Friday, July 29, 2005

A Wiki for the OPML Front Page

Yahoo! er, uh, a wiki for the OPML Outliner.

Go here!

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ActiveGrid - LAMP Rapid Application Open Source Development on a whole new level. This looks pretty exciting. I was thinking about this method of application development a couple of days ago, and now here it is.

From their website:

The ActiveGrid Application Builder is an open source, rapid application development environment that employs a native XML paradigm which enables developers to graphically and iteratively create, test, and deploy enterprise applications.

They also have an application server that serves the middle tier that looks impressive:

What is the ActiveGrid Grid Application Server?
The ActiveGrid Grid Application Server is a next-generation application server designed to scale applications across horizontal grids of commodity computers. The ActiveGrid Grid Application Server is built on top of the open source LAMP stack. In contrast to traditional three-tier architectures, where statically defined applications are bound to a particular deployment architecture, the ActiveGrid Grid Application Server interprets applications at runtime and can deploy them using a variety of proven deployment models and multiple data caching patterns. The result is a system that provides unprecedented levels of flexibility, scalability and economy.

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