Tuesday, August 23, 2005

H88 Passes Finance Committee

After yesterday's grim news of decertification, there's some great news today. H88, the Electoral Fairness Act, has passed the House Finance Committee. Now it has to be brought before the full House for a vote. I've heard that a bill's endorsement from the F.C. gives it a good shot of passing the full House.<p>

This bill will significantly open up the electoral process in North Carolina by making it much easier for parties other than Republicans and Democrats to appear on the ballot. For parties like the Libertarian Party, that will mean less time simply getting on the ballot and a lot more time campaigning. We may well see as many as six parties and an independent or two in upcoming elections.<p>

Please write and/or call Speaker of the House James Black (919-733-3451), as well as your own representative, and urge passage of H88, the Electoral Fairness Act, before the close of this legislative session.

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