Sunday, February 16, 2003

Considering everything that I could have done this weekend, I got a lot done around the house. There is a really spiritually and emotionally rewarding feeling after baking some cookies or cleaning up a room.
6:56:16 PM    

Anil Dash: Six Apart buys a fax machine
6:54:42 PM    

I've been thinking about Konfabulator this weekend a bit. It uses the Spidermonkey Javascript runtime from the Mozilla project as it's core. I think it's worth noting that we are seeing more and more fruits of open source code on the Mac OS X platform all the time now. Open Source seems to be enabling innovation, and writing something like Konfabulator from scratch would proabably have been a much more daunting task without the ability to embed the Javascript runtime. I seem to be seeing people note on a regular basis that Mac OS X is the best platform for innovation by independent developers now, and open source code is one big reason for that.
5:45:42 PM    

Google Buys Pyra. Woah.
4:03:36 AM