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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Below all of this commentary is the first installment of another new podcast mix series I've started called (ib)dEEpTech.

This series features a style I have loved for years, but as you might have noticed of late, I'm trying to refine my podcasts into specified categories that demonstrate the different styles of music I love to listen to, produce, mix, and want to play for the public. I have always felt DJing is very much about providing musicians with exposure, which I used to constantly state on my old college radio show back when I was more of a straight hop-hop DJ with an infatuation with electronic music I struggled to learn more about.

My hope is to still maintain a wide enough range of diverse sounds within each mix to keep it interesting, but to also keep the more eclectic mixing to Indelible Beats. I could almost critique myself for playing to so many styles as being very "American" in that for reasons I won't get into now (some good, some maybe not so good) as in this country we tend to think of DJs as being required to play every style.

I'd suggest this comes from a perception of DJs here more as people's personal jukeboxes, or a tour guide you expect to take you to the most famous sites of a city, rather than an hiring an artist to paint for you on a blank canvas or a visiting a city where a local you randomly met introduces you to a community and guides you through the daily life its residents experience. I generally find the latter two to be more meaningful, but that's me.

One other thing is that also leads to the reason I like to incorporate scratching and cutting into my electronic music mixes. I know there are some DJs who have done this and still do, but I RARELY hear most utilizing it in these styles, and believe it can work.

Anway, on to the musik!...

Download I.B. Deep Tech Volume 1 in mp3


Shonky & Jennifer Cardini - Tuesday Paranoia (Jamie Jones' Submerged House Mix)

Eric Borgo and Yannick Baudin - 1900 (Original Mix)

Daclip - Vanity (Daclip '08 Remix)

Two Armadillos - Hamlin (Sascha Dive's Secret Dub)

Alex Jones - Humid

Greg Parker - Free

Tovar - Colors

Jonas Bering - Only Mirrors

The Electric Press - Uno (Nic Fanciulli Remix)

Nick Curly - On My Way (Pier Bucci Mucha Salsa Remix)

Skylark - Blocked In (Funk D'Void Remix)

Nekes - Waitin

D'Julz -Yo Mama

Muzzaik - Noise

Manel Tur - Vabanque (Stimming Remix)

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