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  Monday, May 25, 2009

Liz Cheney considering run for public office?.

The Washington Monthly’s Steve Benen has been keeping a close watch on Liz Cheney, noting that the ubiquitous daughter of the former vice president “practically lives on cable news” these days. “She also lies routinely, accuses the president of helping terrorists, and is so mindless in her attacks on the nation’s elected leadership, she’s something of a national embarrassment,” Benen writes. And according to close friends of hers, she may be the next Cheney to run for office:

“She’s awesome. Everyone wants her to run,” said a close friend. [...]

“She’s a chip off the block!” said a longtime friend. [...]

“It’s a two-fer. She comes off a bit better than he does sometimes,” a conservative consultant said.

Asked about the possibility that Liz Cheney might make a run for office, Republican operative Karl Rove responded, “She might!” Watch it:

[Think Progress]
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Iraq Vet: "How Many Nine-year Old Boys Have You Held in Your Arms, Crying for Their Father?". How about a boy clinging to his lifeless father that you just killed? []
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Do my Eyes, Deceive me... Or Did I Just See Sen. Graham Nearly Defend Speaker Pelosi?. [An analysis od former Senator and Intelligence Committee Chair's appearance on THE COLBERT REPORT (5/20/09) Where he back-handed his support to Speaker Pelosi. [OpEdNews - OpEdNews.Com Progressive, Tough Liberal News and Opinion]
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