Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Guilford LP Convention Elects Officers, Delegates

The Guilford County Libertarian Party held its annual convention on March 22, 2006. Departing chairman Paul Elledge called on the Party to become more aggressive in Guilford County by seeking positions on local boards, speaking at county-commissioner and city-council meetings, and positioning the Libertarian Party as a political force poised to bring sensible government to Guilford County.

Richard Norman spoke about the professional campaign he ran for Winston-Salem city council in 2005, which garnered him 36% of the vote, and about how he plans to improve on his next campaign in order to win.

State LP chair Phil Jacobson spoke about strategies for gaining ballot access which will be voted on at the state convention, and Tom Bailey spoke about how the success of the LP will be at the local level, emphasizing the importance of the work of county affiliates.

The convention elected the following new officers:

County chair and UNCG president: Rob Sinnott
County and UNCG treasurer: Richard Schilhavy
County secretary: Christy Hopkins
UNCG vice president and secretary: Asa Cooney

The convention also elected the following delegates to the state convention:
Paul Elledge
Christy Hopkins
Sarah Walt
Rob Sinnott
Richard Schilhavy
Kevin Malone
Jessamyn Bailey

Allison Jaynes will be a delegate by default as a member of the state executive committee, while Tom Bailey will be a delegate by virtue of being a senator of the state LP.

Beverly Wilcox represented Rockingham County while Richard Norman represented Forsyth, and Asa Cooney represented Randolph.


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