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  Monday, October 20, 2008

One thing that completely mystifies me in the US is the whole issue of voter registration (and apparent fraud).  Why is this issue of voter registration so freaking complicated in the US???

In Canada, during my years as a voter there, I was also a student and thus moved around fairly frequently so it was hard for the government to keep track of all my moves.  But this wasn't a problem, because to vote, all I had to do was show up at my local polling place (which was prominently advertised at many different places immediately prior to the election), bringing a piece of ID and a utility bill to show I was actually resident in that district.  It was as simple as that. Obviously, dead people can't show up at a polling place with ID and a utility bill, and neither can Mickey Mouse.

If I had not been so itinerant, I would have gotten my voter registration card in the mail via a government organization called Elections Canada, which develops the voter registration rolls from info from things like Provincial and Territorial motor vehicle registrars, Canada Revenue Agency (think IRS) , Citizenship and Immigration Canada , and Provincial and Territorial vital statistics registrars. 

It should be pretty easy to institute something similar in the US.  One would think, anyway.

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