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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Check out this YouTube of Welsh cell phone salesman, Paul Potts, singing opera. He has an incredible voice.

Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for the original link. He's linking to Mr. Potts performance in the semi-finals, and writes, "Many readers have asked me to keep tabs on the astonishing cell-phone salesman who overcame his nerves to rock the house with opera in 'Britain's Got Talent.' He was in the semi-finals yesterday."

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From The Mountain Mail, "A national water bottling company with international ties is considering purchase of cold water springs on the east side of the Arkansas River near Nathrop. Nestle Waters North America, a division of Nestle Foods, a Swiss company, has an option on Hagen Springs. Water from the springs would be trucked to a plant in northeast Denver for bottling under the name Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water."

Now they're thinking about trucking Arkansas River Basin water to Denver.

Thanks to Water Technology Online for the link.

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Say hello to the South Platte River Basin Task Force, the shiny new effort to satisfy all the wet water needs in the lower basin. The Colorado Springs Gazette reports:

Governor Bill Ritter on Friday appointed a South Platte River Basin Task Force to examine water issues and recommend possible solutions for water users in the northeast Colorado basin.

Ritter called for the task force after he visited Wiggins earlier this year to hear firsthand about the crisis along the river.

"The task force is to consider whether there are any changes to current water law or policy that will provide relief to junior water users without injuring senior water right holders," Ritter said in a statement.

A final report is due to Ritter, legislative leaders and the chair of the Legislatures Interim Committee on Water Resources by Sept. 30.

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Here's a recap of last Tuesday's tour of Colorado Springs Utilities new stormwater facilities, from the Colorado Springs Gazette. From the article:

The tour, for Stormwater Advisory Committee members, City Council members and the media, showcased how the city is spending money from a fee enacted last year. The fee is assessed on all property monthly and billed quarterly, based on the type of property and how much hard surface exists to increase runoff. The enterprise was formed in 2005, and fees were approved last year. The first quarter had 32,792 of the 132,424 invoices not paid by the April 30 deadline. Collections have improved since then, city officials said. Late fees of 6 percent will be charged starting with the third quarter's bills.

The city hopes to collect $14.3 million this year and $15.6 million annually thereafter to tackle a $66 million backlog of critical projects. Those are part of a $300 million project list of channels, bank stabilizations and detention ponds. Thursday, stormwater officials explained a variety of projects, such as the Cottonwood Creek culvert at Austin Bluffs Parkway and Meadow Ridge Drive in north Colorado Springs...

The city will install a trash rack that will slope upward from the floor of the channel, where water can rush at 20 feet per second, to above the culvert. Stormwater manager Ken Sampley explained the grate would catch a person and, because it's slanted, allowing the person to climb to the channel's edge...

At a detention pond east of Powers Boulevard and north of Constitution Avenue, it wasn't hard to see why maintenance is an important part of the department's work load. Sand Creek washes silt and sand into the pond. The city hauled off 30,000 cubic yards of buildup two years ago, and it's already due for another scouring.

More Coyote Gulch coverage here.

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