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Sunday, August 31, 2003

I'm even more excited about the thought I had earlier. After downloading the zip file I loaded Christopher Lydon's interviews into my ipod. Bing. This is powerful stuff, now the dots need to be connected.

I'm looking for an application (or glue for several existing apps) that will parse an rss feed for enclosures and load them into a new playlist on my [docked] ipod.

Update: Shrook can export rss feeds to my ipod. No support for enclosures..yet.
4:39:33 PM    

Malcolm X: "The future belongs to those who prepare for it today."
9:11:19 AM    

I picked up a new 17 incher yesterday, treated myself to an iPod while I was in the store. I've been listening to the Lydon interviews at Dave's suggestion. I hope Manila sites support enclosures for RSS in the future, so more interviews can download directly to my ipod. mail-2-weblog for manila is working, so my wish may not be far off.

The big news from here is that I signed for a new tv-show starting september 16th. It's called Sterrenbeurs, and is a bit like the BBC's CelebDaq. Basically a TV show where you track the celebrity stock market. Trading takes place online and 'points' can be cashed in for prizes.

Supply and demand determines a star's current value, but news determines the psyche of the investors (just like the real markets) so I'm guessing weblogs are going to play an important role in this game/tv-show format. I'll report my findings here ofcourse.
8:07:23 AM    


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