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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

CREATIVE DESTRUCTION:  Vulgar Morality will turn five in January.  The blog has been hosted by Radio Userland, which now informs me they have decided to "close" their blogging services as of 31 December 2009.


I'm not happy with Radio Userland, but Vulgar Morality will continue, and I'll use the transition as an opportunity to change the blog for the better.


As of today, though, there will be no more postings on this site.  Vulgar Morality has been resurrected to, and all new posts will appear there.  I hope to export all the VM conent before the end-of-year, turn-into-a-pumpkin moment, but until then I'll leave it in the tender care of Radio Userland, and lead a schizoid blogging life.

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