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Updated: 8/11/2006; 11:51:04 AM.


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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My laptop crashed about a month back and I'm still trying to recover. I've been very careless about backing up my stuffs and I had to price for carelessness. Lack of time in past one year is one of the primary drivers for my carelessness though. The last time I took backup of my laptop was about two months back and I lost many documents, articles, presentations, test cases, and samples that I wrote in last two months. A high stressed PM job and night book authoring does not mesh well (:  One good thing was that I used a different machine for book writing and backed up my work almost every day. Probably this incident will teach me a lesson to be little more careful next time.
The worst effect was on my blogs. I did not realize that if you use Radio Userland all blog entries are stored on your local drives and recovery is not easy and I was almost decommissioned from blogging for about a month. However the folks in Radio Userland helped me recover my old posts and hope I'm back in business again. I think I should seriously plan out a transition of blogs. I like Google's blogger. But now that it is blocked from India does not excite me. Got any suggestions for a good blog site that is reliable and that will not leave out of blogging for weeks?

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