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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Some of the comments on my Gmail story got me thinking about what the internet has done to our trust. Somebody brought up that if a postman did go through your mail he would go to jail, that is if someone found out what he did. If a person at Gmail (or any person who is trusted to securely hold your information) went through someone's messages, they could be open to law suits, that is if someone found out. You can equivocate Gmail to the postman (who you trust with your mail everyday) and vise versa. The reason I suppose people are disgusted by the privacy features of Gmail is because they don't trust machines as much as they trust humans. However if I had a huge secret to share, it would be much safer to type it in a computer and save it. The only way the secret could get out would be if a person somehow found it on the computer and told everyone, which would mean the human caused the breech in secrecy as they told everyone, not the computer. This is the same at Gmail, where the breach of secrecy or security would be at the human level where a person would access the email messages with evil intentions, not the computer. So if any complaints should be made, they should be directed towards the evil doers of Google, and not the AdSense software.

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