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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Where oh where has the Manic Minute been. . .

Finally, I've got my house and studio setup in Seattle and Mike's Manic Minute is back on-the-wire and will now return to it's "nearly daily" schedule.

Since you last hear from me, I've traveled back from Florida on a very, very bumpy and scary Delta flight, been to Orcas island for a "team building off-site", which was my very first "corporate offsite" in my 35 years in the software biz, hung out with a bunch of wild and crazy people at Gnomedex, and generally settled in.


The Next Small Thing. . .

Innovation in software comes, in large part, due to the efforts, creativity and inspiration of individual developers and/or small groups of developers.  This coming week I'll be at the Shareware Industry Conference ( in Denver, Colorado.  If you're going please look me up! 


Even if you're not going you might want to check out the contest Iím running for Microsoft ( where you can win free tickets, hotel and travel to the upcoming Professional Developers Conference.


Podcast of the day. . .

The name just drew me in. . .

Harry Podder

Magical news indeed!


And that's your Manic Minute for July 9th, 2005!

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