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The health of our waters is the principal measure of how we live on the land. -- Luna Leopold

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

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Don't forget to make plans to attend one of the Interbasin Compact Roundtable meetings coming up. Here's the schedule:

Gunnison Roundtable Meeting - 9/10; Rio Grande Roundtable - 9/11; IBCC Meeting - 9/11; South Platte Basin Roundtable - 9/11; Arkansas Roundtable - 9/12; Metro Roundtable - 9/12; Colorado Basin Roundtable - 9/24; North Platte Roundtable - 9/25; Gunnison Roundtable Meeting - 10/01; Rio Grande Roundtable - 10/9.

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ZDNet: "We all know there are some places you need to drink purified water to stay healthy, and away from intestinal distress. Well, it's distressing to learn 140 million humans are drinking water with a high probability of gradual self-poisoning. Arsenic is the word. At a London conference, an American scientist warns that arsenic in drinking water is the earth's single most deadly environmental problem. "In the long term, one in every 10 people with high concentrations of arsenic in their water will die from it," observed Allan Smith from the University of California at Berkeley."

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Say hello to Jerry Kenny the new executive director of the Platte River Recovery and Implementation Program, according to KPAX Missoula. From the article, "Jerry Kenny first must implement the plan to protect the Platte habitat of endangered and threatened birds and fish. He says the job will be the culmination of everything his personal and professional life has been leading to. Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming have signed the Platte River Cooperative Agreement, which is designed to benefit the threatened and endangered species and provide water users in the Platte River Basin with coverage under the Endangered Species Act without giving up their access to federal water, land or funding."

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