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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Inaugural Post - Zuska's First Words

Greetings, World!  And welcome to my blog.

A tiny bit of background: 

Zuska is the name my maternal grandfather had for me as a small child.  I believe it was the Slovak diminutive for Suzanne.  How it's actually spelled I don't know - "Zuska" is how it sounded to me.  He often called me Zuska particularly when I was doing something exasperating, which happened fairly often.  Since I expect that I will exasperate a rather large number of people on a frequent basis with this blog, it seems entirely appropriate to have Zuska up there in the title.  :)

A Blog for All and No One: 

"It is time for [humans] to fix [our] goal.  It is time for [humans] to plant the germ of [our] highest hope." 

Intrigued?  Come back and listen to me rant about gender equity in engineering and science; Intelligent Design, the Christian Right, and the inadequate response of the scientific community; what's lacking in feminist critiques of science; and anything else that gets me riled. 

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