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Monday, January 02, 2006

And what you can do about it..first read the sad tale.

U.S. safety net in tatters
Seafood shoppers are at risk for mercury exposure as regulators ignore their own experts, issue flawed warnings and set policies aiding industry. What's even worse:
the FDA has no procedure for checking mercury levels in fish oil nutritionals!,1,5595779.story?coll=chi-newsnationworld-hed

What's to be done? Join our campaign for forcing the FDA to obey their
legal mandate to protect the public from harmful substances..

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Who Really is Writing All Those Scientific Studies?
Not the researchers or scientists or study participants as might be expected.
Would you believe they're written mostly by highly-paid cmpany shills?

It's an open secret in medicine that many of the articles that appear in medical journals, often purporting to be written by well-known academics, are actually written by unacknowledged ghostwriters in the pay of drug companies.

These "seemingly objective articles" are usually actually part of a marketing campaign to promote a product or draw attention to the condition it treats.

So, if your physician reads his journals in the hopes .of improving his doctoring skills and knowledge, too bad - for you and for him. Ask him to read this:


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