February 14, 2005

Introduction of ads in feed content?

If it the price to pay to have complete feed post, why not?




Yesterday I talked about snipped of post in feeds content. Max reacted to it today and brings a really good point into the discussion:


"[...] In these cases, I could understand they don't want entirely syndicate their posts. A solution could be inserting ads even in feeds (like Yahoo! and others do)[...]"



The question is legitimate. As he says, many bloggers add Google AdSense and other ads systems to their web site to cover the cost of their blogs hosting. In this case, they want to have the bread and the cash of the bread. Then they create feed but only put snippet of post in them to bring readers to their web site in hope they click on their ads. This situation can reopen, or refresh, a debate on feeds: will we see ads in feeds in the futures?


Personally, in the light of this situation, if you put ads in your feeds AND you put entire posts with these ads, then, I can consider the pertinence to put ads in RSS or Atom feeds. I'm ready to pay the price.


Think about it: you are at the airport; you just connected to the ATT Wireless services for 10 minutes with your Tablet PC. You refresh your entire feed list with your favorite RSS reader, close the connection and get onboard. You are seated and ready to read all of your feeds, you have 10 hours above you. Then you start to read them, but more than the half are just snippets. Don't you think that this situation can be a determinant factor for air rage?

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