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  Saturday, November 15, 2008

Several years ago, on a whim, I ordered a couple of mugs from Shutterfly for my husband;  I went online and downloaded a black and white picture of Nixon, and a picture of Kissinger, and those were the pictures I had printed onto the mugs.  I have no idea what inspired me to do this.  Although it is true that I have always considered Watergate and the Nixon adminstration humorous, but I can't exactly define why that is.

Anyway, my husband was very happy when he opened that gift.  I mean really, really happy.  He said it was the best gift he had gotten ever, bar none.

He uses the mugs every day at work, and about once every couple of weeks he gets enthusiastic compliments on them.  Apparently other people find Nixon amusing too.

My husband has gone through two Kissinger mugs so far.  The first got misplaced (or stolen, my husband suspects, although I think that is kind of an odd thing to steal).  The second got broken, and I am unfortunately to blame for that (I was visiting his office and reached for a book and accidently knocked Kissinger off the desk).  So Nixon has been going it alone for quite some time now. 

So, for this Christmas I have ordered another Kissinger mug.  I also ordered a G.Gordon Liddy mug too while I was at it.  I recall seeing a picture once of Liddy smiling for the camera while holding up a rifle by his side.  Sadly, I couldn't locate that picture online, so the mug has a picture of Liddy standing in front of a big American Flag instead.

Maybe next year I will get my husband Haldeman and Erlichman mugs, so he can round out his collection. 

On a whim today I searched for Watergate/Nixon action figures, starting with Nixon.  I found a Nixon action figure online at Amazon, but, sadly, no Kissinger, Liddy, Haldeman, or Erlichman action figures are to be found.  The Nixon figure doesn't look a whole lot like Nixon, but it does make the double Victory sign, and has a voice chip.

I think the world needs a complete set of Watergate/Nixon administration action figures, complete with accessories like filing cabinets they can riffle through. But maybe it would be just me who would buy them...

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