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  Saturday, January 7, 2006

Gold Pants Martian a Go Go (Parts 1 & 2)

Sorry for holding out on you all, but check out this AMAZING autographed photo (click to enlarge) now adorning my studio walls. In fact, I've been in the studio around the clock, very excited to be cutting a new duet with planet earth's loveliest singing sensation, and my own personal hero goddess Leslie Hall. She laid down her tracks before playing an amazing gig here in Toronto at OLD NICKs at 123 Danforth, with her band LESLIE & THE LYS (pronouned L-I-E-S) featuring the beautiful and talented D.J. Dr. Laura (Laura de Waal) and "Sassy Gay" (special guest Whitney from RoboSapien in femme drag).
Support Band ROBO SAPIEN. are a not-to-be-missed fun & exciting duo originally from San Francisco, now based in Chapel Hill who play a fresh blend of DEVO & BEASTIE BOYS flavoured Hip Hop. Check the TOUR page for dates in your town, and if you're lucky enough to live on the east coast...RUN don't walk to check out these two grrrrreat acts.
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  Wednesday, December 21, 2005


TORONTO,CANADA - not to be confused by SWIMMING STARS and RACING CARS The new Gem Speedo has touched a nerve, and now the whole world has sat up and taken notice! Still waters run deep as they say, and plumbing yet further depths The great SPEEDO debate rages on! Response has been AMAZING! Thanks to everyone who has taken the trouble to write in. With eMails coming in daily coast-to-coast from the US, BRITAIN, FRANCE ..THE MIDDLE EAST and AFRICA who keeps contacting us "to seek our assistance in transferring the sum of thirty five million united states dollars only out of their country and into your trusted bank accounts abroad...."
Please understand that while it's sometimes difficult to answer each and everyone of your eMails personally, we're doing the best that we can to keep up with the love load. Thank you!

As you all know by now, the casual casual crew is hard at work on the GEM SPEEDO video, and that LESLIE HALL herself, is coming to CANADA to the shoot. The song drops officially on Leslie's upcoming CD release (stay tuned for details!) Thank you GEM GODDESS!

Now comes news from across the pond that WORLD-FAMOUS SEAN LEANING is diving in to the project head first to provide us with some of his first-rate animation. Thanks, SEAN!

Download the GEM SPEEDO mp3
Watch Lukas Blakk video of GEM SWEATER goddess LESLIE HALL LIVE @ TAFFI

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