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This blog is now a part of my experiment in media transparency. The premise is that if the media can broadcast polished edited content through one channel like ZDNet, then why can't it also broadcast a parallel channel that's full of the raw materials (thus, this "channel"). For a much more detailed explanation, be sure to check out the following:In case you're interested, maintaining a simplistic transparency channel like this one has so far involved a significant amount of heavy lifting. The core technology may exist, but it's my opinion that a decent UI for publishing a transparency channel does not. So, one outgrowth of this experiment might be a complete specification for such a system -- Something I call JOTS. Finally, as a student of media, convergence, and technology monoculture (three very inter-related issues, if you ask me), I'll be blogging any news that comes my way that I think is relevant to the media revolution that's upon us (the one that many media executives are in obvious denial about).

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Andy Lark calls tech research  A House Of Cards.  In his post, he says:

I don't know of any industry other than tech in which such "corrupting" business practices exist....What isn't OK is the business practice of pay-for-play masquerading as independent consultancy. The only equity in it is that this model punishes big and small alike. The big have to keep fueling the beast and where they don't they suddenly see their rankings plummet and adverse commentary. The small can't afford to really play at all.

He doesn't stop there. Next, he proposes a Research Transparency Portal and suggests that to get the research outfits to go along with the idea, vendors should put away their checkbooks and organize a boycott until the researchers capitulate.   Go Andy. Go.  You have my support.

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