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I've had an interest in publishing technical articles and HELPFUL code for a few years.  I am (by trade and hobby) a developer who specializes in Oracle technologies and web based architectures.  I have been an employee of both TUSC and Oracle Corporation.  My intent here is to share my ideas and coding experiences with the developer community as a whole.  As with all developers some of my ideas are great and some of them are ....  well you know.  Anyway, I hope you find something here that will aid in your endeavor, or spark a new idea. 

I am more than happy to assist with technical issues and will even write a little code if need be. If you find something on the site that is really useful and you'd like to make a contribution (absolutely up to you and absolutely not required), just click the "Make a Donation" button on the left!

Good luck and good coding !

  Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Outstanding Book! (Dreaming In Code)

I haven't used my weblog to recommend books in the past.  However, I have decided to intersperse recommendations of good books related to our profession as software developers.  The first book I'd like to recommend is called "Dreaming In Code" by  Scott Rosenberg.  The book takes the reader through the entire process of developing an innovative software project in Silicon Valley with some of the pioneers and legends of the internet age.  The book is not dry and reads almost like a novel.  I have even caught myself laughing out loud (and earning strange looks from my wife for laughing at a "computer book").  I believe everyone from project managers to developers will relate to and enjoy this very well written book!

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