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Sunday, October 09, 2005

3:34:06 PM    

Ladies Night on Tonight On The Radio




Featuring some of the best new female vocalists, including:


Jennifer Matthews

Kate Fenner & Chris Brown


Samantha Murphy

Sisters K

Nell Bryden

Alex Bach

Kill Dorothy

Kelli Owens

Blue Number Nine

Stefanie Seskin


3:29:35 PM    

Friday, April 22, 2005

Tonight On The Radio #6



Despite the rumors, this is not the episode where you learn how I became Darth Vader*. This is the Las Vegas Roadshow edition of Tonight On The Radio!

Featuring Music from:


Chris Brown

The Arse Klarts


The Oozing Grooves


Plus...clips from great podcasts:

Digital Flotsam

Evil Genius Chronicles

The Vinyl Podcast

Special Thanks to everyone who spoke with us in Las Vegas - thanks for listening! Please support these artists, and be sure to let them know you heard them on Tonight On The Radio.

*Another quality joke, stolen from Lance Lindley

10:18:15 AM    

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Get ready for the first Tonight On The Radio Roadshow...

in Las Vegas!

We will be interviewing people on the Vegas Strip - telling them all about our show. Expect the unexpected. We head West April 18th. Stay tuned!! 


12:46:49 PM    

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tonight On The Radio #5


Home Page

Featuring music by:

Ten Ways From Sunday

Whitney Steele

Andy Durand

Nell Bryden

Rose Reiter

Adrina Thorpe

11:46:11 PM    

Tonight On The Radio #4

Download Show

Home Page

The show kicks off with Whorse performing Call Me Out.

Next up is Souldriver a 5-piece indie/rock band from Aberdare South Wales. Inner Vision is a kick-ass song that must be played AT MAXIMUM VOLUME!

L.A.'s Taxi Doll takes us for a spin with Waiting, a driving blend of styles the band calls "Rocktronica" Order their CD here.

Then Camp Susannah asks provocatively Couldja Wouldja. Order their CD here.

Followed by the groove and soul of Blue Number Nine performing Me and You, from the album On A Shoestring. Order their CD here.

Next, Belt hits us with Last Tantrum.

and finally, Cool Waters Band tells us They Can't Take It. Order their CD here.


11:45:46 PM    

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Our CD pick of the week is:

blue number nine

on a shoestring 

"Blue Number Nine's music is simultaneously fresh and retro; it's a brilliant blend that's fun and funky. Great horns, killer grooves, and lots of style. I love this album!"

- Michael K. Hill

2:37:17 AM    

Tonight On The Radio #3 

Episode 3 is finally here! Sorry for the delay.

Download Show

We spin the dial and find ourselves listening to radio's future as we tune in WEDIT - the station that promises "5 commercial-free seconds of music" This brilliant piece of satire was produced by Tonight On The Radio's own Rit Carter

The show gets rocking with guitar siren Alex Bach and her blistering track, Blame God Instead.

Next up is the title track of Days of Summer, the new album by Now Is Now - this song is like sonic sunshine. And we will be featuring more of their music on future shows.

Then an email request from a listener results in the playing of what may be the greatest song ever written about our mortality...

Happy Freaking Birthday by The Oozing Grooves

And congratulations to the OG for earning an Honor Award at the Great American Song Contest!!

Next, we're grinding to the funky soul of Sisters K as they're Unravelling - and check out the sweet guitar work by Moby Kerruish. This is a GREAT track!!

We wrap things up with Retrofin, a 5-piece rock n roll band from Essex, with a great heavy sound, and a kick-ass tune called Dear Rock n Roll.

We have tons of new music to play for you, so we are going to start producing the show in smaller "bite-size" pieces, averaging about 9 minutes in length. And we'll be releasing them several times a week. So make sure you are subscribed to the podcast, so you don't miss a thing.

To subscribe, copy this link into iPodder, iPodderX, or whatever aggregator you use:


2:37:02 AM    

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Thanks to ALL the bands and artists who have submitted music for the show!

We have some amazing stuff to play. Episode 3 posts soon.

11:04:19 AM    

Friday, March 11, 2005

Tonight On The Radio: Episode 2


Hi everyone - Welcome back!


Time for Episode 2 (The Lurking Terror) - not really


Download Episode 2


We spin the dial and start things off with a family discussion in the House of Evil...


Followed up by My Solution, a sweet jam from Kelli Owens - and she is back in the studio! We can't wait for the new tracks!!


Then a double-shot of music first heard on Insomnia Radio:

Cortez & Pizarro by Slim - a kick-ass history lesson set to a smokin' guitar groove.

And another great track - Tasting The Good Life by Chance 


Thanks to Magnanimous Dork we get to listen to Damara (a telemarketer) ponder the proposition of lunch with a total stranger, who admits to watching other people through binoculars. Sheer genius.


Followed by Nebraska Song by The Quadraphonics (which wins the award of most replays on my iPod in the last week!!)



To subscribe, copy this link into iPodder, iPodderX, or whatever aggregator you use:





To download only:



Featured Artists:


Kelli Owens






Magnanimous Dork


The Quadraphonics



Our favorite podcasts:


Insomnia Radio


Evil Genius Chronicles


Web Talk Radio


The Podcast About Nothing


Our Caller Line:





11:42:09 PM    

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