September 19, 2004

Where to start in computer security

The root node of your search tree

When someone is interested in a new subject, he try to find an introduction work that will tell him what the subject is about, the fields that compose it, the terminology and references for further reading. You need a start point that will be the root node of your search tree on this subject.

Computer security is not excluded and fit this pattern. I read a post on joatBlog that point me out this article: First Things First - An Introduction to Learning About Network Security. I didnít take the time to read it this week. I just finished reading it and itís why Iím writing this post now. It remembered me the methodology of searching on a new subject. The importance of introduction works in a field. Itís why I take the time to share this article with you. If you donít have any experience in this field and that you want to learn more about it, I recommend you to read it and the references pointed out in it. Moreover, I suggest you to read most of the articles on the SecurityFocus website. This is another great source of information for any person interesting in computer security. I recommend you to read these sources of information before buying any book on computer security. In this way, youíll know if the book worth his price and the specific field that you want to deepen.

Have a good reading. Remember, if you have any question donít hesitate to ask me them.

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