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The health of our waters is the principal measure of how we live on the land. -- Luna Leopold

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

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October is the start of a new water year around Colorado. Here's a report about reservoir levels from The Denver Post. From the article: "With the Arkansas River and upper Rio Grande leading the way, Colorado watersheds ended the reporting season close to average in participation - a welcome result in light of recent periods of drought. More water came as rain and less as snow than is typical. Statewide, reservoirs were 98 percent of average at the end of September. The river basin report: Arkansas 108 percent, Colorado 98 percent, Gunnison 101 percent, North Platte 88 percent, Rio Grande 108 percent, San Miguel-Dolores, San Juan-Animas 103 percent, South Platte 98 percent, Yampa-White 84 percent."

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Here's a recap of yesterday's forum about Powertech's proposed uranium mining operation in Weld County, from The Fort Collins Coloradoan. From the article:

Rep. Marilyn Musgrave questioned Powertech (USA) Inc. officials Saturday about a proposed uranium mine in western Weld County. Musgrave, who hosted a forum on the mine, asked Powertech officials if they could assure concerned residents that the mine wouldn't damage the area. Critics say the mine could contaminate water in aquifers below the plains, which residents use for drinking and irrigation. Lane Douglas, project manager for the proposed mine, said unless the company can demonstrate that it will not cause damage to surrounding aquifers, it won't go ahead with the mine. "If we are unable to prove that, we won't get a permit," he said. About 200 people turned out for the forum at the Nunn Community Center, most of whom opposed the proposed mine...

Officials have said the company is more than a year from applying for permits from state and county regulatory agencies. The proposed mine has been met with heavy opposition from locals who cite threats to water quality, the economy and quality of life. Opponents also filled out a panel of speakers at the forum, which included Lilias Jarding of Coloradoans Against Resource Destruction, Jeffrey Parson, senior attorney with the Western Mining Action Project, Dr. Cory Carroll of the Larimer County Medical Society and Kent Peppler, president of the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union. Douglas joined the panel after the forum began...

During a public comment period, Powertech's Douglas, who said he disagreed with information provided by the panel, said he would have liked to have been initially included on the forum's panel. Musgrave, after apologizing for company officials not receiving her invitation to sit in on the panel, invited Douglas to join the four opponents of the project. "It is always better when people show up to talk," Musgrave said. Musgrave held the forum to give residents a better understanding of the potential impact of the mine in Northern Colorado. "I think we can make the best decision when we have all of the information," she said.

More coverage from The Denver Post. They write:

Officials in Fort Collins and Larimer County have ordered studies on whether a mine will affect air and water quality in the region. Real-estate values in the area also will be weighed, said Larimer County Commissioner Randy Eubanks. "Let's get past the emotion and give us the nuts and bolts of what kind of effect this mine will have on the region," Eubanks said. No mining permits have been issued yet. But there is exploratory drilling going on at the site, which is on 5,760 acres of farmland between the towns of Wellington and Nunn.

More Coyote Gulch coverage here.

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