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The health of our waters is the principal measure of how we live on the land. -- Luna Leopold

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Monday, August 20, 2007

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DARCA: "Legal and institutional opportunities for aquifer recharge and storage. An open interactive forum among experts and stakeholders to address how best to formulate policy that will allow for maximum utilization of Colorado's ground water resources in alignment with hydrologic reality, engineering capability, environmental needs and legal rights & obligations will be held September 27-28, 2007 at the Doubletree Hotel in Colorado Springs."

We heard about this the other day via a press release sent to The North Denver News. Sounds like a good time.

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Josh Marshall: "For a variety of reasons I try to stay out of the debates over blogs as such, what they're good or bad at and the rest. But this morning I was alerted to an opinion column in the Los Angeles Times by Michael Skube, a journalism professor at Elon University. The sum of the piece is that the blogosphere is as rife with disputation as it is thin on information, or more specifically, reporting, writing that demands 'time, thorough fact-checking and verification and, most of all, perseverance.'"

Jay Rosen: "[Michael Skube] Retire, man. I'm serious. You're an embarrassment to my profession, to the university where you teach, and to the craft of reporting you claim to defend. It is time for you to quit, as you've clearly called it quits on learning -- and reporting...You're not doing anyone any good -- you're just insulting your own bio. And when you're done lecturing us on 'the patient fact-finding of reporters,' tell the godforsaken LA Times they're going to have to run a correction. The Post hasn't won a Pulitzer for its reporting on Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Jeez." Ouch.

Left in the West: "Actually, you won't find any argument from me here. Nor from many other bloggers. We're news parasites: we feed off the work that traditional journalists do. I'd be lost without traditional reporting, and I find that the facts often do speak for themselves. The problem is, of course, that this traditional style of journalism has been in steady decline. Investigative journalism is expensive; and media outlets need to satisfy the never-quenched Wall Street mandate for steadily increasing profits. With traditional journalism weakening, more watch dogs are needed. Thus, the blogs."

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There will be a town meeting in Ault this week. The subject is opposition to Powertech's proposed uranium mining operation in Weld County, according to The Greeley Tribune. From the article:

Ault Town Meeting, regarding opposition to Centennial Project uranium mine: 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. Wednesday; Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall, 100 1st St., Ault.

Northern Coloradans worried about a proposed uranium mine near Nunn will meet in Ault this week to discuss their concerns. State regulators recently granted the mine company, Powertech Uranium Corp., permits to drill test wells and core holes at the site. Although residents can see drills and bright lights illuminating the site at night, no mining is taking place yet. Residents have expressed concern about the damage the early testing might do to the area's groundwater. In addition, U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, R-Fort Morgan, recently sent a letter to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission asking the agency to consider water quality issues as it prepares an environmental impact statement for uranium milling facilities.

More Coyote Gulch coverage here.

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Congratulations to Williams Oil and Gas for winning several awards connected with their operations in the Piceance Basin. From the article from CNN Money:

Williams received four awards from federal and state regulators for its commitment to work collaboratively with communities and government agencies to protect the environment as the company develops and produces natural gas reserves. Williams received the honors from agencies that are key to granting permits for natural gas development -- the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. "We're operating in an era of sustainability, accountability and conservation," said Steve Malcolm, chairman, president and chief executive officer. "That requires ingenuity, and a willingness to collaborate with our stakeholders to develop and produce the new supplies of clean natural gas our nation needs." Overall, Williams received the awards for its efforts in western Colorado's Piceance Basin to apply new drilling technology, to establish cooperative relationships with communities and to reduce emissions and truck traffic associated with new developments...

The specific awards are as follows: A Best Management Practice Award from the BLM for integrating a new technology that can drill and complete up to 22 natural gas wells on a single drilling location.

Three Outstanding Operations Awards from the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission for: conducting a hydrogeology survey to study water quality; constructing a road and tunnel to shorten the driving distance to a new acreage area, and; centralizing the hydraulic fracturing process to eliminate water trucking from the North Rulison field.

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