radio Userland subscription expires in 30 days. I'm currently installing Tomcat and Blojsom to see if that's a good substitute.

If anyone is interested, I'm looking at Blojsom since it will ship standard with Mac OS X "Tiger." I've registered a domain name and plan to run this stuff off my personal machine. I have such low traffic on this site that running on a cable modem is more than sufficient.

Anyone know how to migrate from Radio to Blojsom? There was exactly one post about this on the blojsom mailing list, but it wasn't overly helpful.

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That was the weakest coin toss I have ever seen! Future NFL prospect my ass... that kid's got no arm!

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Thursday, February 3, 2005

The other day I sent away for the Combat Conditioning book by Matt Furey. He's a former wrestler, kung-fu champion, swimmer, etc. If there exists a sport, it sounds like he has given it a try at some point.

Anyway, the point of his exercise style is to use only the weight of your own body for resistance. I'm still a bit sceptical about the long-term benefits of such a program, but I can assure you that so far these exercises are kicking my ass! I didn't realize until I woke up this morning just how inflexible my body had become over the years.

The Combat Conditioning program stresses three major exercises forever referred to as the Royal Court. They are:
  1. Hindu squat
  2. Hindu push-up
  3. Back bridge
All the exercises appear inspired by those used by wrestling coaches across the country.

I've got to run off to work now, but I'll post more about this in the coming days.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

I plan to have a new ODTulipDriver release (the darwin-tulip project) within the next several weeks. I took a look at the freebsd tulip driver directory a few days ago and noticed that several manufacturers have released cards based on chipsets already supported by this driver. If I add the appropriate vendor-id and device-id codes, the driver will know to "match" against them and load.

Also, at some point I intend to put some serious work into supporting the 21040A chipset which drives the ethernet on the original PowerBook G3 "Kanga" model. It's a deficiency listed by the XPostFacto project as needing a fix; I would like to contribute to this project. The author, Ryan Rempel, has done a tremendous amount of great work and deserves the support.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Sorry for the long hiatus. I'm back and ready to kick some ass.

My first project is to get opendarwin-x86 booting from HFS+ partitions. My other to-do's on the list are all driver projects. Those projects inevitably lead to lots of kernel panics and hard crashes. When testing them under OS X on a PPC box, all is well since the journaled filesystem completes its integrity checks and boots up very quickly. This is not true at all on the x86 systems; they currently boot from UFS. There is a long fsck even on small partitions (I keep them under 3 GB).

I have a vague idea how to accomplish this. I posted a note to the opendarwin hackers list and am awaiting a hint or two before jumping in with both feet.

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

The kernel panic I posted about last was being caused by a hardware problem. Though I ran the Apple Hardware Test on a 16 hour loop, it failed to detect any problem with the hardware.

I took it in to a local Apple store and waited about 10 days for CPU1 to get replaced. Everything is back to normal now.

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